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  1. Sirrrr LMAO you looked fine where you were! When I saw your graphics I was shocked and impressed! I didn't want to ask because you looked well established! @LiL Jeep Nah cos this is making me cry in the club too, what are ya'll doing to me right now I love you so much!
  2. I'm crying in the club right now bestie I can't do this
  3. To be honest I had never scrapped with anyone before, gave me experience! I enjoyed it!
  4. YESSSSSSSSSSS I was shitting myself LMAO! I loved it I ended up throwing away the pistol and thank you for not killing me LMAO
  5. WAGWAN FATHER! And it's a pleasure! Glad to know you in and out of city!
  6. First of all this is my recommendation - I wanted to give everyone I have met in RPUK a spotlight who I think is deserving of a roleplay recommendation (In no way is my opinion the best opinion) THESE ARE NOT IN ORDER 1. Chloe Shinoda Diamond, Genuinely a great character, me and Chloe have been through a lot of RP situations where we've been in fits of laughter, Mark and Chloe are one of the best friendships in the city that I look forward to when I log onto RPUK, Chloe is a very chill character when you get on her good side and Mark was luckily enough to be on her good side, the Hustler VS Triad war tested their friendship and avail they're still best friends till this day. Chloe went into prison for life and without that prison I think Mark and Chloe wouldn't of really known each-other. Chloe's character went through a lot from Syndicate to Vagos to now Triads, I have only seen her from Vagos till now and she tells Mark stories about the days of Syndicate and Vagos, sharing her wisdom which builds Mark's character resilience, their friendship in the city is unbreakable the amount of times Chloe will jump to save my character is times I fail to keep count, Mark hasn't had a chance to really save Chloe, only a few times, not that she needs his help, she is a very powerful character. 2. Luke Shinoda When Luke and Mark met, it was a rivalry of who was the best graphics artist in the city, it was tense and then we spoke and Mark decided to invite him to co-own Vibe with him, which would then blossom a great friendship between the two, Luke has always been a grounding point for Mark and has always brought him into a reality with Vibe as a business. Luke and Mark at one point with their assistances/friends had to meet with The Firm, very nervous Mark had multiple nervous breakdowns and Luke gave him courage to stop worrying, the meeting came around and Luke saw Mark was very nervous and took a lot initiative to help lead the meeting, thus making the meeting go super well. 3. PJ Adams Recently with the relationship of PJ Adams and Chloe Shinoda Diamond, Mark has seen a lot more of PJ and he has heard all the stories of PJ from his time in Hustlers, PJ is a very powerful character in my opinion, Mark looks up a lot to PJ naturally, he wants to be able to one day be as successful as him sort of like a role-model for Mark. PJ is a very big character in the city, to even say my character has a friendship with him is mind-blowing and I cannot wait to see the future of their friendship whether it grows or stays where it's at. I cannot wait for more to happen between Mark and PJ it's a character friendship I am excited to see grow. 4. Ryan Carling At the start of my journey in the city, I was very new, didn't know how to make any cash, didn't know a THING about turfs or gangs, Ryan decided to reach out to Mark and offer him a mining job, then after a few weeks got him into Hustlers as his first ever gang, Mark has always been thankful to Ryan for him giving him a boost into the city, Ryan and Mark had a joke friendship, the time Mark got tattoos and was the same as Ryan's except for one, people picked up on it and Mark was clueless until Ryan approached him, they then posed for a picture, one of the most memorable moments in Mark's mind about Hustlers. Also when we hunted down that house scammer and Ryan gave Mark the knife to stab him essentially downing him then pouring gas over him, boss move I loved that moment. 5. Jet Shinoda Long Before Mark met Jet he saw his tweedle post of his art on top tweeds and he was instantly fascinated with his presence in the city as a higher up, when Mark's best friend Chloe joined Triads he met Jet, and instantly knew him and Jet would be good friends, they joke around and have a laugh, even though he knows Jet is a very powerful person and could do anything, he sees a friendlier side of him, again there are two sides of Jet, if you're on the bad side well... good luck. Mark always loves to see Jet, legit will just run up to him and hug him, surprise he hasn't shot Mark yet, he treats Mark like a son in a way it's the most wholesome thing I have seen in RP. Jet would always welcome Mark onto turf as one his own and was always showing support beside Mark even when Triads were at war, Jet would always welcome Mark onto turf and when things got heated he would make sure Mark got out without a scratch same as other Triads which Mark's respect for them is through the roof for what they do for him. 6. Father Augustus Do I really need to say anything? Everyone knows this man is one of the biggest names in RPUK. But seriously Father was one of the bigger names to commission Mark and get connections to The Firm, Father had not really met Mark so I was shocked he was ready to help out wherever he could to help Mark and Luke's business (Vibe), Father has commissioned Vibe and left huge tips to invest into Vibe it's actually changed a lot for him, an amazing figure in the city and I am super happy whenever I get to RP with him or see him on tweedle as I tweed in all caps "HEYYY FATHER!" 7. Layla Black Layla and Mark had a really close friendship at one point and she actually helped Mark get into the graphics business in the city by making a poster for Ballas for their club event. Mark has always been happy to see Layla, I remember the Purple and Blue Audi RS7 Sports back Widebody she'd drive around which Mark LOVED he wanted one so badly, Layla even got Mark his two trucks he has today a Benson and Phantom, which he is STILL thankful for after these months. 8. Danny Bacon An amazing character, I feel like him and Mark's friendship ever since he left Hustlers has grown a lot, with the war between Hustlers and Triads, Mark and Danny were in communication and they spoke about each others business endeavours as he had applied for Mosley's and Mark had Vibe so they spoke mainly business related topics but were there for one another. Danny would always check up on Mark even when Mark was considered an enemy to which I really admire about his character, very brave character, he is often overlooked so I wanted to put him on this list of people to show his capabilities. 9. Gustavo Black Gus and Mark met when Chloe joined Triads, and to be honest the amount of fun I have when Gus is around is just phenomenal, It could be a serious situation and he'd come along and make me have fits of laughter. An amazing character, him and Mark are always joking around and having fun, even in serious situations, Gustavo Black is one of them characters where if someone touches him or grabs him I want to just protect him, one of the funniest interactions with me and Gus was when he said "So if I sold you to Hustlers would I get the money?" and I was like over radio to Chloe "Bestie Gus is trying to sell me to Hustlers" and Chloe came speeding down the road jumped off her bike with an SMG and said "No". PJ just sitting there like "Okay... uh..." it was a priceless moment that Mark will remember forever. 10. Jack (G6) Last but not least Jack from Gruppe 6, They first met when Chloe went into prison for life and would let Chloe and Mark speak for ages, helping a friendship blossom but things weren't always bright between Mark and Jack, Mark would get into a G6 car and was robbed of everything then given a weapon to point at a G6 officer with no ammo in it. Mark instantly after that event went to Jack after pacing backwards and forwards debating whether to trust him, Jack assured him everything would be okay and he'd help out, Mark had doubts and was scared Jack would turn on him but he remembered how much he helped Chloe and Luke in prison. Jack helped Mark out and it was on of the best RP experiences I have had in the city, thus making him a recommended roleplayer. 11. Lilly Grim To messing around outside of Hustlers to working together in Hustlers with events and partied a lot at the beach with Triads, then after Hustlers still being involved in Vibe with me Luke and Chloe and Kay, I am happy to of have you apart of my roleplay experience, you add a lot of sass and realism to the roleplay situations, you're not afraid to speak your mind about ideas and improvements and that's what I am so thankful for. (Now don't kill me) Thank you to everyone who has made roleplaying on this server so much fun, so many memories have been created and many more to be made!
  7. Sorry, yeah this has been fixed due to the rework of mechanic vehicles
  8. A huge part of RPUK gone.. such a shame! I have witnessed and been in a few RP situations with Shepherd, I hope one day to see him again.

