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  1. AstridR

    Lew Garret

    Had some great roleplay with Lew recently but tonight he was amazing. Really enjoyed the trouble he caused and made for such a good RP experience.
  2. Ahh don’t worry, I only noticed because it’s Vinnie and he always gets confused looking forward to seeing you too! I think there’s a few of the rangers that are going to take part too! We’ll still have ones handing out bandages if needs be x
  3. Wrong event Vinnie, That was the rally, this is for tonights event
  4. It was a great event! Thank you for having us
  5. The past 3 days? There usually is... a lot of animals but not since the big update the other night. At least, that's the case for me and 4 other rangers right now?
  6. Yep, still broken for me too, day 3 now. I can't work to earn any money.
  7. Even this is broken since the last update, no animals spawning anywhere.
  8. I’m also having the same problem, there is no wildlife spawning for the past 2 days. Starting a culling job doesn’t resolve it nor relogging.
  9. Mickey is awesome! He plays his role so well
  10. So sorry I couldn't make it guys, congrats to you both! xx
  11. Me and T had a great experience with Vince! Not only is Vince one of the nicest guys you could work with but he was really attentive and listened to our needs. He worked with us to find something that suited our budget in a location we wanted and we settled on a really lovely beach house with amazing views. Thanks so much for helping us with this chapter in our lives Vince! A very happy T&A
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