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  1. I understand that it was bad quality RP and I'd like to apologise to you for my actions and overall everything that happened in prison. There was a valid RP reason for me to kill you and let you bleed out but I executed it poorly and gave little to no RP except "I wanna get in on this you what lad" so again, I'm very sorry for any inconvenience and frustration it caused you.
  2. Butthurt? you mentioned fraud so I said fraud lines such as "chop or get chopped" and "spoofing ain't dead" and you took offence to that thinking I was talking about stabbing you after saying multiple times I'm not talking about stabbing you haha. And as for the boat if you actually read the original tweedle you would see we never said we owned the boat, you assumed we were saying we owned it because we posted a photo of us on it.
  3. again, Finch not McKay, I was not involved in that so cannot speak about what happened with that but I'm always selling on mara turf lol At this point I masewell talk shit about harold or another mara because that's kinda all you're doing, that ain't me so i don't care about it. Kinda pointless lolol
  4. swear we weren't even on turf and was fishing hence why there was a photo taken on a yacht LOLOLOLOL and don't lie lad everyone mugs off the maras that's why there's always a multitude of people selling without paying tax haha
  5. no clue what we would have that you would want to use us for ahah
  6. key word "your friend" not me but from what I've heard you asked for an alliance?
  7. Don't know who morrison is but heard maras get run off turf 24s, second home of the ballas eh? ahah
  8. So firstly you can literally hear me right at the start say "wrong guy lad" since the person in the fox mask snitched and said we took him hostage hence why he stopped hitting you and started a fight with our friend in the fox mask and if you can hear me say i said "i wanna get in on this you what lad" i understand if you don't want to RP a prison brawl but no need for the report when you're in prison anyways. Secondly i logged off like 5 - 10 minutes after because i needed to go in the shower since I'm going out and thirdly there was literally a valid RP reason, the guy in the fox mask was literally snitching us out to you talking about we told the police that Harry (the guy who had a fight with the guy in the fox mask) that he drove a getaway car and that we said he took us hostage so we would get a lower sentence and saying that wasn't true and that we made it up so i had every right to end you so you don't tell the police or tell others in the city that the Cartel snitch on their own members so if you could kindly post a longer video of Jono telling you that about the police it would be great, only i didn't clip it because i didn't think it was relevant
  9. ah right, thanks for that, I've made a ticket on discord to see what the admins think about everything
  10. Thanks man I'm just not sure how long it will last, need to talk to admins about it since it is a canon gang and we aren't sure if there are already people in the city running The Madrazo Cartel since we saw that their main turf already had lockable doors, a safe, a computer and car storage, we guessed it was just already setup for someone to take charge of the gang so we went ahead.
  11. Who are we? The Madrazo Cartel is a Mexican American drug cartel that is ran by Martin Madrazo, a wealthy, legit businessman who indulges in drug dealing, Arms trafficking and contraband located at La Fuente Blanca, Senora Road. La Fuente Blanca is a ranch owned by Martin Madrazo and serves as the Madrazo Cartel's main area of operation, Since Mr Madrazo is a legit businessman he Doesn't indulge in the criminal activity himself, instead his two right hand men are in cahrge of the illegal activities, they are known as James McKay and Jono Finch Gang History In 2013 the gang has established itself in Los Santos and Blaine County, coming into conflict with the Ballas, The Lost Brotherhood and Merryweather Security Consulting. Martin began employing two associates known as James McKay and Jono Finch to steal and destroy drug and other shipments in order to advance their own interests. The two associates steal some cocaine, steals a truck full of weapons, steals a shipment of televisions from the Ballas, destroys two Cement Trucks loaded with drugs, steals cocaine from Merryweather Security Consulting, kills members of The Lost Brotherhood operating a brothel in Sandy Shores, escorts an associate, Juan, to his house, steals a van and protects an associate from Merryweather mercenaries. The gangs activities, however, had resulted in the Police Department and even FIB to begin investigating the gang. By 2013 they had convinced Javier Madrazo, Martin's cousin, and a former female employee to give evidence against him. Madrazo hires James McKay and Jono Finch to kill the investigating DA, kill a possible witness, kill a former female employee, kill a judge, kill the editor of the Daily Globe, kill a former friend at Fort Zancudo, kill twelce jurors and ambushing an FIB team to retrieve some documents. This leads to Martin Madrazo having full trust in James McKay and Jono Finch making them his two right hand men in the illegal activities he needs and to run his underground illegal enterprise.
  12. sometimes I feel like it's a must though, once a gang member was threatening me because I "hit" his car when it was parked and I was driving past yet I was nowhere near it, in a result of me "hitting" his car he decided to come back and blow all my friends cars up. desync is a bytch
  13. it was the only clip i could provide and it was of my friend not me, but even if they aren't doing anything related to another animation it still doesn't show it, me and my friend went to rob a police officer the other day, told him to put his hands up and stuff, i ziptied him and went to put him in the car but it scuffed and i ended up getting shot, when asking the officer "why did you panic button when we had guns on you and telling you not to?" he said "i panicked before you told me not to" but he never done the animation so we thought this was a one off but since then every single time we have grabbed a police officer or a G6 as hostage we never see them hit the panic button but apparently they do, i will ask my other friends and search more of my videos to see if any of us have another clip of it. when we asked the officers about this they said they hit their panic button when we got our guns out but there was no animation to them hitting it. at first we thought it was just an animation override and since they had their hands up it didn't show but when we were looking at clips from a week ago bored we saw an officer have his hands up and when he hit his panic button his hand done the panic animation and went back to putting his hands up
  14. I've noticed with my friends that whenever a police officer hits his panic button it no longer does the animation? countless times have me and my friends held a police officer up, told them not to hit the panic button and they have said "I haven't, I haven't" but then a lot of police turn up, the officer we tried taking hostage said he hit his panic and the animation just wasn't shown so we didn't know, not sure if it is a bug or just officers exploiting and skipping the animation but it's annoying lmao. Example This G6 panicked and as you can see there is no animation. https://gyazo.com/db82d210461d65c4c248fc4a4acf735a As you can see he did not reach for his shoulder at all but his panic button got pressed.
  15. Ah okay the door was just not open in my eyes but realistically look how close we were to the hostage, you took the shot on my friend, killed him and look how long it took for you / other officers to do something about me, In a hostage situation you are meant to feel like we are going to kill them that's why you should value the hostages life otherwise hostage taking for robberies would be completely pointless, my friend made a fair demand and all we wanted was free passage, just feels like no officer cared about the hostage at all and it's pretty annoying since I've been shot down 4 times already (twice today) with a hostage while making demands.
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