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  1. @George Harrissong on yer profiles heavy🤣🤣

    Dance Reaction GIF by MOODMAN


  2. How are we people, anything new happened to rpuk i still want to feel connected 🤣



    1. Lunar


      We got a fookin ranch 


    2. ScouseLeon


      No way haha hopefully i can come see that soon 😂🥺

      Is everything going well?



  3. Hope everyone had a boss Christmas n New Years 

    ''New Year New Me''

  4. its Been nice meeting everyone in this community, ive had a lot of laughs met a lot of people id call family, the supports been amazing but its my time to go, 

    I done something stupid I wish I never had done but I cant change the past, I could of changed the present by telling the truth but to be honest, I'm just ashamed, 

    Love everyone here at RPUK and I always will, hope everyone has an amazing Christmas

    Anthony x

    1. Daniel Cooper

      Daniel Cooper

      It was great meeting you a few months back even though we didn't talk that much haha, have a good one 

  5. Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

    Will Ferrell Christmas GIF 

  6. Just watched your video made then made me lmao haha, keep them comin g
  7. Goodnight people 

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  8. What's everyone upto🙏


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  9. Waking up at these times again haha

    Good Night GIF

  10.                                       For You Reaction Gif GIF by The Nightly Show



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