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  1. Sure thing take your time with it, any questions I'm more than happy to answer.
  2. i think given my previous ban reasons this is fair and i will stick to the rules and show that i can be a valued member of the community again
  3. Recently no, However i was apart of a fivem community but was banned about a year ago now for rdm. since then I've just been looking at fivem servers but a lot of them are just gang shooting focused. The main reason i want to come back is because i remember in the arma 3 days rpuk was always the main server for good rp and i figure the fivem one is as well.
  4. What exactly can you bring to this community? in total over Fivem and Arma 3 i have 3000 plus hours of rp on various servers. I feel like spending this amount of time i have learnt pretty good high quality rp, I know what makes a good rp situation that can be enjoyable for all players and to make people want to come back to the server for good experiences. I feel like i can bring smart decision making to the server as well, admittedly in the past this may seem hard to believe but i no longer have the arma 3 kiddie mentality of just thinking anything is funny and i understand now the consequences of abusing server rules and exploiting bugs for my advantage. Why was it so easy to disregard your chance, knowing that you would likely get caught and rebanned? I broke the rule due to poor decision making. as their was a few of us duping the gold bars i sort of went into it with the herd mentality of if they're doing it i might as well. Looking back this was a stupid idea and i now know that doing something doesn't make it right just because other people do it. i take full responsibility as nobody made me do it I just used poor decision making and didn't think of the consequences at the time. What would you put in place to ensure that nothing like this happens again? I know since i was banned a year and a half ago i have grown up a lot and become a adult now and am no longer some teenager that makes stupid dissentions without thinking of consequences. i have a cool head where i think logically in all scenarios and have learnt to respect admin and the higher community in general and that everyone is just here to play and have a good time and there is no point in ruining it. In future if i am with people that are doing things like this i will log off and inform a staff member so i have no connection to it as i do not want to be exploiting/cheating the system and want to enjoy the grind and play fair.
  5. ii do regret it and if i had another chance i would have told them that its stupid and informed a staff member and let them deal with it, in the moment we were just too invested in the chance to get a boost on the server and make money but looking back on it i should never have done it. I have always enjoyed playing rpuk and after not being able to play it for so long i have realised how much i enjoyed my time here and wish i had of shown respect to wilco for giving me the chance he did.
  6. I didn't realise that was my last ban but i some what remember although it was a while ago. if i remember i played rebel whilst i was not allowed to on a 2nd character i think. looking back on it, it wasn't a smart decision as i knew you could see on battle metrics and id say my voice was fairly recognisable at the time. i think the old NHS scheme worked so well and it was a great system that i took advantage of and should have been truthful when i abused it.
  7. Unban Appeal for surgayunbanfivem In-game Name: surgay Server: Altis Life Steam ID: 76561198426675208 Ban ID: not sure Reason given for your ban: trolling In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: i was banned for trolling and maybe a few other things i cant really remember as it was a long time ago. the last i remember is i said something to vladik i think Why should we unban you ?: (this appeal is for arma and fivem but would like to play fivem) i think you should unban me as its been so long since i was banned and i have matured since then and stopped thinking chatting shit online is funny. I want to start playing fivem again and need to deal with the arma ban before hand as i was banned on fivem and needed to talk to staff but couldn't as i don't have the discord or anything like that. Since my ban i have been apart of a couple fivem servers but they have gotten boring and i have moved on from them. however i want to be unbanned from rpuk as i stayed on the arma 3 server for a few years and hope i can find the same great rp on the fivem one that made me stay so long. i also think i should be unbanned as i want to benefit the server and people on it with fun rp experiences and to ask for 1 more chance to really show you that i have changed and can be a successful part of the community again. i would like to be unbanned and i will prove to you that i am willing to learn all the fivem rules and follow them directly as they say to make sure no rules are broken. thankyou for giving me the opportunity to write this appeal in the hopes i might be able to make positive progress towards a potential unban and to hopefully return one day and enjoy my time on rpuk servers again. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
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