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  1. What's the point in winning if you could never lose. For me RPUK is all about creating a narrative and having a laugh. I've been around for like 5 months ish but I've only had a few interactions with the heavier criminal side of the server. There have been two times where I've technically 'lost' but have really enjoyed those scenarios. One being a hostage when Triads did life invader. Police already were inside the building and then had another unit pincer from behind, but they couldn't move in due to the hostages. The other time was being kidnapped by the firm for my escapades as Big Ploppa, being dangled over acid and other classic mob stuff. I enjoyed those scenarios because it was more than being rammed of the road and being demanded for all my stuff or some baldy coming up to Auto Exotic and stabbing me. There was an actual interaction and a cool narrative.
  2. Just wanted to update my appeal regarding the new information given from the discord about the 'dislike' exploit. Although im thankful there has been an offical response I wish this information had come a lot sooner, a lot of situations like this could have been avoided. I would also like to see other people using this exploit be banned also, Ive seen many cases of users asking others to 'dislike' tweets as it is only fair. I appreciate you are not literal gods, we all have more important things to do, but if this is the precident I would like to see it followed. In your own words, please type why you think you were banned: I used the 'dislike' exploit on tweedle to cause posts to enter the negative number Why should we unban you ?: I want to start of by saying that my actions are my own, unaware of the harmful impact to the server. Ive spent around 3 months on RPUK. In that time if developed some great quality roleplay with others. Starting off as a car-thief working for a dodgey garage, some time and a business merger later, my charcater is now a legitimate foreman of Auto Exotic. Responsible for keeping mechanics and trainees in line as well as organising several events for the community to take part in. One of the larger events I previosuly was in charge of was the Auto Exotic Fundraiser. I was responsible for taking in donations, organising charity car raffels and having open communication with the police that arrived. Ive also helped secure contracts for the business with the NHS and Police, having mechanics travel down to their respective depos. Washing and repairing their fleets of vehicles. Going forward I want to engage in the same high quality roleplay I have been doing within my time at RPUK. I want to reach out to the new owners of TireNutz and help the get their business off the ground. Organise collabrative carmeets, legal races and hopefully be able to help them supply gear for their shop as I dont believe they have on site storage at the moment. In regards to business at Auto Exotic, I want to take part in the new contracts we have created with the Park Rangers. I would like to host an event up in Raton Canyon, along the Cassidy Trail. Envolving the park rangers closing down the trail and making its safe for racing, with some envolvement with the lesser seen side of the NHS. Due to the location of the trail, both a boat and a helicopter would be required. I would also like to secure a contract with Grouppe 6, I think it would add more high quality roleplay to the server and also provide them something to do instead of driving a truck from point A to B. Thats without mentioning the upcoming team midnight scene. To wrap things up, I did something really stupid. I thought that 'disliking' tweets had no impact on the server overall. I now know better, I want to move on and provide the server with some great opportunities for high quality roleplay. I dont want this small bad action to outshine all of the things I have done on this server. Sorry About the confusion earlier, thankyou for clearing things up. -Rot
  3. Hey Ram, thanks for getting back to me. Im aware that a lack of effort will result in the ban appeal being denied. However If I do not know what I have done wrong in the first place there is not much for me to input. Thankyou for providing me some expansion on the reason I was banned for. I would like to input that I was banned while not logged in on the server therefore I have not had a member of staff explain the situation to me. The reason given for me being banned was C2.2, the rule is as follows: "(C2.2) Exploiting - Using or attempting to use any exploits in any of our community game servers such as but not limited to duplication of items or money, transferring/processing items through walls and windows or bypassing intended animations. Punishment is a permanent ban without appeal. If you discover an exploit that nobody else knows about, please reveal it to a staff member privately in order to ensure that it does not get abused in the future." I am unaware of any of my actions on tweedle that have broken this rule. Could you please provide further information on what I did on tweedle that caused me to be banned. Again sorry about the questions, I am just very confused to why this even happened. Thanks Again -Rot
  4. Unban Appeal for Rot In-game Name: Tomas Wicker Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561199096684703 Ban ID: !!rpuk6331!! Reason given for your ban: C2.2 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I do not know what is going on. Just wondering what got me banned? Why should we unban you ?: Because ive done nothing wrong? Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  5. Hey Samantha, thanks for getting back to me. "You are being warned for this exact reason and told the staff member at the time that you were not aware what you did was wrong and classed as exploiting. 2 Weeks later, you go on and "forget" about that conversation entirely, do the same thing again?" You are completely correct, I dont know what I was thinking. It slipped my mind but that doesnt change how stupid it was for me to do it. I understand the action is harmful to the community as a whole and I regret it immensely. "The punishment for exploiting is a permanent ban, whether you agree with it or not. You got lucky to only have been warned the first time, as we generally do not make a difference between someone exploiting on purpose and someone not being aware of what they are doing." Im very grateful of the chance the member of staff gave me. But I think its important to note that we are all human, mistakes happen. Those actions were mine, they were wrong, I am sorry for that and Im willing to improve from this experience. "Convince me" I dont think it is possible for me to try and convince you to remove my ban by only talking about my past actions. The main reason I would like to be allowed back into the community is to work at a charcater driven mechanic shop and organize/carry out events with my friends. I feel like this would help benefit the server as a whole, providing a space for people with differing roleplay experience levels to interact with eachother as well as a welcoming community around the vehicles available within the server. I dont want this mistake ive made to define me, I would like the opportunity to focus on the good things ive done before and how I will expand on them in the future if you are willing to do so. Thanks Again, - T
  6. Unban Appeal for Rot In-game Name: Tomas Wicker Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561197963357280 Ban ID: !!rpuk5736!! Reason given for your ban: C2.2 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was selling some weed around apostles for 10 mins or so. During this time i was pressing the Z key which canceled the animation. I have recieved a warning for this before 2 weeks ago bt since i stopped selling drugs I just forgot about it. Those actions led me to being banned. Why should we unban you ?: I want to start off by saying I understand why I was banned and aware what I done is exploiting having been warned for it before. I did something wrong and I recieved a punishment. I think i should be unbanned for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I know what I did wrong comes under the title of exploitation, I believe my actions did not harm any other player or give me a signifigant advantadge over any other players. My other point being is that Im passionate about the community and I really enjoy working with the other people within it. Im an active member in creating events, running a mechanic shop and helping new people to the city. My charcater "Special T" or "Tomas" started out in the city as a low car thief selling these vehicles to be rented out by another Charcater. After being through Prison this changed T, he saw the horrors that crime leads too and tried to got straight. He struggles with this, he wants to do better but not knowing any different he slips into some old habits now and again. At the moment T is head mechanic at the Tire Nutz mechanic shop located on innocence blvd. Organising employees, controlling the lot and making it run smoothly, dealing with any customer questions/complaints, contacting the NHS fast response team due to the contract they have with the business and also controlling the quick response mechanic vehicle for callouts over the public dispatch. My charcater allows for a lot of different roleplaying opportunities for any type of charcater, especially newer people to the city as T doesnt want people going down the same criminal path he is trying to get out of. Ive made a lot of friends through this server and I would hate to lose contact with them over an honest mistake. Albiet I dont think I should be let off completely, some punishment is needed for my actions but not something as dire as a permanant ban. - Thanks T Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
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