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  1. Client unbanned, sorry about the inconvenience. This was my mistake. This ban will not contribute towards the fair bans system and will not count against you in any future disputes. Stealthee GTA Lead
  2. To combat the combat logging aspect have this login option only available after lets say 1 hour has past since last logout?
  3. Stealthee

    Panic Button Change

    @Fluqi@Shepherd Kingston@DCC SI GREENHALGH Looking for your opinion here, I like it personally. Promoting police comms
  4. Stealthee


    Takes me back to Oblivion
  5. Stealthee


    Musket damage increased next update/hotfix. Locked and moved.
  6. Date / Time: 04/01/2020 Release: I like your cut G New / Notable Features Added NCA styling sheet to MDT @Recon Nine Added sync'd darts minigame @Stealthee Added single arcade minigame @Stealthee Added full gang management to F6 menu (Wiki @Norman) @Stealthee Added ability to grow weed in housing @Stealthee@Loyalty Added selling to locals in and around marked areas @Stealthee Allow police/nca to make MDT report viewable by sollicitor @Recon Nine Added ability to WL turf gangs to graffiti their tag @Stealthee@Loyalty @Santo Added
  7. Get me a decent concept and idea for it because outside of a small project I can't see it working outside of a very small environment
  8. Stealthee

    More games

    Similar suggestion to Moving to rejected and will alter the other accepted suggestion to include all minigames.
  9. Rejected. We will keep the option to refuse all synced animations for non whitelisted characters. We will NOT force another player to do an animation.
  10. @HawaiiCould you please action when you get chance
  11. The initial suggestion was implemented reversed and had the players votes. I have fixed this for the next update, sorry that it was implemented slightly wrong. In relation to the above comment players may need to start considering where they park their cars, or suggest a vehicle rental service (or don't die) The possible areas now include The Bay Care Center (Paleto) Sandy Shores Medical Center (Sandy) Pillbox Hill Medical Center (North City) Central Los Santos Medical Center (South City)
  12. Stealthee


    Rejected on votes
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