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  1. Hello Fluqi, Once again thank you for your reply. Let me run you through what I know about the following names, before being banned from RPUK I also played a 100k or die server when I wasn't playing RPUK. The names mentioned above were people from that server who had never played an actual RP server and wanted to see the server I came from, From what I can remember they didn't break any rules apart from being associated with me (a 1.6 community member) and using my in game twitter account which was only meant to be used as a joke so people would think I was back. I will own up and say this all went down in a discord call but was never intended to hurt the community or server was to just show these people who have never roleplayed what an RP server is like and the server I came from. Once again this was never an action with the intent to hurt the server or community.
  2. Hello Fluqi, Thank you for the reply. From what I can remember off the top of my head this 1.6 ban is my only ever ban and this would be my first second chance. I believe I deserve this second chance because yes as you mentioned even if I was easily influenced I still did these actions and I fully own up to them , regret them and apologise for them. Also since being banned I've taken time irl to change and also been to other rp communities like no pixel to better my roleplay and community attitude/behaviour. I also believe that i have proven i am a different person by being denied twice and not reacting or showing any disrespect on the forums like the old me most likely would and believe the way I can prove myself is by being given another chance in the server/community and show you guys I've changed. What is going to make me a positive addition to our server if you let you back in? I believe after being apart of different roleplay communities and attempting roleplay through different ways, character types and situations. I think I can be a positive addition to the server by using my new roleplay skills and attitude. I have had a few new roleplay experiences and if I was let back I have so many different roleplay ideas and character I would like to play and use to make fun rp for others and also business rp for others. Also after my no pixel experience I fell in love with fivem racing and after seeing you guys add racing rp I'm excited to get involved.
  3. hello stavik, we generally just drifted a month after our bans and just don't speak to them anymore
  4. Hello Charles, Thankyou for your reply, as I've stated before I am no longer in contact with the people from when all this happened.
  5. Hello Stavik, Yes I remember you, thank you for replying , I would like to say in the last 7/8 months I've been banned I've been through a lot irl and believe I have changed and grown up and matured since I was last part of this community. Like I've stated in my previous appeals I severely apologise and regret all my previous childish actions. I was previously told in my first appeal that I " throw hissy fits" and I believe that accepting my last two denials and not having a " hissy fit " proves how I have changed from when I was previously banned and believe that's the first step to proving I've changed and not the same person I was when banned. I hope you see a chance to give me my finally chance to prove in the server and community I've changed and realise one fuck up will be me gone forever. Once again I severely apologise to everyone I offended back when I did these childish actions.
  6. Unban Appeal for JamesRicci_UNBAN In-game Name: James Ricci Server: Community Banned Steam ID: 76561199076157597 Ban ID: can't find server to find ban id Reason given for your ban: c 1.6 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was banned due to being involved in a group who at the time insulted staff and management and got mass banned Why should we unban you ?: I believe I should be unbanned as I have shown after being denied twice that I can behave my self on the forums and am not my old self who would throw a hissy fit and childish actions which got me into this position in the first place, I believe and would love to show the community and staff team that if given a chance to be unbanned from the server I would never act like I did in the past and once again I severely apologise for my childish actions from the past which should of never been seen in this community. As said in the past I understand that if I'm given a chance back that this is my final chance in this community and one single rule break would mean I'm gone for good which I respect. I understand from past appeals that some staff members don't believe I could of changed or that I'm actually sorry for the past but I believe the only way I can prove this to you guys is by being awarded my final chance in this community and proving myself to the community and staff team, which I will cherish and understand I'm on the thinnest line. I would like to also say before this event leading to my ban took place I had never been banned or warned and only kicks I received was afk and spam of in-game twitter. i used to love being a member of this community and would mean a lot to be let back to prove myself. Links to my previous appeals: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/topic/135405-unban-appeal-jamesricci_unban-gta-rp/ https://www.roleplay.co.uk/topic/137474-unban-appeal-jamesricci_unban-gta-rp/ Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  7. These are just some drafts and examples:
  8. From personal experience props being stuck in hands is a general FiveM thing, its always useful to have a /clearprops command to clear the radio or food or phone, which fixes the issue and mean you don't have to reconnect to clear it
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