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  1. I got my discord back so what's your discord?

  2. I'll engage in Doki Doki with you but I wanna be Monika!

    Watching Doki Doki GIF

  3. It's gonna be hilarious
  4.                     Ayyyyyyyy GG on Lifetime!!
     We Did It Win GIF by HBO Max

    1. Mr Ghost

      Mr Ghost

      Thank you, think it was needed after a year and a half on the server 

  5.            CONGRATS ON LIFETIME!!

     Oh Yeah Dancing GIF

  6. You smell like canned beans. Show me your best rp achievement? :3

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    2. Stavik


      I havent washed in a few weeks so it kinda makes sense that smell.  You ready for this?

    3. Stavik
    4. Stavik


      So much cringe, but its amazing.

  7. Morgan Freeman Applause GIF by The Academy AwardsCongrats on lifetime donator!

    1. MickMacF


      Thank you G!

  8. Aged like a soggy biscuit
  9. One week today my Gee shall be a married woman, hopefully this one doesn't get murdered like the last......  Schitts Creek Reaction GIF by CBC

    1. Coozer
    2. Paint



      hopefully this one doesn't get murdered like the last

      Only one can hope

    3. Matthew Labile
  10. Gee won't be going easy judging these outfits. If it's not better than hers then........
  11. im poor help me GIFWhen you want to get into the city to grind out some money but OVH said no.

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    2. PsianaRama


      Is this "Capable" enough for you Stavik? 

    3. Stavik


      That aint to shabby tbh.. But if you are here to just make money as stated above, then this isnt the right place.

    4. Zulufighter
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