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  1. So I am assuming this is a bug - Basically there is a Defib and a Medical Bag and once attempted to steal they don't disappear and still let you collect them over and over again, once placed down again you can dupe them again and again - I saw this after selling a Benson to a friend at City Hall. - Footage Here: https://medal.tv/games/gta-v/clips/k3MCU8sdMGhZN/d1337vJeh2PA?invite=cr-MSxKYXQsMjcwMzgwMjIs I still have the two defibs that came out of this - I can get rid of them if need be!
  2. Would it be unbalanced to make it so Mechanic skill stay while doing Taxi work?

    It's a skill that's there, been built up but suddenly when you're not a mechanic it's forgotten?

    I don't think that makes sense to me I get it's a game and it's a balance technique but like surely if you work up your mechanic skill it should be there whatever job you decide to take down the line.

    I wanted to make this into a suggestion but I don't wanna like suggest something if it's not wanted or liked by the community.

    1. Isak Vladislav

      Isak Vladislav

      I don't see why you shouldn't be able to use the skill when clocked out as a mechanic, as you have kind of grinded your way up to become more advanced, I say make a suggestion. If people don't like it, they don't like it 🙂 


  3. Ballas Turf Issues: In Ballas Turf we have a few issues regarding our Garage, listing them below: 1. Withdrawing Trucks In Ballas we have an issue with getting trucks out of storage as they get stuck on the garage door or stuck in the building in general, they glitch out and sometimes down people in the process, this happens a lot of the time, we have to keep the garage door open and get trucks out and even then sometimes they will glitch out and sometimes explode. To prevent this bug we have to get a car out and then get the truck out resulting it spawning outside the garage, however with some testing I have noticed that trucks can fit fully into the garage the spawn location of the trucks would have to be brought back a bit to prevent the collision with the garage - not sure how that can be worked out but if it is do-able that would be amazing. 2. Garage Interaction One of the things wrong with the garage door is that you sometimes can't open it while in vehicles with a big front or trucks in general, some vehicles you can but that's when you slam the front of your vehicle into the side of the garage to open it. I was wondering if there was a way to make it so we can access the interaction easier to open and close the garage with ease and not struggle. 3. Flooring After creating a ticket I have been told that the flooring is a corrupted floor, before it was a concrete flooring but now it's this harsh texture, many if not all Ballas do not like this flooring we much preferred the concrete flooring as it was easier on the eyes and much cleaner. Here is an example of the flooring before - If anymore detail is needed let me know!
  4. I feel like on RPUK at the moment it's all weapon focused, drug focused, basically a GTA Online with rules in place with little RP. A lot of the server is criminal based, not a lot to do other than sell drugs and rob people, yes there is taxiing, mechanics but there is little to no RP with these jobs, I once had a guy come up to my car without saying anything and repaired it with no RP whatsoever and then said "1k to 90 please". I feel like this server is GangRP more than anything else, it's also a server full of grafting, you need to graft for a lot to be recognised in the server otherwise you're deemed as basically useless. May of gone off-track I do ramble on a lot but I do feel like jobs need to be tweaked to realism a bit more, need more RP jobs that make the roleplay experience more there, I remember being told under my suggestion for mining that "RPUK is not a server to be grafting for money, it's meant to be an RP server" but there's little RP. NHS provide great RP in my opinion and we need people to look at the RP line and rise to it because each day I feel like it's getting more and more repetitive. UK Laws I genuinely believe the server should have their own laws, because in reality GTA is American based, we drive on the right side of the road, there are so many guns on the streets I am surprised it isn't an American based server at this rate. Just my opinion of the server atm feel free to disagree or agree.
  5. Vibe A graphical design business Origin of Vibe Mark Rhodes, a Hustler at the time was done with just mining, the people around him were worried for his mental health as he would spend day after day in the mines, mining away his life, it took one special someone named Layla Black ( @Yangjiexi) to pull Mark aside and say "Stop being up the mines all day and actually do something worth your time." After this Mark expressed his passion for graphics design to Layla and she thought of the perfect plan, suggesting Mark do the re-opening poster for Ballas then club "Galaxy", Mark worked day and night, taking beautiful pictures of the club, took a group photo with all the Ballas and that's when it clicked - Mark snapped the photo to be on the poster for their re-opening. When posted, Mark received a lot of praise and encouragement to do more with his graphical capabilities which got him to create the business people know to date... Vibe Mark was alone, he had orders he was struggling to complete, he then met ex-lifer @Luke Shinoda, the first time they met Luke was ready to compete for the spotlight of the graphics designer of the city, Mark then suggested instead of fighting for the top they work together at the top, Luke then agreed and already liked the name "Vibe" even when Mark offered to change the name to something they both like Luke didn't seem to bothered. Luke helped out with the outstanding orders, often helping Mark grow at his craft, suggesting techniques, they helped each-other within the business which grew the business so far gaining so many clientele. Accomplishments Vibe was growing, Father Augustus took it upon himself to help Vibe out, offering a meeting with The Firm, Mark and Luke were ecstatic, the meeting took place soon after the talk with Father, the day of the meeting, Vibe associates dressed up all nice, got their good suits on, at the time Mark was still shaken and showing it... Luke had to take Mark to the side and talk some sense into him, their friend / personal assistant @PinkSprinklestook control and said Mark would be fine, few deep breaths and the situation will go well, she even took it upon herself to suggest ideas to pitch to The Firm. The meeting was happening, Mark's knee wouldn't stop bouncing with nervousness, Luke trying to keep the whole thing together with Mark, Lily there for moral support and ideas, the meeting was stopped as The Firm had to discuss their thoughts, Lily pulled Mark and Luke aside and set the plan straight. The Firm come downstairs, stand at their archway into the living room, they asked us to come up to the office as they had other people coming round for other meetings, thankfully they liked what they heard, they asked about the money to which we responded we didn't want money we wanted a place to be able to talk to clientele, have business done in a office environment. The Firm had their final verdict, they offered us a space in The Gallery let us take our business into one of their luxury offices, we all looked at each other with faces of disbelief, they also offered a generous get started fund to which almost made Mark faint on the spot. New Addition December 2021 - Mark and Luke see a very talented graphics designer named @LiL Jeep(Jeep) on tweedle, who worked at Auto Exotic, seeing his talent wowed Mark and Luke, he knew a lot more than us, Mark admired his work, loved his passion and drive to create such great pieces of work. Luke contacts Jeep and they get talking about if he would be willing to join Vibe, Mark then asked Jeep when he was free, he was surprisingly free at the moment of the text, Mark then showed Jeep the office, letting him in and making small talk as he tries to think of things to say, he was not prepared and he compromised. The meeting went well, they shared the same vision on Vibe and how it should be ran, Jeep had a set mindset of what he wants to do and what happens if things aren't up to his standard, to which Mark agreed, Mark then suggested if Jeep could help him with improving as a graphics designer, to which he agreed to. Now the graphics team consists of three people: Mark Luke Jeep Shay With help from: Chloe, Lily and Kay It's been a journey with Vibe, from 2021 to 2022 we welcome Jeep to our family, as for Vibe 2022? SoonTM
  6. Well said, very well said. A lot of RP nowadays is shoot first talk later or not talk at all, no RP interaction just pure GTA Online responses to RP situations. People rob without any RP behind it they just want to rob for the sake of it, I hope something is done to make this community better.
  7. +1 I love your profile picture 

