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  1. I have recently purchased an apartment on Cougar Avenue as they have only just been identified due to you needing to parkour in order to reach the doors. At the moment, I need to park a car on the ground floor, climb on top of the car, climb into the balcony, jump on the roof, fall down onto the wall, place down 100 petrol, stand on the box and then jump onto my balcony. Obviously, I am able to reach my apartment but this is incredibly inconvenient and painful especially when you don't have all pieces of the puzzle handy. The workaround really ruins the RP in the area as the outside is constantly just a view of people crashing trucks into the building and falling of the balconies trying to reach their doors. I have been told you are already aware of this but I want to raise a bug report just so it's not forgotten. Any kind of time indication for stairs being added would be great.
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