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  1. I have now admitted several times that I am in the wrong and what I did was wrong, yes I did attempt to back track but thought better of it within 5 minutes with another admittance of fault within the team speak. Also would like to add again that his is my first offence or even a warning within 700+ hours of playing with RPUK surely this has to show that it was a simple honest mistake?
  2. Thinking back, I should’ve probably stayed and rped it out. I didn’t think of it at the time because I thought of the consequences last time I stayed up late. Also should of recognised the consequences to the logging in itself, was a huge mistake all i can do is apologise and say it wont happen again and prove that within the unban (if it happens)
  3. @Samantha Hi. So as previously stated, I am well aware of what I did wrong, and I apologise for doing so. There is no in-game reason as to why I combat logged. The only factor that resulted in me wanting to log off was the fact I had work the next day, and I struggle massively to get myself up for work if I do not go to sleep at a reasonable time.
  4. Unban Appeal for tomdodger In-game Name: John Dodger Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198368213331 Ban ID: rpuk#4980 Reason given for your ban: C2.3 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: combat logging (1.5) Why should we unban you ?: I have been banned since June 30 of this year. I am aware of the reason as to why I was permanently banned from your server, and I apologise for my lack of judgement & alleged failure to read the in-game situation. I would've considered myself to be a "regular" in the server, having quite a few friends who played it as consistently as I did, and I had never received any complaints from any members of your staff team about rule breaking until this ban was issued. I understand that the Rule 1.5 States that Combat Logging is an "Exploit" and the "Punishment is a Permanent Ban". If I were to have my ban revoked, I can assure you that nothing of this nature would happen again. Regards, John Dodger. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
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