    how to train your dragon t of the nightfury GIF

  8. May everyone who plays RPUK have a very lovely christmas and happy new year!image.png.f742ad15245d863af3cf8aebac6d0a2f.png

  9. Right now you're just making up stuff "But you ignored my in game OOC messages" I did not see said OOC messages "You left TS so was no way to contact you" you left first hence why I left after you lot left. I may of agreed to it at the time but that was because I felt bad until I was told this isn't a way to solve a situation. Again it's metagaming to give you stuff from OOC conversation, I have been told this by people and that could of made things worse, I am not breaking a rule to get your post down, and another thing you should just post the full video, I mean you were confident posting one segment of it why not all of it? Seems weird to me that you were so keen to get stuff off of me in game from a OOC discussion. Again I have said my part staff can handle this, I know I've done wrong but you have also done wrong by suggesting I give you items in game to reimburse you from an OOC conversation.
  10. I couldn't give you gear back? that's metagaming, I would like the full video un-edited where he said he wanted my standard and my bullets and the weed, because when I said I would give it back (which would've been metagamed and against the rules), when said transaction was gonna happen he then edited his post saying "resolved please shut this case" but then when I reasoned with myself knowing that it was wrong for him to do said action he puts the report back up. He hasn't given me a fair chance if anything that blackmail was completely off-limits, I admitted I did wrong, I was told otherwise and people said it was a invalid report, my feelings of me being in the wrong never left. No time was wasted, he just had an unrealistic goal in his head, I was happy enough to reimburse the weed, then he got too big for his boots and asked for more that was worth more than his whole inventory combined. Blatant Blackmail I said sorry for my actions, I said I will do my punishment and yet apparently breaking another rule was gonna get this resolved? That's not how it works mate.
  11. Right I have had help understanding this situation. @Custard CreamI would like to talk to you about the teamspeak video as you only included my part of admitting wrong doing, I would like if you could post it in its full unedited state. I would also like to apologise for my actions in this situation, after many conversations I saw this as wrong when you are tased you're in pain and shock is spread across your body with or without armour. I take full responsibility however I really want to see the whole video because I think it will help the situation fairly. Again I am so very sorry and I hope you can forgive my actions yourself, I stand with whatever staff have to do for a fair punishment as I did do wrong.
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