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  1. Date / Time: 10/04/2021 8PM Restart Release: ICE Additions Added hunting lodge @Stealthee General Changes Shop endpoints added/changed for fishing, hunting and casino tokens @Stealthee Altered various backend bits to do with Tweedle @Ciaran
  2. Fishing from the shore is okay and is intended at certain areas of the map, if it lets you near a body of water then that is okay (if you find areas like fishing on concrete then report that as a bug and don't use it). The fishing stuff is due to change really soon, but the currently LIVE Server implementation is the above.
  3. Date / Time: 06-07/04/2021 8PM Restarts Release: That pesky island... General Changes/Fixes Fixed various doors @Mike Polo Hospital NPCS repurposed @Mike Polo Fixed fishing scaleform conflicting with others @Ciaran Moved casino walls from DUI rendering to render target native @Ciaran Removed old NCA parking @Mike Polo Added public parking - Pillbox @Mike Polo Fixed slots object manager @Ciaran Added helipad to Paleto Hospital @Mike Polo Large prison optimizations @Ciaran Various caps wheel positions missing @Mike Polo
  4. Date / Time: 05/04/2021 Release: That pesky island... Additions Added new weapon PLR 16 @Stealthee@Loyalty Added new weapon Standard M1911 @Stealthee@Loyalty Added new weapon Scorpion Evo 3 @Stealthee@Loyalty Added new weapon MP40 @Stealthee@Loyalty Added new weapon Ruger SR40 @Stealthee@Loyalty Added new weapon L85A2 @Stealthee@Loyalty Added new weapon Scorpion Evo 3 S1P @Stealthee@Loyalty Added pole dance script to Vanilla Unicorn @Stealthee Map Changes Vanilla Unicorn interior changed @Stealthee Bahama Mamas int
  5. Date / Time: 04/04/2021 Release: Just minor shit Fixes / Changes Added pizza food @Loyalty Vanilla Unicorn Door Access moved to new owner @Stealthee Pizza shop doors altered @Stealthee Injects of various additional stock to help stabalise stocks @Stealthee New Businesses Awarded Rockford Hills Garage to FA Augustus Galaxy to Sonder Johansen Final Notes Please note anyone found abusing mini-games, shops or anything to do with stock. Their characters are subject to a full wipe or harsher punishment. Use your common sense,
  6. Credit to @Deltas our legal guys for the pictures
  7. Not weed - other drugs
  8. Date / Time: 03/04/2021 Release: Changelog is above Business Updates Vanilla Unicorn awarded to @Holly Cohan (Active) Bahamamas West awarded to @Yu Wong (Active) PowerSt Premium Deluxe Motorport awarded to @PJ Adams (Active) Beekers awarded to @John Pope (Active) Luxury Vehicle Dealership awarded to @Matt Bakker (8AM Restart) Changelog is above
  9. Date / Time: 03/04/2021 Release: Bits and Bobs Fixes / Changes Stop double shop order endpoint bug @Stealthee Fixed order pricing, it is now reflective of the whole order @Stealthee F8 resetnui command added to shops and vehicle transfer @Stealthee Removed stray blip from airport @Stealthee Max shop employees now done on a individual basis @Stealthee Shop notification message under shop info tab @Stealthee Re-added runcode resource @Ciaran Increased drug prices @Stealthee Increased general warehouse initial injects of stock @Ste
  10. @ArchieCan you elaborate on how the system is intended to work, the ins and outs of it etc
  11. Date / Time: 31/03/2021 Release: Fixes from 8PM Fixes / Changes Reconfigured odds on various minigames @Ciaran Fishing scaleform recycles every 1.7 seconds to stop conflict @Stealthee Fishing now allows numpad and regular numbers @Stealthee Fishing shop can now order stock @Stealthee Boat shop can now order stock @Stealthee Shop/warehouse interaction distance patched (not fully fixed, but it works - will continue on this in next update) @Stealthee Moved the Kraken Cocktails management to the fridge area @Stealthee Fixed fudge lane sho
  12. Changelog says they were disabled temporarily.
  13. Date / Time: 31/03/2021 Release: Shops / Dealerships / Imports / Warehousing New / Additional Features Loading screen & music @Loyalty New shop/dealership system @Stealthee Added front end UI Added management computers Added new stock ordering system Added expandable shop upgrade system Added shop storage systems Added employee management Added discord webhook support Added test driving for stocked vehicles Added shop type support (Warehouse, dealership, shops,
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