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  1. I don't doubt that, I definitely made friends in the city and performed the exploit together. I understand that I've broken an important rule of the server which could've ruined the economy if it wasn't dealt with sooner. I own up to all my mistakes. Exploiting in any way has the power to destroy a server, I am not going to pretend that this isn't a serious offence regardless of it being my first offence. The time off the server made me re-evaluate my decisions, I was obviously hungry for money to the point where I could have ruined it for everyone if I got away with what I have done. I do not have any excuses, I made a mistake and I regret it. During my time away from the server I have gone over the rules again so I don't ever have to deal with this or any sort of situation where I break the rules again. I am nobody special, I don't rank myself higher than anyone else. It is not right and I can own up and give you my word that this situation will not repeat itself. I will prevent this from happening again by reporting any sort of exploit/bug found to an admin or a member of staff instead of abusing it. This has been a very serious wake up call, I would love a second chance to prove myself and show that I am not a cheater and have actually re-evaluated my decisions in becoming a better person. I enjoy playing on this server, the community deserves better.
  2. Unban Appeal for SK- In-game Name: Bobby Luiz Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198272604192 Ban ID: rpuk#4767 Reason given for your ban: C2.2 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I think I was banned due to exploiting a bug where you hunt for an animal and skin it over and over again, instead of it despawning and looking for another animal to skin which meant it was an easier way to make money because you dont need to look for another animal so you just sell the fur and meat you gain. Why should we unban you ?: First of all I want to apologise to every staff member and the backend team for what I have done was completely wrong, the actions displayed does not represent who I am in the slightest and would like a chance for forgiveness. This is my first offence and I will not take this lightly I have refelcted on my actions and will speak to staff members to make sure history does not repeat itself. I think I should be unbanned because at the time of performing such actions I had no malicious intent, I genuinely thought it would be okay to skin the same animal over and over again as a hunter baring in mind I have never hunted before thinking it was the same idea with fishing where one stands in the same location and fishes in the same spot over and over again. I still had to experience the animation of actually skinning the animal, having no idea on how the hunting system works I wrongly assumed it was right and never really thought it was exploiting until recieving the ban. I still had to obviously wait for the bar to reach 100 percent to skin the animal again whilst keeping an eye out on my food and water bar like how you would when mining in the cave. I am more of a grinder, never a cheater. I did not see myself as cheating based on the sole purpose of there still being trial and error, I still had to sit there and just skin over and over again everytime the bar reaches 100 percent whilst making sure I dont starve or dehydrate. I never wanted to leave the server in this sort of manner, I thank whoever takes their time reading this and understanding my point of view. I also should not have interacted through the car/window to begin with that was terrible roleplay from my end so I also would like to apologise for that too. Everything that was made from this exploit has not been spent and the logs can back that, I bought the hunting license in the early hours of the day I got banned, I never made insane amounts of money. I will take this punishment and will better myself in the future by doing so I will definetly contact a member of staff to confirm or clear any doubts. Everything stated above is the honest truth and I hope I get unbanned, I am never going to put myself through that again and it just taught me a valuable lesson to not take things for granted, I really enjoy roleplaying and this is my first ever city I have been to, I have many goals and objectives that I am still hoping to complete before my time here is over. I am not looking for any trouble, I just want to have an enjoyable experience whilst learning the ways. I would also like to mention that I joined the NHS purely based on the fact that I can have the opportunity to meet new people and roleplay, whilst helping out the server, I dedicate alot of time making sure theres an active medic in the late hours when most are not available which shows I am a person that just wants the best for the server. We all make mistakes at the end of the day, as mentioned before this is my first city and I really enjoy it, it was inevitable that mistakes were going to happen in my journey but all I can say is that I will try to avoid them by learning and improving. Apologies for any harm caused to the server and staff and hopefully I could be forgiven, Thank you for your time. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  3. Also the speeds are not very realistic and needs a slight change as it currently goes about 150-160ish on the tesla website it states that the cars top speed is 200mph so its a little boost from what its currently at Also is there any chance we could make it fully electric or would that be overpowered because it seems very odd that an electric car uses petrol Thanks
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