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  1. We was clearly talking to you and my friend heard you mutter something under your breathe when we asked what you said you didn't give a solid response you could've said anything so we felt it was appropriate to kill you, even so we genuinely did think you was someone else hence why we pulled up and said your breathe stunk cause that's what the guy said to my friend before shooting him, and to the guy saying why did we say '5 4 3 2' was because you wasn't complying when you have guns pointed at your head, you was saying wait there and you know for a fact you wouldn't do that in real life situation so for you to say we are bad at rp think about that, and clarke im willing to meet you in city and give you some compensation for believing you was someone else when we killed you. If you want to resolve this like grown men im happy too, if not you can follow through with your report. Anyway i am sorry for the inconvenience, im happy to give back whatever was lost or taken from you.
  2. We didn't come back for him? we came back and he happened to be their? Its not a rule break to rob someone and it wasn't my idea, i had went along with it like your supposed to... Trying to make it seem like we are rule breakers cause you had a bad day... I have already said we thought he was someone else thats why we acted like we did, and i have apologised for it, im happy to meet him somewhere and deal with the situation its non of your business.
  3. I was the one in the car, it was a case of mistaken identity someone who had matched your description come up to a friend of ours and said the same thing then shot him, so we came back for revenge and got the wrong person, i apologise for that mate. Honestly got the wrong guy pal.
  4. i just said theirs some mis understanding, and that could he possibly look into all the gameplay and check everything so he knows i was telling the truth, and i said i understand he was protecting his sever and it was impossible for me to know he was a cheater, it was only up until i read the appeal rules top to bottom to see your not aloud to message staff members. after reading that i had deleted the messages and it was completely stupid of me, its my first ban im new to everything and i have took time to go through every detail in the past two weeks and i understand i have done wrong and it was stupid of me to message said staff i have now read every rule made and im sorry i had made this mistake, im just saying it was impossible for me to know he was cheating, in the future i will avoid said people and i will go out my way to just play with my best friend who plays, and start a job in game and avoid people. appreciate you bringing this up, ive realised i did wrong it wont happen again, i have read the rules of appeals and i now know right from wrong, i hope i havent ruined my chances of a unban but i can promise it wont happen again ive learnt my lesson. Thanks for taking time out your day to reply to me
  5. To be honest with you i met this guy pretty much when i first started playing in this server, he told me literally everything about the game and how everything works he would give me some money whenever i was under and he always treated me good its only since my last appeal i knew he was a cheater i thought i got banned for just having too much money or the weapon i had been supplied 'which i was planning on buying'' , he only ever came on late at night and never told me once he used to cheat to get his items cars and money, he said when we first met he had made all his money from the casino, but the day of the ban i hadn't had played with him for at least couple days since i had went prison, but i came out and i was at the impound then i see him there and then he said he's buying a house so i got in his car and went to check it out he said he had paid 750k for it not sure if it was true or not thats what i was told then he started renovating it etc... then i headed to the casino and had asked him to try get hold of me a gun then he rang me and said he had one for me, he never once spoke with me about him being a cheater he always lied to me and said he got it from gambling and i had known no better to believe him, but the guy he was with i met that day, the guy he was with is the guy he bought the house off i never knew him, but hand on heart i never knew that the friend of mine was a cheater and as i was 3 days old on the server i knew no better but to believe him which was stupid of me and it wont happen again, i thought we was talking about the other guy he was with as i didn't know him and he was also a cheating low life, but it was impossible for me to know they was cheaters tho, he made valid points on how he got the money and i truly believed him and it was stupid of me, all im asking for is one more chance because im actually innocent, i understand where you guys are coming from your protecting your server, but im a victim and i had absolute no idea, i hope you understand. And thank you for your reply.
  6. I mean its been nearly been 2 weeks since ive been banned, as of what i can remember i went to meet him to purchase a fire arm, shortly after he made a gang and i joined it, we was planning on kidnapping someone but im not sure if thats aloud or if thats what you mean by ''nothing else to add'' i would love for you to jog my memory and so i can explain to you whatever happened but in all honesty i truly didn't know they was cheaters hand on heart, im aware ive been banned for G5.7 and i didn't read that no one can give you weapons/cash etc... ive been waiting a while for this reply i want to resolve this situation, because i haven't played five m since ive been banned cause theres no server like it, please give me a idea on what ive missed out on so i can fill you with the information. And thanks for your reply.
  7. Unban Appeal for sixfigurejdot In-game Name: Jordan Oakes Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561199085403770 Ban ID: rpuk#4990 Reason given for your ban: G5.7 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: it first started when i was given a gun and ammo when it is not aloud and I'm fully aware of how stupid i was to mix with them people and i am sorry, you shouldn't be a crime lord when your fairly new to the server and I'm aware other players cant just give you things and I'm guilty of it. But my old appeal was declined because the people who gave the gun was in fact disgusting cheaters and i had no idea of it, i asked them to call me if they could get hold of a gun i could buy at 250k, and i was in the casino when they called and they said they had a gun for me on arrival they gave me the gun free off charge you can even check the footage, i am not lying, check my records i have always followed the rules and they never once told me they cheated i didn't even know you could cheat on five m i have only played 3 days and didn't know any better but turns out they have a bad reputation for cheating and i just want for you to check all my logs and all footage so you can truly see i had no idea, they asked me to join their gang so i did this is completely not my fault it was all someone else's actions I'm suffering from. i said how much did he buy it for he said 250k and i said why you giving it for free and he said look after it we aint got many, he never once spoke about any cheats so for me to get banned for it honestly hurts, can you please look into the gameplay and just see so you know this aint all a bunch of lies, i love this server my best friends play in it and for me to banned for someone else's actions isn't fair in my opinion please watch the footage. also i wasn't the only person who has played with this guy not knowing he cheats the whole server has and i was the unlucky one to get banned because i wanted to buy a gun off him. please consider unbanning me as im innocent and i love this server, if this appeal get denied then so be it but I'm truly being honest please just look into it and have a think about it. i would take this ban on the chin if was part of them but i dont belive in cheating i just want to rp like everyone else and to my luck ive became a victim of other users cheating like utter low lifes. Jordan Why should we unban you ?: I think you guys at rolplay.co.uk should unban me because i made a huge mistake getting a free gun off a guy , i went there with the intentions of purchasing this weapon and when he gave me it he said he paid 250k for it and said look after it and gave it for free we quickly became friends and he was teaching me the ways of rp and he made a gang and he was with one other person who he had bought a house off and believe they was both cheaters and i had no idea of it they made it seem so legit how they made their money and could afford guns and im the one who came out being banned, and i just want to say sorry i am for choosing to be friends with them without knowing they cheat i knew no better as i was new and please just please give me one more chance im innocent, i want you to check the logs/footage look through everything so you can see im not lying, i put the most effort into this appeal so you can see how truly sorry i am, i was banned for G5.7 not game hack cause i was truly not part of their disgusting scheme, please understand and please just look at all the evidence so you can see im truthful, if i do get unbanned by any chance monitor my every move so you can see how loyal i am to your server. if you have any sort of spare time to truly look into it please do. all i got was one gun and a little ammo, i wasn't a millionaire or nothing i had just sold my car and went casino to try double my money to buy a gun then i got the phone call, please believe me, check the evidence Jordan Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
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