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  1. The max cap for any gang is 25 cant go over that number, would be counted as too many members
  2. Sooooooo being a man who loves a bit of everything from pop to 80s music what are some of the communities favourite music genres and favourite bands/groups ???? (Personally for me its Madness) and it always will be and it will never change being brought up on madness was a high in my life
  3. Lets pass over me shooting it and jumping into the fire like 15 minutes ago
  4. Old fishing back in the day where you could easily fill a 500 storage truck in 30 minutes and make like almost a mil a day, was so fucking good back in the day shame they had to ruin it and make it shit and boring now
  5. @3FingerGaming Never had fanta lemon from Spain must be a game changer
  6. @Amelia Carter Fanta fruit twist over Fanta lemon anyday
  7. @Joshua Just for that comment i feel like your indeed on the register @Haza Tell em again Haza lad
  8. @Isak Vladislav But this coke now this coke is jaw dropping
  9. So for the past 10 years I've been drinking coke and I've always thought coke is superior to Pepsi and I will stick to that my whole life and I'm always gonna believe coke is better especially diet coke that full fat coke ruins your teeth: now the age old question for everyone is what is better Coke or Pepsi ????? vs
  10. @Joe Branagh Crispy bacon is the best, and can confirm does give orgasms
  11. Bacon but it has to be crispy or its getting chucked crispy bacon FTW
  12. For a while now while I've been fishing I've been noticing planes acting weird and dropping out of the sky randomly. They seem too also float in the air and stay in position as if they are stuck but at times they will also just drop out of the sky and kill someone. It has been a issue for a while now this seems to happen on route 68 a lot along the coast line and its annoying because when these planes just fall from the sky they land in the water and stay there or they attack the people on the beach and injure them. I don't know if this is a city issue or what but i think it needs to be fixed
  13. Report a player Your In-game Name: Harvey McCormick Name and/or ID of the player(s) you are reporting: 140,538,522 Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP Date of the incident: 07/02/22 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 2345 What best describes this incident ?: C1.2, G4.4, G2.4, G2.3 Please (in detail) describe the incident: So basically, to start this off my in-city daughter called me asking me to bring a gun to shoot some guys who stole her car and she had disabled it and locked them in. I then proceeded to chat with them and shoot all 3 off them as I had a suspicion that they had guns on them, and they were being uncompliant. I then take them up to mara oil field where the clip begins (sadly my clips only let me save 2 minute of every clip) We then proceeded to get what Should have been lifeless bodies out of the car after all three had been shot in the head but all three where very talkative and cocky towards us all while they are critically injured (G4.4), Not acting out there injuries or showing any signs of pain. They then proceed to make transphobic comments (C1.2) to my in city daughter at ( 57 seconds in the clip) he proceeds to say "does one of the girls have a penis" and my in city daughter Cynthia has had problems with this before form others, (This community should feel safe and be able to roleplay like anyone else without being subjected to transphobic comments or hate crime) as we are driving to dump them they were referring to real life and talking as if they were not in the city and they were not staying in character they never stuck to roleplay, as we approach the beach I proceeded to tell my passenger who's in the trunk to get out (as I was away to dump the males in the car into the ocean) and when i dump the sultan in the water they proceed to speak as if their lungs are not being filled with water at that moment in time and towards the end of the clip you can hear one of the culprits proceed to say "see you in five minutes" They did not roleplay there injuries (G2.3) they did not roleplay everything” (G2.4) had to make slight edit to add more detail Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): https://medal.tv/games/gta-v/clips/qNiMkubODRWSu/d1337oEpQeHX?invite=cr-MSxoVHgsMzA4NDM2MzUs This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: Yes This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes
  14. @C_Coma Los poderosos vuelven más fuertes VagosOnTop
  15. Personally Vagos have always been on TOP in my opinion top dogs since days one no cap VAGOS ON TOP Mi corazón sangra de amarillo por los Vagos
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