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  1. As you would like to leave it up to staff I'll say my piece here. As we know tensions have been high between Vagos and Grove over who owns the Dutch London street that overlaps both of our turfs. A lot of conflict has happened as a result of this and a plethora of Grove have been kidnapped and roleplayed with to show our force and to show that we believe that Dutch London is rightfully owned by Los Vagos. This conflict has went on for a good few weeks not to mention the war we had over Christmas regarding the same issue. After the incident that took place yesterday night members of Grove have been spotted moving into Vagos turf to mock the fact that a majority of us can not be there. After hearing about this and being in contact with those on the inside as well as the few of us and our hang about's on the outside telling me that you have advanced on our territory to mock us as well as spreading rumours about owning Dutch London, I decided matters had to be taken to put you in your place. You had been hit earlier on the day regarding Dutch by another member of ours, and when I caught wind of how you had been acting like top dog as a result of us being unable to turn up I had to knock you down a peg. In your clip you are clearly cautious of the black sultan, both asking on radio who it is and calling everyone to turf instantly. I roll up to you and you even see in the clip that I am in colours, I give you enough time to react by instigating RP between us by greeting you and then moving onto telling you "this is a message from the Vagos". You even aim your gun at me to fight back but unfortunately for yourself you were too late. After the drive by I then left the scene as I had just hit two members of an OCG on their territory, knowing I was in danger due to the amount of you that would attend the scene I decided it was in my best interests to leave with my life.
  2. Would u like to try and resolve this in ts?
  3. Would u like to try and resolve this in ts?
  4. As mentioned in my original statement we did chat in ts however we had very differing opinions. In my eyes this is a clear case of NVL and the excuse he came up with isn’t valid enough. This isn’t the first time we have had a problem with billy and not valuing his life.
  5. As you rightly did say bobby did infact answer his phone meaning his gun was lowered, however I was still right up close to you with a knife to you. In the whole situation whilst you were dropping your items I always stayed in the same position. Even if you couldn’t see me in 3rd person you knew I was still there and you decided to lunge forward. In my opinion it is NVL however we will leave it to staff as I have nothing further to add about that. The reason you cant hear my voice in the clip is because I haven’t set medal up so that it records my voice. In all of my medal clips you can hear my voice isn’t being recorded. The comment about metagaming is completely false and not needed at all, just shows your attitude towards all of this. The reason I locked my car when I went down was out of anger and frustration due to just being in a situation where you failed to value your life. It was a heat of the moment action, however to my knowledge its not a server rule break/exploiting.
  6. Report a player Your In-game Name: Jonny moony Name and/or ID of the player(s) you are reporting: Billy Stevens Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP Date of the incident: 02/12/22 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 21 What best describes this incident ?: NVL Please (in detail) describe the incident: We had taken Billy Stevens to the dodgy doctor (the one in sandy). We then took him to a remote location to then rob billy. Bobby had a gun to him and i had a knife right upto him. Billy was complying and dropping his items. However when we let him use some eye wash he then decided to whip a knife out and then lunged to bobby, even though i had a knife to him the whole time. He then proceeded to stab myself and bobby For me this is NVL. We attempted to speak in ts however we didnt see eye to eye and couldnt agree on the outcome, therefore we are putting it on the forums to get a staff opinion on the situation. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): https://medal.tv/games/gta-v/clips/aP0pMVX3a7ti7/d1337zG5dUwe?invite=cr-MSxpaVMsMjgzNjMzNTYs This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: Yes This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes
  7. Where's ma dustcaps la

