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  1. Robbie, because I only just noticed the actual reason I got banned (C2.3), so I posted in reply to that, also I'm bored out of my mind without your city.
  2. C2.3 - The reason I combat logged was I was being accused of homophobic language and RDM Yes, I fucked up in this situation, I'm sure you saw my previous explaination, I am not a homophobic person, I was just intimidated by a huge gang of dudes all pointin fingers at me, putting my name and ID up on OOC chat saying "homophobic language". Yep, I used a "homophobic" word that i wont use again. Indeed I have painted myself a bad portrait, but I am not one of the idiots that sits around at the hospital and RDMs, I spend my time trucking in down times and i spend my time robbing shops when I feel like having some fun! Occasionally I find someone to take hostage, sometimes i get drunk and act a bit wild... I never use a body cam because I dont want to hear my own voice again, I've combat logged once in many many hours / days of gameplay, in that situation where I thought I was gonna get banned and thats what got me banned. As much as im ruthless with some people, I've been kind to others so it balances out.. Havent found a city I like as much as yours so I'm willing to adjust my attitude to join in again.
  3. Unban Appeal for Grimp In-game Name: Morti Barret Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561197999787725 Ban ID: rpuk#4947 Reason given for your ban: Offensive language In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: You wanted a longer explaination so here it is: First day in the city I befriended this girl called Violet, she was hoping to be a law abiding citizen, I was hoping for a career in crime, so we didnt stick together for long, and she met this other dude(lets call him jim) with alot of experience in the city. I met up with them one day and this random dude just came and punched me so i stabbed him, having little patience for RDM. Police saw me do this so I got into Jims car. Jim locked me in his car for ages after i drove off (even came back and mocked me inside the car which is fine) A few days after that I met a "gay guy" at the trucker stop, after tricking him into thinking I'm gay I told him to raise his arms to tickle him, then I ziptied him and tried to find someone to sell him to. Then his boyfriend randomly turned up and i paniced and stabbed them both up before they escaped. Violet and Jim then turned up in their car to try and help the 2 gay guys, I told them not to help them because I just killed them but they ignored me so I cut jims throat too, but didnt kill violet, and left the scene. A few days later than that Jim caught up with me and popped me in the head and dumped me - In my mind that beef was over, we were even. But Jim proceeded to always moan at me when i saw him that I'm an RDMer. Anyway I told him its not RDM i just killed those 2 "faggots" and then i had to kill him cos he was tryin to help them. So yeah, saying the word faggot in reference to the 2 gays was why I got perma banned, and I havent been RDMing like hes accused me off. I'm even bi-sexual myself and I dont get offended by the word faggot but I wont say it again if its really that bad... The night I got banned I was riding to and from the hospital after helping dead people who got run over, my car was broken down after a mad rush to get someone to hospital who was going to bleed out, I'd given my last repair kit to another player and I asked Jim for a repair kit and he said no. One of his crew said they would give me a repair kit if I appologized and i refused to appologize so they hunted me down and killed me, then recorded me refering to the 2 gay men as "faggots". So yeah I spent my evening helping people for nothing, as they say, no good deed goes unpunished If i hadent been helping others, I wouldnt have been at the hospital, so I wouldnt have encountered Jim and wouldnt have got banned. Why should we unban you ?: I like the rules of your server, I abide by them as best I can, I dont RDM, or RVDM, I have really enjoyed your server and spent alot of time and effort working on improving the quality of my RP. I am a very fair person who doesnt phantom log or try and ruin other peoples RP experience. I don't want to give people a bad experience, I'm not a troll but I am trying to roleplay a ruthless criminal. I'm not like some of the trolls on the server who will go to extreme lengths to shit on someones day, when I shit on soemones day I try to provide a quality RP experience alongside it. I'm 30 years old IRL, im a mature player with a filthy mouth and I will try and moderate my language from now on if you give me another chance. I havent had a 1 day or weeks ban, Just skipped to a perma ban for saying faggot a few times even when I'm bisexual myself irl. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
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