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  1. Very interested in this - personally I'm in the same situation but I'm finding now that reshade on its own allows me to play and not lose frames. The pictures above are with reshade / quantV (which I have since uninstalled Quantv) The white colours as you can see sometimes were really bright. But my weather etc changed beautifully etc. I think overall my experience with QuantV was better than NVE but it did hurt my frames too much Two people who I know who have nice "eyes" are @Raj Pateland @Omar Farrellso maybe they can help
  2. Recently started to come to Tire Nutz more often and can also agree - always good service! +1
  3. Cats. 1000000% Also my cat Mosie has thumbs, so I think she is clearly superior
  4. There is already a list from @Summerwho has got some amazing content on her list.
  5. +1 on this. I think the server would struggle to have them back in times like they are now. It wouldn't work the same. But they were so unique and let's face it - one of the best gangs in RPUK
  6. Actually I take back what I said, this fight was insane. 100% a highlight from RPUK
  7. The airport fight between Aztecas, Apostles, Vagos and Ballas etc. Was so fucking good
  8. I second this, what's so much better about it? Feel like I NEED to try it now I'd also like to agree with @Albert WinsfordDr pepper is also a banger
  9. I actually will back this, and a ICE COLD fanta fruit twist slaps.
  10. Anything as long as it isn't fountain coke like mcdonalds.
  11. Forgot you were a level 5 vegan
  12. Sausages are weird and bacon without the fat is bearable. Honestly could go without either, sorry @Anthony Bryan
  13. As someone who also makes posters in-game. I've always struggled getting images for this, and had to use similar but slightly different alternative. Would be good to see a community assets folder for stuff like this - If copyright and licencing permits obviously.
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