    One of my memories was my first time going into prison and hearing that voice and I instantly knew who it was, a major character selection in RPUK, I will be awaiting for him to return!

    1. MobExe


      Big +1 the guy that followed mine and grandaddys RP story to get life imprisonment. no clue why he's gone but I'm quite sad to see he won't be back for a while.

  9. MarkRhodes

    Mechanic Job

    So as of recently I have been doing mechanic work whenever I wanna earn some passive income however there are a few bugs that I would like to report - One of them being after a few jobs whether it be marked down cars or just NPC jobs the flatbed doesn't work anymore, it wont let you put stuff on or off of it. Another one is that whenever you pick up a car that's been put down for impound as far as local cars it disappears when you put it back down onto the road, losing out on 5k NPC jobs being made and then when you go to the location the car isn't marked down and you can't do anything other than either get police to mark it down or relog, which relogging on peak times is a pain in itself. One more thing, with the eye and trying to return a truck, it's a pain to do you have to get the very right angle to return it into impound so it's not just abandoned somewhere. If you guys want anymore details I can give more.
  10. Mark Rhodes

    Owner of Vibe


    This account is my temporary account until steam login is fixed on this website, any other Mark Rhodes/Vibe accounts are not me, to make sure you are speaking to me follow me on here so you do not get scammed.

    Vibe is a graphics design business incorporated into the city, approved by staff and users of the city it's my first ever business I have attempted and has been doing well.


    If you would like to contact me for graphics please do through discord or messages in city, my flier is posted every storm to make sure people have a chance to see my number for commissions.

    Please note that Vibe is not associated with any gangs in city and is a separate.


    Any questions feel free to ask!

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