  8. Yes that is correct as I stated I need to reassess my surroundings to ensure I do not make these mistakes because as shown by my record I have been punished by allowing myself to make said mistakes. If met with similar situations in the future I will take the time to think of how my actions effect those around me and not just myself. If put in a situation similar to my first ban with ViekkQ I would continue the roleplay whilst he is passing out until he is able to stay on his feet so that our situation can continue and come to a conclusion without him being killed. If the situation did go the way I thought it was at the time meaning that he was breaking a rule I would have tried to roleplay the situation whilst noting the player in questions session ID. Once the situation had concluded I would ask in OOC for said player to come to TS to try and see their point of view and if their response was not suitable for the situation I would then go to the forums and submit a report. My second ban was a result of me exploiting by kicking a downed officer to a fence and placing them into a car to get rid of their body. As stated in my previous unban appeal for this situation I know my boundaries when it comes to what I can and can't do in a situation to progress with a roleplay story line to make it enjoyable for all parties involved. If faced with this situation again I would stay away from the body, and if told to pick him up would have tried to carry the player but if he did not accept I would leave him and tell those on radio that he had either lost too much blood or was too heavy for me to carry, doing this would have allowed a roleplay story to evolve from that situation which would have allowed police to either conduct a raid from the body cam footage or arrest those that they can identify from the scene to ensure there were consequences for their actions. In regards to my current thread about my latest report if met with a similar situation I would go about it by not getting involved as I had no reason to be there nor to intervene with what was happening as my actions set a bad example to new players to the server as the roleplay I provided in that situation was terrible. I should never have thought it was acceptable to negatively effect another players experience especially when I had no reason to even be there in the face place, if I seen this happen again whilst in the city I would leave the area and go and find something else to do to occupy myself as I realise how stupid it was of me to allow myself to do what I have done. With the report that was submitted by Haza the situation I was involved in was one that could have been played out a lot better than it was from both sides. Firstly I should have provided more roleplay when the two got out of the car and waited for my back up to arrive before getting close to Hector as it would have resulted in him knowing the severity of the situation he was in which could have lead to him realising any actions he made could have changed the outcome of the situation. Once we had them with their hands up we could have then ziptied them and taken them to a remote location to progress with the story, for example we could have taken them to the "torture room" at the bottom of our turf and tortured them using our /me whilst holding things such as knives and doing emotes that make the situation seem like it is actually happening for example ("/me cuts out eye" whilst doing /e mechanic) some may see this as far fetched and going over the top but to me it is us as a gang providing high quality roleplay by going above and beyond to make it feel like the actions are actually happening as Vagos are a Mexican street gang similar to that of an amateur cartel meaning these actions would link to our gangs lore. I believe in doing this both Hector and Stevie as characters would feel the impact of our scenario more than us just shooting them in the head after a small car chase and I believe it would have made the situation more enjoyable for them as players. What I explained in my previous paragraph is the standard of roleplay I always want to provide to those around the server whilst interacting with other players and I believe me doing that would allow them to appreciate their time on RPUK more than just me shooting people for not doing what they are told or tasering people because of past bad experiences. The bans I have had both past and present have allowed me to reflect upon my behaviour and the questions I am asked in response to them enables me to become a better role player and member of the community and allows me to look back on situations and think of how things could have went if I did act differently. I know the severity of rule breaks in the server and with my last few bans being a mixture of big rule breaks and permanent bans it shows me that I need to be conscious of how I act going into situations and not just how I acted whilst taking part of them upon reflecting on them.
  9. First off I would like to thank you for your reply, I know I have made mistakes in the past and evidently in the present too for my first RDM ban this was against Viekko Night at Halloween, this was as a result of me thinking he was exploiting by using the in game ragdoll system which I have encountered people doing before in order to not take damage. I acted too fast with very little information on what was going on in the situation and had not been told that it was in fact a part of the in game event where I player could be cursed and would then be forced to ragdoll. I wanted to continue past the rule break in roleplay so as seen in the clip that was submitted for that report I shot Officer right in the head whilst he was on the floor. I know two wrongs do not make a right and in that situation due to me believing a rule break