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  1. Date / Time: 28/05/2021 20:00 Release: Something Something Fixes General Fixes / Changes Fixed public MDT view @Nomad Fixed various meta files @Stealthee 235 Slots increase - Perma @Stealthee Changed various inventory icons and their respective sizes @Antollyme Updated dog images @Antollyme Alternative Loading Screen added (One we can use outside of large releases) @Loyalty Padrinos Last Train Diner @Stealthee Pharmacy Payouts Increased @Stealthee Final notes: Posted on phone
  2. Date / Time: 26/05/2021 16:00 Release: Something Something Fixes General Fixes / Changes Gang weapon benches now support individual gang recipes @Stealthee Graffiti now works for gang with greater ids than the original batch @Stealthee Revolver ammo and range fixes @Stealthee Marksman pistol ammo fixes @Stealthee Gang rank / permission logic fixes @Stealthee Old gang names auto cleanup now runs for gangs without members @Stealthee Final notes: Posted on phone
  3. Date / Time: 26/05/2021 Release: See notes please General Fixes / Changes Vanilla Unicorn temp doors added back @Stealthee Apostles outhouse IPL @Stealthee@Loyalty Apostles gang content @Stealthee Pickup box collision changes @Archie Temp fixed for manufacturing where some items didn't have an entry @Stealthee Final notes: A lot of the developers at the minute are doing major things irl, so there is slower releases - big stuff coming soon!
  4. John Kiff a character gone, but never forgotten.
  5. Date / Time: 14/05/2021, 15/05/2021, 16/05/2021 Release: To keep you informed Just from the last few days to keep this up to date, minor stuff over restarts etc Various bug fixes with the bed / revive system @TinyBigJacko Promotional Burger car (Events+promo only) added @Loyalty Updated G6 collection payouts @Archie Beds now heal you completely when revived @TinyBigJacko Event: Beach part DJ area collisions @Loyalty@Stealthee Event: Beach party map and lighting, DJ decks @Loyalty Event: Beach party advertising blimp @Stealthee Vehicle
  6. Date / Time: 13/05/2021 - 20:00 Release: Minor Additions, changes and fixes Truck and Haul Shop (Sandy Scrapyard) @Loyalty @Stealthee Art Gallery @TinyBigJacko@Santo Final notes: Testing: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/topic/128250-gta-rp-game-testers/ Suggestions: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/forum/506-suggestions/ Bugs: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/forum/93-report-a-bug/
  7. As you know we imported various new cars a month or so ago. The cars implemented prior to this will likely have issues with speed and modifications. If you notice one, please fill out this template. ON THIS THREAD. Vehicle: Current Speed (If applicable): New Speed (If applicable): Modification Issues:
  8. No, this is not allowed. You may have 1 gang character, 1 police character etc
  9. Date / Time: 04/05/2021 - 20:00 Release: Minor Additions, changes and fixes Various queue changes @Ciaran Marabunta Clubhouse changes @Loyalty LostMC Clubhouse changes @Stealthee Drug manufacturing batch maxes upped @Stealthee Drug price changes @Stealthee Updated door interaction ranges @Archie Gang storage/safes now include the current/max limits @Stealthee Dancefloor/club code cleanup @Stealthee Added Hustlers area with gang storage @Stealthee Fixed various gang menu issues @Stealthee Final notes: Testing: h
  10. "...keep the community as a whole moving forward, not looking back or being caught behind the curve again - Lets find new games, new avenues and new stuff for RPUK." I'll quote myself here, and say nothing is off the table. No confirmations, but if it is a viable option for RPUK - know that we are looking into whatever it is, RedM or other games.
  11. Date / Time: 28/04/1776 - 20:00 Release: The Lord Give and the Lord Taketh Away Minor Additions, changes and fixes Added fingerprints to shop robberies @Archie Prison gate fixes @Archie Fixed minor house raiding issues @Mathias Fixed police dogs, sitting up in vehicles @Mathias Various texture and exterior graphics changes @Loyalty Added new housing to purchase @DELETER Final notes: Testing: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/topic/128250-gta-rp-game-testers/ Suggestions: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/forum/506-suggestions/ Bugs: https:
  12. Date / Time: 27/04/1776 - 20:00 Release: Off to war with my musket Minor update additions, changes and fixes Added support to control static emitters @Stealthee Tequi-la-la static emitter disabled Added various development resources @Stealthee Primarily around native audio, such as static emitters Added prison auto door lock & location location @Archie Cleaned up various formatting in queue resource @Stealthee Cash register robberies @Stealthee Basic implementation, using existing features
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