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  1. Hi Charles No they have never been shared with anyone.
  2. Hi Charles Yes I will be 100% Honest those accounts are mine. I do have another account on steam the other two I made after the ban was in place but only used them to see if there was a problem my end when my unban appeal was accepted to see if there was a problem my end I didn't intend to ban evade and I apologise if I've made this situation more complicated So Myself (Billy) have my own computer Setup and so dose Aaron (James) we have never Shared Computers. always had our own systems
  3. I Can Confirm that everyone plays on their own individual computers
  4. Ok no problem All below are on same network between both households Myself in game name - Billy Jackson Steam Id - 76561198134564202 Aaron McGrath - Partner in game Name - James King Steam Id - 76591198928313584 Courtney - Sister In game Game - Charlotte Lowe Steam id - 76561199126408894 Charlie - Brother In game name - Charlie Steam id https://steamcommunity.com/id/charlie2250/
  5. Hi Charles So All I Know is Myself and Aaron McGrath Where banned due to us Combat Logging My sister was also banned through the IP ban but didn't brake any rules But later spoke to staff on Team Speak to have that resolved. I made my appeal and so did Aaron and we both where granted to be unbanned to find ourselves still banned as more questions needed to be asked and I had to do another appeal One of the Staff On Team Speak Did mention it was unusual for them to see so many users on the same IP but as I explained every account is accounted for between both households.
  6. Hi Charles yes I know but I have closed/cleared these so they aren't on my discord anymore Adam#3674
  7. Hi Charles I Closed them about a week ago to clear my discord and not sure how to get them back. We have all been in a TeamSpeak With with a couple of members of staff and explained the situation a number of times to be told I need to re appeal as further questions need to be asked
  8. Well as explained to other staff we do have two households connected to the same IP, broadband and there is 5 People playing 1 Sister 3 Brothers and myself we do not share accounts and we all have our own desktops.
  9. sorry my steam Identifier is 76561198134564202 I didn't realise I had miss typed this
  10. Unban Appeal for Adamrob1994 In-game Name: Billy Jackson Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198134564208 Ban ID: &&rpuk5519&& Reason given for your ban: C1.6 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: as my previous appeal stated I was originally banned for combat logging witch I was unbanned for today to find out I have been banned again for C1.6 witch I have no idea what for.. I have been advised to re appeal as some more questions need to be asked Why should we unban you ?: unsure to why I have been re Banned after being unbanned as I haven't even been able to get into the city Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  11. (G2.3) I need to stay in character at all times unless authorised to speak out of character by admins without this rule a lot of people would fail to stay in character and would Fail RP (C2.3) Combat Logging disconnecting/rage quitting when in active RP Without this rule people could rage quit when something wasn't going there way or to save there gear
  12. The Whole situation Could have been Avoided yes but I felt as I'd only just got into the city for a matter of seconds jumped into a car crashed into another car completely by accident and apologised to be chased down and shot at.. the way I reacted by combat logging was not a good way to act and I fully understand this now. I did try and come back to speak with staff and was in the city for around 2 minutes to try and sort my mess out then was banned the consequences for the other people would have been there roleplay was ruined by my actions and I can only apologise to those involved. I could have resolved this by staying and let it play out and responding to the other people involved... I can only assure you that this won't happen again and apologise to everyone involved.
  13. If I was in a similar situation again i would roleplay it out regardless of the outcome and stick to the rules.
  14. Unban Appeal for Adamrob1994 In-game Name: Billy Jackson Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198134564208 Ban ID: $$rpuk5500$$ Reason given for your ban: C2.3 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I have spoken to a couple of member of staff and now I understand I was banned because I 2.3 combat logged and I didn't respond to the people who was trying to roleplay with me which now i understand that I should of interacted with other players I understand this rule is in place as it ruins roleplay for other players and impacts the server. Why should we unban you ?: While not an excuse, roleplaying in GTA is new to me and so getting to grips with the rules took getting my head around. I was banned almost 2 months ago, I've come back having reread the rules, watching other players and reading some other situations on the forums reports to what poor roleplay and behaviour looks like, I would appreciate being given a second opportunity to prove I am a capable player and put the incident as something for me to learn from and prove to staff that I've learned my defaults. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  15. Wait I did not speak with any admins or staff apparently my friend did but I most defiantly did not I tried to by coming back but wasn't really given the chance this has got to be a mix up what other things surrounding this? I've never spoken to any admins or staff at any point of me being in the city I have now reviewed the rules and I am well aware of them now
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