was being committed I did not want to out right say you are breaking a rule but also in my mind did not think that this accused rule break deserved my highest standard of roleplay. In this situation I should have stepped back and allowed those around me to inform me of what could happen whilst trick or treating, or better yet should have waited and found out myself through trick or treating. As I said two wrongs do not make a right and I will hold my hands up and say that my actions where wrong and I was rightly punished for them, I also realise that just because someone is breaking a rule doesn't mean that it is acceptable to lower my roleplay standards because that takes the fun away from the player on the receiving end of my actions and at the end of the day we are all here to have fun and no one should be taking that away from you no matter what it is you are doing in the server or who it is you are interacting with. In regards to my ban for exploiting this again was a mistake I made due to being in a tense roleplay situation between myself and the police. Myself and members of Ballas and if I remember rightly Aztecas where in an active gun fight with police up at the O'Neil farm in Grapeseed and as the fight was ending I was instructed over the radio to get rid of any police bodies. I found Officer Martinez's body and was told to get him in the closest car, I tried to carry him but on his screen the prompt did not appear but I did not expect him to accept the carry. With him not receiving the prompt I kicked his body and placed him in a car that was parked near the railings on the decking of the house which of course was wrong as it is exploiting to move someone to a desired position through a means of hitting them. As stated in my previous unban appeal revolving around this incident this was a total lack of pour judgement through the panic of being killed and or arrest by any other officers who would arrive on scene. I was trying to ensure that I was respecting the authority of those around me as I was a hang about in the gang at the time and wanted to be apart of the Ballas family. I could have done a lot more to avoid this situation by leaving Mr Martinez where he was telling those around me he is too heavy and has lost a lot of blood but unfortunately I did not and chose to make a stupid mistake that ended up with me being receiving a permanent ban. As for my most recent ban(s) I have explained that I firstly allowed my feelings of anger and frustration to influence my actions which as admitted was immature and stupid of me to allow myself to be controlled by a feeling instead of allowing the officer in question to carry on his business. And as for the ban regarding the RDM on top of the multi-story car park this was me trying to get revenge for my friends that had been killed but I acted too fast and shot without properly initiating and without providing the highest quality of roleplay that I could. I know my bans have been one after another in such a short amount of time and I am an idiot for allowing myself to keep making these stupid mistakes, I believe I can and have in the past. despite these bans created enjoyable high quality roleplay scenarios for those who are in the server I know my bans have been for severe things too and not just something small but I want to do better for myself and the server I want to be someone that allows players old and new to enjoy their time in the server and guide them into what RPUK is all about, that being community and high quality RP. I apologise for my mistakes and know that what I have done in the past is wrong my exploiting ban was me panicking and making the wrong decision in what could have created a strong roleplay story between the police and the gangs involved, my first RDM ban was me mistaking an in game mechanic for a rule break and was a misunderstanding on my behalf and now with my newest RDM ban was me being blinded by my emotions as I have stated and in both of the bans that I have received within the past three days I acted way too fast which seems to be my problem when assessing my current situations I need to always take a step back and think beyond myself and in other party but think what is best for the server as a whole. I need to think about how my actions effect everything around me as if a new player where to see me shooting ViekkQ in my first report or kicking Jay Martinez and placing him in a car they would mimic my actions and think that is the servers norm in any situation they put themselves in. Seeing my actions from an outsiders perspective and seeing how staff react and to them and hearing it from their point of view has made me realise I need to do better as a player if I want to remain a part of this community and I would be beyond grateful to receive a chance to show you that I can do better and can be a person new players look to when they put themselves in situations similar to my own as I have said before I want to be a positive influence on those around me and not just someone who diminishes the reputation of the roleplaying standard in the server by making mistakes I could easily avoid if I assessed my situation more than I have been.
