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  1. I always stay away from gangs, though I've found that individuals are nice. Gangs feel like they are very inclusive and unapproachable if you want to join them, though I've only interacted with a few so that might not be true for all of them. Their wars can make it interesting for the NHS as at one point we were told to not help curtain gangs and to have body cams at all times. Half the city was off limits for us as their war started in the north then moved down the city. I felt bad though, for any Civs that got in the crossfire. I think overall that the idea of them having meets and going over a gang code, culture and how they interact with the rest of the city is a good idea. They do blur into one entity just with a different colour sometimes. I think that the gang that felt most unique was the Apostles as you always said goodbye to them with "God Bless", they are very religious and they seem generally nice during my interactions with them.
  2. I think something like this has been suggested. It would definitely be good for the NHS since mountain lion attacks are frequent and the NHS can't carry a weapon and they can get caught out when they are rescuing someone injured on the mountains. I do feel that jobs should have a designated radio frequency so that it's not so lonely and you can roleplay with other people in the same job as you. It would help with the mundanity of the work , bring people together and even make them help each other out. More so when there is a newbie to the job and they gets stuck on how they are meant to do the work like with Taxing NPC's or Impounding cars as a Mechanic.
  3. I think this is a good question for everyone that just want to play a none criminal, none NHS/Police character. There isn't much for a character to do or a good way to make money unless you are one of the three.
  4. Found an interaction called "Access Disability Card Application" at Pillbox Hospital Ground level and when I tried to interact with it my game froze. I couldn't move or press any buttons. I tried to press F8 to reset UI but it would not work. Escape didn't work either and I had to Alt F4 to exit the game and log back in again.
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