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  1. Aside from the dead leg I sustained in the following clip, It was a pleasure to be able to help out! https://i.gyazo.com/0dea8baffa55d3fc59ecc3db54be7a51.mp4
  2. Unban Appeal for xendraven In-game Name: Vinnie James Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561199026783856 Ban ID: unknown Reason given for your ban: Discord spam messages In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was banned because a spam advert was sent from my account to multiple contacts including the HAL bot. Why should we unban you ?: This was a case of my account being compromised and sending this spam message without my knowledge. The second I was alerted by a friend in a private message, I changed my password and attempted to advise everyone effected to ignore it. I have never been kicked or banned from the server before, I have never knowingly sent adverts to people before. Just hope this can be reversed as I have put many hours into the server. https://ibb.co/pW54Y3c https://ibb.co/Y2Wsk0X My discord name is xendraven#4673 Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  3. I don't have a Ban ID, All I know if some spam message was sent via the @everyone command, Had a message from the HAL bot about reading the rules, and the RPUK discord server was no longer in my list of joined servers. https://ibb.co/pW54Y3c https://ibb.co/Y2Wsk0X Now obviously I cannot join the city as I cannot access the discord server. Hope this can get sorted out. Cheers
  4. My discord account was compromised and sent out some spam advert to a number of people, I have apologized and told the ones that I could to ignore the message. I have now changed my password, but I cannot rejoin the RPUK Discord server. Is there a way I can be let back in, please? Thanks
  5. Issue resolved out of forum.
  6. Just checked on this, but it's still an ongoing issue.
  7. Animal icons, while on that job show no actual animal to cull in my eyes.
  8. As titled. Unless I can skin a human, would be nice to have this fixed. Cheers ta
  9. Well the Police have been made aware of the event, so if we do get large numbers, I will be requesting a small police presence to keep it safe for everyone. Hope to see you tomorrow night. (I've dyed my hair green, so you'll know who I am) - Vinnie J
  10. For sure, I'll make sure there are mid-week meets too, always looking for any suggestions to make it easier for people to get together. This may put people off, but I will be inviting a small police presence just to keep it safe for everyone and to just be able to enjoy the night. I want this to be a legit car show for all car enthusiasts. - Vinnie J
  11. Hi all I am creating a regular weekly car meet for all petrol heads and modding enthusiasts out there in the city. It is something I've been thinking about for a little while, and I have already chosen a fair few venues for the coming weeks ahead. Somewhere for us all to come together on a constant basis to show off our new and favourite rides. I already have a location in mind for everyone to show off their two-wheeled modes of transport after this opening night. I have made a poster for Tweedle if anyone would like to spread the word. If turnout is good, then I will make this an ongoing event. Hope to see you all there. Drive safe! - Vinnie J
  12. One more thing, when I take pictures on my phone all it takes is a black screen, have you had this or is there a fix? Cheers
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