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  1. Bit late but want to say niceone for everyone who joined the stream last night, gonna try make it a regular thing

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  2. https://www.twitch.tv/scouseleon the streams up boys, might be shit but fuck it haha


  3. Gonna try stream tonight at 8

  4. Since I haven't heard anything on your part I'm going to explain my side of things, On the 22nd of this month, me and a few boys from the coalition went around doing our own thing when I get a call from a fellow member of 229 saying he and 3 others were in a stolen police car and was being chased by police, I asked everyone I was with if they would help me try and help them, they said yes so we drove down to the clothing shop near 229 turf Since they had Broken down there, I think 3 out of the 4 people that were getting chased got away but I saw one of my boys in cuffs, As the officer was walking towards the car I had people on the radio saying just shoot him which I was hesitant to at first, but after getting told if he has one of my members in cuffs I can shoot him, Which I did, Obviously, I know I should of at least tried to provide some sort of roleplay but at the time and in the heat of the moment I just started shooting, All I can really do is apologize to the officers that were shot first in the incident, Since I came back from my ban in February I've stuck to the rules the whole time, I feel like my roleplay has improved significantly from February to now and I tend on keeping it that way, besides the point, I shouldn't have just shot him because he had one of my boys in cuffs, I understand I should of went up to him and at least tried creating a scene between me and him instead of a straight-up gunfight,
  5. @QrowIs there any chance we can speak mate? if not I will make a full response by tonight, just think it'd be better to speak it over TS or discord
  6. Yo, I was the person to shoot first in this scenario, I firstly want apologize for the lack of roleplay provided, I saw one of my boys in cuffs and just shot in the heat of the moment, I would like to speak to you in TeamSpeak to see if we could resolve this on there
  7. Yes mate haha, niceone g
  8. Always thought u name was devilwank 😔

    1. DevilWalk


      for the right price 😉 

    2. Anthony Bryan

      Anthony Bryan

      Name a price big man

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    3. Amelia Carter

      Amelia Carter

      Personally imo, DevilWank has more of a ring to it. Just not the most appropriate 🤣

  9. GPITrhm.jpg

    1. Anthony Bryan

      Anthony Bryan

      Well i didnt mean that... But Unban Matthew

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  10. Best thing by far




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