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  1. Was a lot of fun, was great hearing people let loose and rip into each other for a bit of fun, outstanding shit again Singhs boys, cant wait for the next event.
  2. I came in wanting to race. 3 gangs, 2 of my own failed gang start-ups and 1 life in prison stretch later, I finally achieved it and its just getting better and better.
  3. It's the same on Triads turf. A seller will bump a Triad local and the whole of Little Seoul gets involved. Same if we go to talk to our gus man, theres 5-6 armed Triad locals that'll start shooting us if we even look at them funny.
  4. Was a good time, stag do was messy as hell but the most fun ive had in a long time, the wedding was so nicely done and went great, congrats guys n Im glad I was apart of it
  5. Not gunna lie bro, didn't even know you existed back then
  6. In my 7-8 months on the server, I've never had a friendship quite like ours Mark. Not only do we do the usual stuff, fuck around and get into all kinds of weird situations and trouble throughout the city, but its one of those that has pushed me outside of the city too. Before meeting you, I hadn't touched graphics work of any kind for months, had a graphics tablet collecting dust in a wardrobe and I never thought I would, but the proposition of joining you as co-owner of Vibe, after a little bit of a rivalry, brought me back into Graphics Design again, and also brought some good RP along with it, from the meeting with the Firm, which we were all shitting ourselves at, to meetings with other role-players in the new office we have, its been a wild ride. I know you used this to recommend me, but honestly in my eyes you deserve a recommendation too. Somehow you managed to meet a guy who had got burned out and just hadn't thought about graphics for a very long time, reintroduce it to him and make him passionate about it again, that's something special right there.
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