  10. Unban Appeal for jonnie moonie In-game Name: Jonny Moony Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561199115498558 Ban ID: !!rpuk6625!! Reason given for your ban: G1.2 RDM In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was banned due to me tasing a police officer with an insufficient amount of roleplay after he had tasered someone else which was classed as RDM by a member of staff who was spectating the situation. If I was not banned from this I would have received a ban for RDM once again from a report against someone committing NVL where I am shown once again killing this person after he stabs a fellow gang member of mine but I once again did not provide any high quality roleplay to justify my actions. Why should we unban you ?: Firstly I would like to address my initial charge and move onto my second further into my appeal, I will start by saying I believe I should be unbanned as my intention was not to RDM the officer that I tasered but was instead to show the officer that being tasered is not a great feeling. In real life I can imagine getting shot with a taser is unpleasant to say the least so in roleplay experiencing a taser shot as my character and not wanting to be tasered OOC I know that it is a hassle to be tasered. In the situation that got me banned I heard someone who was being dealt with by the officer in question saying to me that "I am being harassed, they have tasered me for no reason" obviously hearing this I wanted to intervene but not exacerbate the situation by killing him so instead I decided to stun him giving the criminal a chance of escaping the area in doing this I said something along the lines of "have a taste of your own medicine". I know a situation like this is unusual to say the least but I know that some times some officers act with excessive force, they have to me in the past and to other people I know and sometimes they do act a little too hastily. As previously stated I just wanted to taser the officer to allow this criminal (whether they had committed a crime or not) a chance to get away with their freedom. I do understand how this action is considered RDM as there was no prior roleplay involved with me and the officer and I myself did act hastily in regards to my approach to this as I didn't give myself enough time for my initiation to be classed as initiation but instead acted as I was speaking giving the officer no time to react to what it was I was doing. As I said in my quote I just wanted the officer to know what it feels like to be tasered when you are not doing anything wrong as some officers on occasion tend to act with more force than is needed, and I was taking my past anger out on him for things I have experienced in the past which is immature and childish of me to allow that to influence my decisions in game. In regards to my second ban from the incident that took place on top of Triads multi-story car park we (Vagos) had been having some beef with a rival gang who wear pink, I had spotted the two shown in the video (Hector & Stevie) I had followed them after asking them to roll down their window, they did not comply and drove off which led to me tailing them and telling other people on radio where I was for back up in case things went south. After getting to multi-story I instructed the two to get out of their car whilst pointing a gun at them, Hector got out and was walking towards me with a knife in his hand, to save myself from being stabbed I backed up and let of a few warning shots to which he proceeded to walk forward. After this I thought the only way I am going to make it out alive here before anyone arrives is to kill him so I shot a few more shots at him and missed which results in him walking back to his car presumably because there is too much distance between us for him to stab me and I have a ranged weapon. At this point I say down radio "I'm whiffing" which can be seen on Haza's clip from the report he put up against Hector. After my back up arrives they tell Hector and Stevie to put their hands up but instead Hector continues walking around and stabs both Vagos members once he is close enough, after this I then kill him as he had killed my friends and left the girl alive as she had posed no threat and had stayed where she was. In this situation I understand that I did not initiate but seeing two of my friends and fellow gang members getting killed by a gang member whose gang we had been having drama with was more than enough reason in my mind to take him out as he had wronged my gang and would have killed me if given the chance to do so. I believe that my ban was a result of the shots before hand that did not have much role play behind it but in my head seeing the man I've got a gun aimed at walking towards me with a knife in his hand I had to value my life and make sure I didn't die as a result of a rule break, I also did not want to outright rule play by saying "you've got to value your life" but rather said "stop where you are or I will shoot you". I have been playing RPUK for roughly eight months and have met a lot of my friends through it and don't want to throw it all away over me acting hastily and immaturely based on my feelings, I know my standards in regards to my roleplay has dropped lately which has led me to be writing this appeal but I want to do better as a RPer in this community as there is no other servers with a community even remotely like RPUK all the friends I have met through this server and the memories I have made I would never have been able to have elsewhere. I hope you will give me the chance to do better and create more role play scenarios for everyone in the server whether they are old or new players. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  11. As previously explained to you in TS I told you that I had spawned in at Benefactor which meant you were able to easily catch me on my own, which was unfortunate for me and caused me to be kidnapped. Upon your arrival I was in the Helion as seen in the video mid way through being kidnapped, and you for some reason decided to pull out a sawn off and proceed to shout "whats up pussy, do fucking do anything" I personally did not see the need for this as I was already being kidnapped by one of your members who was in colours. In regards to me pulling out my Glock it was not intentional as I accidentally clicked my mouse which would have been fine if I where to have no weapon equipped as putting up the middle finger would have been fine as I would have just been antagonising you through RP like gangs always do to each other. As stated before my intention was not to pull my weapon but clearly that is not what happened, I do apologise for it and you do see the gun get holstered straight after I pull it out, to which you then reacted by killing me as you assumed your life was in danger. You did kill me in this situation as well meaning that you did not lose anything over a situation that could have easily been avoided as if I had killed you (assuming I had purposely pulled my weapon) then you would have been out of pocket and this would have been a blatant purposeful rule break.
  12. I think the lost and firm have most firepower but in terms of street gangs its got to be triads or ballers
  13. farther on smoke farther would smash the old man
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