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  1. As an Ex-Gang lead to Police Main, I'd comment on this matter, but, I'd rather keep my opinion to myself after reading some of these replies...
  2. Hope so, always down for a good chase
  3. "Had NPAS on ice xkates" - you got lucky there were no available ground units Was good fun though.
  4. An update to the story behind the Marabunta Grande: Following a Road Traffic Collision on his Kawasaki Ninja, Greg found himself in a coma with a fractured spine and intercranial bleeding, this left Marabunta without a leader and it was only a matter of time before Katelyn "Kat" Billingsley (@KittyKat) stepped up to the plate. Miss Billingsley (as referred to by Greg) had told previously Greg privately and in confidence that she had wanted the position since Tujm stepped down but wasn't in the position to hold the title of La Jefa De Marabunta Grande. Whilst Greg was laid out in the Intensive Care Unit at Pillbox Medical, Marabunta saw themselves getting into more conflicts with rival gangs and sometimes with the Los Santos Police Service. Business continued on a normal despite being a man down and the Marabunta Grande continued to lurk around as they always did previously. Greg shortly made a speedy recovery from his coma, and was back on his feet after 2 weeks of being out of action, however, all was not well, Greg returned to the place he called home, Fudge Lane, but, home no longer felt like home, he found himself aimlessly wandering around the turf, he also found himself not speaking to people as much, and he ended up hiding more and more things from people, including one of his closest friends, Kat. Reap What You Sow Following his coma, Greg slipped further and further away from Marabunta and the man he used to be, becoming more careless and increasingly violent, he went back to his old ways of being a ghost, never telling anyone where or what he was doing, and once someone knew what he looked like and what his car looked like, he took it upon himself to change everything, including his clothes as well as the colour and features of the car he was driving, his Ocelot Pariah. During this, himself and Katelyn had an argument, one which would prove fatal, during the argument, Greg confessed to Katelyn following 7 months of friendship, flirting and things of the sorts but because of Kat's personal relationship with Charles Cottoneye ( @Charles Vane- Can't be living a simple life mate ), Greg knew he would never have Kat as he knew how loyal she was and how much she loved Charles. After the argument Greg had officially lost everything, his family and his friends. This drove him to borderline insanity, with insanity brought paranoia, paranoia brought mistakes. Greg ended up abusing the trust Katelyn had bestowed upon him and ended up taking some weapons from the Marabunta arsenal for self defence as is seemed like everyone was out to get him, it was Greg vs the world. Greg slowly tried to fix what he had broken but there was no coming back, after one final meeting with Katelyn, she executed him up by the Vinewood sign, a place they would often go together to get away from the madness that was often Fudge Lane. Regret After executing Greg, Kat went back for his body, after a short examination, she noticed that Greg somehow still had a pulse, she rushed him to the one person who will help everyone and anyone, no questions asked, Dr. Coathanger, Dr. Coathanger has since held Greg in a makeshift ICU using the stolen medical supplies and equipment he has gathered over the years, the location of this ICU is currently unknown. After leaving Greg with Dr. Coathanger, Katelyn returned to Greg's house where she found his leather jacket thrown over the arm of his sofa, inside was a envelope directed to her, the contents included a letter written from Greg during his time of paranoia and one of the last pictures of them together. Greg Johnson's condition remains unknown Katelyn Billingsley remains at the helm of the Marabunta Grande, holding the title of La Jefa De Marabunta Grande. @KittyKatI wish you the best of luck
  5. @CSI OneShot- uploading now mate, give me a min
  6. I was also on scene of this, I have evidence from my perspective if it is needed
  7. That's a sticky one. All I can really say is just assume that you'll be hotmicing if you go down when speaking on a radio. What I have done in the past is muted my microphone and have used /me's
  8. Turning your radio on after being resuscitated again fixes it, just saying
  9. Congratulations, member 😉

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      greg y u cringe

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      Simon MacMillan

      Who's greg? No greg here

  10. The recently added GTR should help more.
  11. To everyone who came, thank you for attending. We did not expect the turn out we had.
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