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  1. Sorry I’ve been very busy lately. Like I said before this was my first role play server. In the time I’ve been banned I’ve played a few other server and have been able to control myself. I feel that my role play skills have got way better and feel way more comfortable when going into scenes. I got into a heated argument with another player On another server and knew my limits on what I was saying and didn’t even come close to saying anything out of line
  2. I just feel now I’ve learnt my lesson and I’ll be able to control myself in any situation I get into
  3. I can assure you this wouldn’t happen. I’ve been banned that was then last this I wanted and to be honest I was gutted when I found out. I can promise you I physically wouldn’t let myself say it again
  4. Hi, it genuinely just came out, i honestly just believed i panicked and it just slipped out. That's why i'm so annoyed with myself because that's not something that i would normally ever say or do. I've read the rules and normally i do follow them.
  5. Unban Appeal for John Luke In-game Name: John Luke Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198871236037 Ban ID: rpuk#4714 Reason given for your ban: (C1.2) Discrimination In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: i believe i got banned because i called someone a 'faggot' in a roleplay scene Why should we unban you ?: i think i should be un-banned because when i engaged in a scene me and another player were going back and forth at each other, on complete accident i called him a faggot, i definitely did not intend this in a homophobic way or certainly didn't mean too. I totally understand this is against your rules and i do apologize for my actions. i know this is not an excuse but this is my first role-play server i've really gotten into and at the same time, i'm still learning. Once again i'm very sorry for the word i used and it definitely wouldn't happen again if there was a second chance. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
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