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  1. @Duff don’t be salty because I rejected your application
  2. @Anthony Bryan @Siren
  3. @PsianaRama obviously
  4. Date 07/07/2022 Massive production! Prize of £1,000,000 to the lucky couple! v
  5. Earlier in the week a few of the Singhs got drunk and upset at the system so decided to claim city hall with axes and start a movement The police got involved and before we knew it half the city was at city hall haha. Just want to say that the police in this situation really impressed me and proved a lot of people wrong. Thomas Gabbana gave amazing Rp back and all the officers made calls not just to fire ahead and stop the situation but let it escalate into something a lot more fun! @Bandzbeing undercover was hilarious in the end as well and he gave great rp when we found out. The police and everyone involved were great! too many names to mention but thanks for actually going along with roleplay and not jumping in and ruining it.
  6. One of the best and funniest nights I've had in the city 🤣❤️

  7. Unreal! was so funny thank you all
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