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  1. censored as he was a little excited in this picture hence why it was only the face before
  2. my dog pablo, apologies for the low resolution
  3. Hello, I'm not sure why my name has been mentioned for 'baiting' when all I did was arrive on turf and react to negative, antagonistic comments and actions conducted by your own membership. A longer reply will be posted later responding fully to this. I'm also unsure as to why this has been brought up on the forums because when this issue was originally brought up in discord, a resolution was reached and everyone was happy with the outcome. This is now a complete 180 on the matter and shows complete bad faith. Again, a full reply will be posted later.
  4. it definitely makes it harder for the police after the introduction of the new (G4.5) rule which means they cannot return to the situation that caused them to be downed as from personal experience what police used to do was get downed, be escorted to a triage maybe 100 metres away, get revived, wait 10 minutes and return, yet after the introduction of this new rule I can definitely see how police are more susceptible to losing gunfights involving the big bank heist.
  5. yeah thats pretty bad, i especially wouldnt expect it from someone who i believe to be a sergeant of RPU
  6. If Police weren't so quick to deploy the most severe measures in order to catch a criminal, maybe the criminal would be less likely to deploy the most severe measures to stop the police? Maybe TCing 10 seconds into a pursuit isn't the best idea as you give the criminal no other choice, it's an RP server at the end of the day, you should be giving crims chases and chances to escape, don't back them into a corner leaving them with no other choice but to start shooting/calling others to come and start shooting.
  7. well the bracelet/watches transfer over from one outfit to another despite not being on the new outfit like they're automatically filling a slot that has nothing in them
  8. nice setup bro, wtf whats that discord on the first pic??
  9. gangs would be less scared if there wasnt a fear of losing a firearm if they got searched/raided or whatever just for repping colours, i remember a time when someone accidentally pulled a taser infront of a CID which lead to the entire gang getting pulled up on by trojan and section 47'd at the end of the day theres more downsides for being in colours 24/7 including crimes than there is for just wearing plain clothes as theres other ways to tell if someones in a certain gang if you really want to know
  10. if you'd rob a shop or whatever in colours thats an easy way to get your turf raided or your entire gang searched/section 47'd
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