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  1. Females also affected by this, i see a bikini top but everyone else sees an undershirt also it doesn't change females out of hospital gowns (possibly due to females having no torso in hospital)
  2. Just to add to this as its essentially the same thing, females have no back while wearing the hospital gown, unsure if its intentional due to what else shows if we have a full body.
  3. I feel like too many times gangs come across each other it’s war for petty reasons. I am against ‘wars’ in the style they are currently. An endless cycle of kidnap/shoot/dump until one gang pays millions and posts a tweedle apology. This makes zero sense, you would not see gang members anywhere in the world posting about a loss online nor would they pay to make it end. The hostility and violence should come about only on turfs, a gangs home ground that they feel they own such as ballas shouldn’t be using marabuntas shop unless disguised since they could be killed for being in another gangs turf repping the wrong colours. It shouldn’t need to be actively seeking out violence to be a gang, just don’t step in another gangs territory in your own colours without expecting to be murdered for it. This would make the marked areas of the map make sense, so I as a grove member would have to go out of my way to avoid driving or walking through another gangs turf while identifiable as a grove member. Other areas are not controlled by gangs so should be free to go in or out of colours. You shouldn’t see whole gangs showing up to other gangs safe houses to hangout, they are your competitors and rivals. If you like each other that much you should merge/join that gang. I heavily dislike how often and easy people are to rob, this is not helped by the NVL rule which essentially feels like whoever already has a weapon out wins. I could be in a group of 2 with knives and go and rob someone with a gun worth over 200k and they just have to hand it over, this makes no sense to me as in that situation you would rightfully go for your gun to protect yourself. Now onto the ‘dumping’ this imo is the stupidest thing on the server which causes a lot of saltiness. If you are in a gang war why would you want someone to lose their memory of who killed them when you are going to plaster it all over tweedle anyway? You don’t it’s purely to make sure they lose their items which is petty and leaves people not wanting to get involved in the RP as things are so expensive they don’t want to grind money to continuously lose and rebuy items. Stop dumping without good reason (I.e cops gaining intelligence, not wanting them to remember so it can’t start a war with another gang etc.) Overall I think the server has just become all about violence and who can get the most headshots. This includes cops, it’s not very encouraging that police brag how many people they ‘downed’ when that should be their last option and avoided wherever possible. They should be there to protect people not play TDM in a cop uniform. *End of waffling*
  4. There are many witnesses from other gangs and even the police were witness to your behaviour and every person there commented on you trying to bait us. You always refuse to see anyone else's reasoning or back down like now which is why we have no wish to speak in TS as with previous TS calls involving Ballas you never admit to any wrongdoing we have full clips of a meeting that city hall situation being done and sorted. Just to note that you never mentioned it when we met to discuss drug prices shortly after that. So again, its something solved that you are trying to use to get involved. I'm going to leave it there as i imagine you will again refuse in anyway that your own actions have landed you here. This won't be resolved in a back and forth argument so i'll leave this as my last comment on the matter.
  5. You know full well that us spraying your turf would end in war, RPUK is a modified version of GTA lore otherwise Balla's would be based on Grove street so that's irrelevant. We just want you guys to stop trying to push your way into our active situations for no valid reason as this hinders our ability to RP our gang properly. Yes you won a war against us so you know by getting involved you are putting us in a position where we would always lose. Baiting us to fight you so that you can go on Vagos side is pushing the RP out of the original purpose as you guys aren't fighting it for the same reason that the war started, you are just trying to get involved in something that is quite frankly nothing to do with you. I hope you can see how you trying to get involved takes more away that it gives to the RP situation and that it makes no sense for you to be included. As for the fact that you still feel like you are entitled to compensation, it was an agreement with your leader at the time you can't bring that up again weeks/months down the line. So you feel it right that we can not engage in RP with any other gang or you will involve yourselves by coming and annoying us until we are provoked enough to react giving you reason to make allies with whoever our enemies are? It makes no sense in and out of RP. You didn't drive up and down our turf before the issue with Vagos came around so bringing all this up now is just further proof you are looking for any reason to get involved.
  6. You literally put me in the report so it is relevant. We did not know that grove were 'coming for you' as i had not been on today and my cop was the first character i loading in as. I will not stop playing one of my characters just because of the Grove/Vagos situation.
  7. As one of the cop characters you're reporting i'd like to remind you it was your own member who approached our vehicle and told us that you guys were being shot on turf by Grove and as cops it is our job to respond to (by the way we had multiple dispatches to the Vagos area within a small time) we called on radio that there were no Vagos on turf as we didn't see anyone and that Grove were circling the area. As we were leaving we arrested a guy drug selling. Tom Heeves claims he was on whisper on the phone yet pulled beside the police car and said 'Excuse me guys, Grove are shooting on Vagos turf" if he was on the phone why wouldn't he just say turf? I must say I'm rather annoyed that you are accusing me of poor character separation as if we didn't respond as one of the only units on patrol i'm sure you would think we were letting Grove get away with shooting you guys. I will arrest anyone seen involved in illegal activity regardless of my civ's friendships or beef. I'd appreciate an apology for the baseless accusation.
  8. You are free to create your own report on the forum if you believe someone has broken a rule, also it is a few seconds long so we do not know the context under which this person made the decision to shoot. You are a whitelisted turf gang leader, you are supposed to set an example. That is what makes it different. You cannot break a rule just because you believe someone else did, two wrongs do not make a right. If you believe having your gang kill someone then travel to the respawn point to instantly kill them again is acceptable then there is no point in trying to reason with any of you. I tried to bring this up in TS before but every issue we brought up to you, you stated you didn't know about so you refuse to talk about or even acknowledge it, unfortunately this person did not have recording software when that happened so it couldn't be reported but that doesn't mean it was ok. We have recordings of the TS calls if needed that contradict the rules you wanted us to follow one day then when you broke them the following day it took a large amount of my personal time to get you to admit too, like we said people are contemplating leaving the server altogether over the way this has turned out and that is a huge issue that is bigger than any gang war and is something we do not want to happen which is why we are done fighting you.
  9. lol watched the fight you had in the hospital dam you know how to keep your shit in a situation well played left me with a smile watching you stomp the 3 guys 🙂

    1. Tess


      They were so salty afterwards aswell. Thank you 😊 

  10. Report a player Your In-game Name: Tess Jones Name and/or ID of the player(s) you are reporting: 188, 193, 162 Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP Date of the incident: 07/28/21 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 1135 What best describes this incident ?: Racism & RDM Please (in detail) describe the incident: Took my friend to hospital and while trying to enter i was hit repeatedly by three random guys, once i downed all of them they starting shouting racial slurs. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): https://medal.tv/clips/59631652/d1337SWn4hSg This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: Yes This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes
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