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  1. Hello We're hoping to open again sometime this week
  2. 👀 image.png.1ae72f04c8c5c22f760f114918186b1e.png So close

    1. Nuclear
    2. Astrid Belski

      Astrid Belski

      Mean Los Angeles GIF by ABC Network @Nuclearyou know 69 is a special number in the rangers

    3. Astrid Belski
  3. Do NOT make another post. image.png.e83e5a2bca8e0e19b93d668b675577a4.png

    1. Mike Polo

      Mike Polo

      haha when reacting pushes you above 69


    2. Astrid Belski

      Astrid Belski

      Damn it Vinnie!

    3. Vinnie James

      Vinnie James

      I dunno what to do!!! They won't stop going up!

  4. Happy Sunday! What's everyone up to today? 👀

  5. If astrid doesn't comment on this she doesn't want to be head of park rangers

    1. Nikolai Belski

      Nikolai Belski

      Yeah because I'm the head 😉

    2. Astrid Belski

      Astrid Belski

      "On this" - I win

    3. Nikolai


      i tried


  6. Happy Saturday all!

    How are you spending your evening? 🍕📽️

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Astrid Belski

      Astrid Belski

      Big spoon or little spoon?

    3. Vinnie James

      Vinnie James

      God I'm bored

    4. DevilWalk


      @NuclearLittle bitch. Spent my evening Drinking Tea and causing shit between baldies had a great time for myself.

  7. You can access the LS customs menu from behind the building in Paleto without the need to go inside:
  8. We noticed yesterday a few times that when picking up (the following at least) it says "attempting to steal" and then once picked up, it doesn't return to your inventory. We had this with: Red lights Blue lights Gazebo Medic bag We didn't test it with anything else (like cones and such) as we were draining our budget by not being able to return them.
  9. Hiya Arry, I'm just looking through our records and can't seem to find your application. Can you confirm if you applied using the link above at the start of this thread?
  10. New Question: Is Water Wet?

    1. Astrid Belski

      Astrid Belski

      It is when you drown in 6inches of it

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