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  1. I had poor judgment while in this situation. When taken out of zip ties and the robber had his knife out I thought I had enough time to get my gun out before him. This clearly was not the case, I already had my gun out so thought its a 1V1 I have a chance to walk away unharmed. I know I made a mistake with the timing in this situation. I have been honest and did try to resolve this in TS. I was not given the opportunity to at all.
  2. Before my response, I would like to mention this report is for Malden Life, not GTA RP! Before you started this robbery RP situation the only words you even said to me was 'Merry Christmas 'prior. Then told me to put my hands up and walk towards you, which I did too then be zip tied. When you took me out of the Zip Ties you only had a knife out, which I saw as an opportunity to get my gun out to have a chance to shoot you. I don't think I did not value my life, I saw my one chance to walk away unharmed and it clearly backfired. When you had the knife out you were not locked on to me and did not mention any threats with this weapon. You then tried to carry me, which I do not have to accept. You said while in RP 'Get on my shoulder I am picking you up, which is poor RP. While I did a /me Bleeds heavily from the stomach in the car, you said 'Seeing you bleed turns me on'. I then had to put a message in the OOC chat as it made me feel uncomfortable. The overall robbery was poor RP in my opinion, I don't care about losing a Glock at the end of the day. Wish the situation was better from your side of things. When I went to Teamspeak you showed me your perspective from the situation via a clip. I tried to talk to you about my side of things, I also raised my concerns but you didn't want to listen to me. Instead, you decided to leave Team Speak without even giving me a chance, by saying 'Fuck this, see you later. Clearly didn't try to resolve it.
  3. Merry Christmas Everyone ❤️ 




  4. Big thank you to everyone who attended Chloe & PJ's wedding last night ❤️ Was a beautiful ceremony and wonderful evening 🙂 




  5. The best bachelorette night❤️ thank you everyone who attended!


  6. I have been playing on RPUK for around 7 months now and it is so heart warming to see my name in Recommend A Roleplayer My character has had so many wonderful moments and been on quite the journey. When I look back to the beginning of Mark & Chloe's friendship and compare it to now it is amazing how much they have both bonded. I look back to when Mark visited in prison, when Chloe was in for life and Mark helped her through the painful process of appealing her case. When Chloe had her court hearing and Mark was there to celebrate the wonderful news, free after 5 weeks in prison. To 4 months later, helping Chloe plan her bachelorette night and wedding day! Thank you for all the wonderful moments in RP, many more to come
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