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  1. Glowstick Gamble Join The Bay City Crew in another event for the month of October where we have a glowstick/neon party on the beach! Meet new and familiar places and have a place to relax and have fun. Or for you adrenaline junkies take part in The Bay City Mile a "Straight" line race in half mile and full mile configurations. Dance party/Hangout // Straight Line Race (Half Mile and Full Mile) Obey 8f Drafter Raffle // £50k per Ticket Free Entry, Free Food, Free Drinks https://i.imgur.com/POhccf5.mp4 (Animated Version of Poster) USE THE QR CODE FOR LOCATIONS // PICTURES // OTHER INFO
  2. Huge Shout out to everyone who attended our first event last night we learnt lots and are looking forward to hosting some more for you guys in the future! Here are some pictures of the night if you have any post them here!
  3. The Bay City Disruption - Bay City Party/Car meet 1st August, 20:30 Free Entry Free Food Free Drinks Events Offroad Racing - Winner gets ALL the pot, For Fun event as well "Straight" Line Race - Not for the Faint of Heart Car Meet - Bring your favorite or rare cars! and Meet new people!
  4. The Bay City Crew (229 Crew) Introduction “Loyalty is worth more than Money” Who are the Bay City Crew (229 Crew) Bay City Crew or The 229 Crew is a gang based out in the Bay City Area within Los Santos. The Crew mainly focused on drugs and is slowly expanding and reaching their fingers into new forms of business both legal and otherwise. When the Faces of the previous area’s gang was busted in one of the biggest raids in the country's history the remaining members quickly fled the country with their ill-gotten gains leaving behind a large demand and young impressionable runners looking for work. The gap left behind was quickly filled by a group of young teens looking to make some quick money. The Founding member’s Benjamin ‘Knives’ McMicheals, Jerome ‘JRich’ Rich, Alex ‘Swains’ Swainy and Liam ‘LP’ Phillips quickly succumbed to greed and were focused on making it big no matter the cost or loss. It wasn’t long until the new leader ‘Breezy’ incited violence that spilt onto the streets, his only aim; to remove the faces of the ‘new’ 229 Crew. Liam Phillips was shot and killed. Swains and JRich were arrested and were sentenced to a combined 60 years in HMS Brixton their charges included; Inciting Violence, PWITS, Offenses under the Firearms Act 1968, Wounding with Intent, Being Concerned in the Production of Controlled Drugs and four counts of Murder. The Bay City Crew (229 Crew) History (May attempt a full-on story with these dates as chapters if people want!) 2013 - One of the Largest Raids in the Country In December a large criminal organization was dismantled by the CID with cooperation with the NCA. Most of the top tier leaders of this organization were struck simultaneously and arrested. Most of the remaining members fled with their money to various other countries such as Spain. This left behind gaps in the market in various locations causing a dramatic increase in demand for drugs. 2014 - The Beginning of The Bay City Crew The founding four come together and begin organizing a crew to capitalize on the gap and demand in the drugs trade. They would work and plan methodically with their methods of recruitment and illicit activities. They played smart and worked hard to create a gang from nothing. They built the gang with high standards and a strict moral code that they swore to abide by. To respect and protect the innocent bystanders Never use, Never Sell to, Never exploit under 16s Value and Protect our own 2017 - Growth The 229 crew slowly began selling more and more illicit substances and reached into new markets mainly involving Cocaine. They found and organized deals with other gangs that would supply them with large shipments of Cocaine which they would later cut and sell on their streets. Many saw this as a great step within the gang but unbeknown to them it was the beginning of the Faces Greed. 2020 - Degradation The money was good and steady. Everyone but Some members of the Founding Four were content with their current operation. In June LP began and took the first step into breaking the three moral codes that the 229 Crew worked with. He began selling impure cocaine which was cut with other substances; numbing agents, baby powder and creatine. Pocketing the profits in the process. When one led, the others followed, the three of them began exploring new avenues to squeeze the maximum profit from their now addicted customers. Some saw this as a complete disgrace, The Founding Four laughed all the way to the bank. Come September, the moral code was nothing more than a distant memory. This shift saw even the most junior members become infatuated with the money, the lifestyle, the greed. Early 2021 - Division. ‘Knives’, so overcome with greed, began using children to pedal and transport drugs. It was thought by many that this one remaining value would be upheld. Many junior members left, and their families paid the price for their deserting. Breezy was vocal in disagreeing, but not before ‘Knives’ garnered his own loyalists, who cared solely about deepening their pockets. Breezy, and the other remaining members, disgusted with the new direction that the gang were heading, formulated a plan to overthrow and reform the 229 crew. Returning to the values of its glory days with new refined moral codes. Mid 2021 - Inciting Violence Breezy, and his loyalists, were soon at war with ‘Knives’ and his greed filled goons. Violence was Incited and every opportunity. Quickly spilling out into the streets of the Bay City Area, triggering brutal cases of stabbings, shootings and kidnapping. Many lives were lost and this attracted the attention of CID and the LSPS. Unbeknown to the gang the 229 Crew were already on the radar, a price to pay for their collective greed years before. The war was cut short, after a few weeks of brutal violence by a series of spontaneous raids seizing 1.6 Million Pounds worth of Illicit substances and weapons. This also resulted in the death of one of the founding four, LP. LP was shot by Armed officers in one of the many trap houses around the city and later died from his injuries in Pillbox Hospital. This event left the 229 Crew with nothing to fight for, or with. ‘Knives’ and Breezy had no choice but to go underground and lay low until they lost the heat. Swains and JRich were later arrested whilst driving to the port where they were suspected to be attempting to leave the country to Germany. Benjamin ‘Knives’ McMichaels is still at large; many think he may have already fled the country, others think he is still somewhere in the country rebuilding or plotting to take back what is his. September 2021 - The rebuilding of The 229 Crew Breezy regained contact with his loyalists and even some previous gang members who had earned his trust, by fighting or simply fleeing the ‘Knives’ regime. They worked together to rebuild the gang and contacts and made an oath to the gang with refined moral codes to ensure mistakes that the former faces made, were not doomed to repeat themselves. Gang Moral Codes Never target the Innocent Never Sell to, Never use, Never Exploit those Under 18 Always respect other members of 229 and those who work with us No shortcuts. Loyalty is worth more than Money Although the hard work of rebuilding and regaining control has already been done. There is still a long, tough journey to restore the gang to its former glory, with no shortcuts this time. Location The 229 Crew are located down the south Bay City Avenue areas particularly behind a Tattoo Parlor where they run most of their operations from. They have been spotted coordinating and just hanging out around this location. Some members have been seen pushing drugs in friendly territory up at Church. Appearance The gang doesn’t represent a strict dress code and vehicle appearance however is commonly seen wearing full/mostly black with a splash of dark green. Their vehicles will also be full black with possible green accents visible on the vehicle. This could be linked to the recent raids that have occurred against the 229. Recruitment The 229 Crew rebuilt a lot of what they have now from the wreckage and old friends from the war, they’ve met new people with the same ideologies and same goals and rumours have it that they may be looking to recruit some more members into the crew. Find Us is the City or ask around
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