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  1. Now that there a few less legal jobs in the city that pay well, I started to do some hunting and have maxed out my hunting level. I thought maybe with the leather from animals, you could only sell when you reached max level which wasn't the case. Just wondering, what is the point in leather? you cant use it for anything, and you cant sell it. Think it would be good if you could maybe sell the leather to clothing stores or something at the very least, instead of it just being a useless item when hunting. Or am I missing something, can you do anything with it?
  2. The new trucking system just seems to be so pointless. Every job I have seen available has been for £1. Trucking is pretty much the only legal job in the city that actually pays a decent amount and reflects to the cities economy and prices, now its just been taken away. Fuel prices are high, most fuel stations dont even have fuel, council tax has been implemented, all this extra money you have to pay out and the legal job payouts reflect poorly compared to the cities economy. I understand the trucking depot before was busy and people would cancel jobs to try get the higher paying ones which would then hold up the depot even more, but the easiest way to fix that would surely be putting a cooldown on the cancelled jobs? Is the new trucking system a permanent change? Will other legal jobs start paying out more money to reflect better on the cities prices? Just seems a bit of a weird change to me.
  3. Started to grow weed on the server to see what it’s like. Been around a day now and still on stage 1/4. How long does it take to fully grow please? Anyone know?
  4. Are there any rules surrounding selling houses/apartments to someone through the auction room? I’m looking to buy and apartment/house from someone. If I try to purchase an apartment from someone I meet in the auction room and they scam me for money, is that an RP matter that I should take to police or a lawyer, or can I take that to OOC/admins? Thanks
  5. I have been doing a lot of the ranger jobs recently for the hunting. I have been grinding it out to increase my level. Anyone know what level you have to be to be able to purchase stuff from the Ranger i.e the musket, the armor and binoculars etc? Just so I know if I am somewhat close to being able to purchase stuff from the Ranger. Thanks
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