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  1. As someone who also makes posters in-game. I've always struggled getting images for this, and had to use similar but slightly different alternative. Would be good to see a community assets folder for stuff like this - If copyright and licencing permits obviously.
  2. Good people, good times 🤍💙


    1. Matthew Labile

      Matthew Labile

      @Fultonbring back John 😞 

    2. Fulton


      Ahh, the days of old

      Good times

  3. Girl is fine! Only one girl in the coalition anyway so it must have been me! Now you've said about the blue hair I remember Thank you for the nice comments all the same
  4. I don't believe we've directly met, but I've seen the RP between the boys and yourself, but I can they smash it out the park every time. Very proud of them for everything we've achieved recently :')
  5. Coalition Presents BahamaMama's Summer Social Friday 3rd June - 9PM ☀ Come dressed in beachwear / summer clothes ☀ See you there!
  6. Family Time Reaction GIF by Lifetime

    Import day got me like

    1. Mike Wolfie

      Mike Wolfie

      Import day got you like:

      "Where did my car disappear to?" 

      Is more accurate if you ask me. 

    2. Amelia Carter

      Amelia Carter

      "Where is my bike?" 

      "Where is my car?" 

      Literally story of my life

      @Mike Wolfie

  7. This was not too long after storm as we were preparing to do something. This could be the case I'll steal another one next time I see one and check
  8. Stole a local Infernus and it has a glock just casually in it. You are unable to remove it, and it also doesn't have a weight to it. Put a ticket in - asked to put on forums
  9. +1 everything you made yesterday is so cool! Thank you so much for adding the blue one to the list for us Women’s clothing needs some work - glad to see you taking the first step towards making it better for us
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