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  1. Hi, im Emily, one of the people directly involved however not reported. After a few discussions it was thought necessary to add my point of view/side of the story to hopefully provide as much information as possible so that the most affective and accurate outcome is concluded. We had been at the court house for CCs hearing. Upon which hustlers managed to down and grab Nex. From my understanding Nex had respawned after being dead, and a while passed with nothing being said on radio. The last 5/10 minutes of court however, we heard various members including Nex once again getting shot at followed by someone saying down freq “Nex has been shot, they are picking him up”. To which a few of us tried to leave but couldn’t. When court let up, we all rush to our cars and went to get our guns and get in our jesters and such. Various members had been checking dodgy doctors, in which I stated “if they are going to bring him to one it’ll be the lighthouse”. The lighthouse had been checked and Nex wasn’t there. I had mentioned a few times some places that Hustlers might take Nex, as it was pertinent information, however there was so much going on it wasn’t heard much. We ended up grouping up and decided that it was time to go and look for him, even though we figured it might be too late. We drove around and once again grouped up by the dam. I sat in the car and heard Bobby ask me, a very recent ex hustler, where the hustlers might bring Nex. I answered the most common place that we had been bringing people when I was in the gang. Mind you it had been about 25/30 minutes since he had been taken. I expected the hustlers to bring him to the location and kill him and leave him in the water. I didn’t expect them to change his appearance. Hence why I state “they probably won’t be there, so someone will have to get in the water”. So we decided to head up, with police practically chasing us there. As we head up the hill, the hustlers were leaving I presume. Gunfire happened, I remember saying out loud “I knew they’d be here, but idk why they are still here”. Going off my own assumption at that moment , thinking they knew I’d tell Vagos where they take people and expected us to show up. We downed a few hustlers and managed to get out of the area. After the shootout I seen Jake comment in OOC about metagaming, and I figured it was because we showed up there, in which I was more than happy to explain that it was my best guess as it had been so common a place to dump bodies in the previous month(s). However when I went to chat with them in the discord group chat I was presented with many comments how I metagamed knowing where Nex was, as if he had snap chatted me a video or a location, in which I did present proof that we hadn’t talked in about an hour, which was far longer than the situation had occurred. I was then asked who I was in a call with because they could see in the top of my phone I was in a call (which was a private friend group chat on discord, of 5 other people aside from me, in which in the screenshot it shows us all muted with not a single person streaming (it would show if one was) as we had been since before the court hearing.) I attempt to calm things down and I sent the recording Bobby took to them to prove that there was no metagaming involved that it was all RPd. I wasn’t aware that someone had pulled up on Bobby in the video and was watching nexs stream ( in which he was streaming for those not involved in the server at the time I believe). But in the clip you can slightly hear Frankie’s voice. Which fades away as the jester moves as well. Presenting the fact that Bobby didn’t metagame either. And that while the person there was indeed watching the stream, and it came through their mic, unsure of who it is, regardless, the story line was played through rp and information was given and acted upon by direction of me who not only wasn’t in the discord that the stream was taking place in, but had absolutely no idea there was a stream. The person who was watching the stream, was not making any decisions in where to search for Nex, and was simply following instructions by Bobby. And Bobby’s instructions were to listen to me and follow me to where the location was. If the hustlers hadn’t made the same choices they had been making in the last month(s), we would’ve never found them. I fully believe this situation has been misunderstood. And I would hate to see anyone get banned for a coincidence of events. Do I believe watching the stream in the background was wise of said person, no, as I can understand especially in this situation where it can be seen as metagaming. But again no information was given by anyone let alone this person, no suggestions, and no guiding of any sort. It was all through me, who made an educated guess based on past experiences.
  2. id bet caramel filled chocolate is good cold tbh i never thought of that.
  3. i didnt think people put chocolate in the fridge either tbh. lmao why does it need to be refrigerated?
  4. i do absolutely agree to the wipe. i use Emily Booskiee mainly, i have used Elizabeth Lynn but not nearly as often, and she could be deleted if you see fit! (G2.9) Transferring money or items between your own characters is not allowed by any method. Thank you so much for being willing to give me a second chance.
  5. Quite honestly, I really hadnt read rules by then. It was suggested to me to do, by the person specific that i had given the items and money to. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Obviously thats not the case. I did in fact meet a couple people, yes. But no one mentioned rules really as it never came up in the rp i was in, as i knew so FEW people, aside from the person i was regularly on with, and they werent pointed out until i had made more friends and got the website sent to me via discord. I do know i shouldve sought them out previously, that is my own fault. I was very ignorant in thinking that it would be okay. I will be honest, im fairly new to rp, and i should have ask around a bit more or done my own research. When i first joined i didnt think i would enjoy things as much as i have so i never went in depth with much. When i finally read the rules, i noticed i had violated one, but as i had already did it i didnt know what to do so i left it alone and never did it again. Im vastly more aware of the rules, and i do actively go out of my way to follow them as closely as i can, as ive worked really hard for the relationships and the "life" ive made in game. Im willing to take any punishment that is deemed fit, of course, as i know what i did was wrong. I know i havent been here for long, but i really hope i can have another chance, the rp experience ive recieved has been amazing, and i value it immensely. I have gone to the best extent i can to follow all rules, including the one i previously broke, since i have read them. I woudl of course continue to do so, and also help other people do so as well, so that a mistake like mine, is hopefully in less quantity.
  6. Unban Appeal for lizabooskiee In-game Name: Emily Booskiee Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561199170228064 Ban ID: !!rpuk7653!! Reason given for your ban: G2.9 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: i believe i was banned for the transfer of items from character to character Why should we unban you ?: You should unban me as this was a mistake i made when i first joined the server. i was vastly unaware of the rules, and i wasn't aware that there was even a website with the rules for quite a while. I have since seen and read and abided by all the rules. i know what i did was wrong, i did transfer all items from my Christmas advent, and if i could go back to change what i did i would. I have made a lot of friends and had a lot of great fun on this server, and i would be absolutely devastated if i couldn't join again. Please please understand this was a beginners mistake, and i have not and would not do anything to purposely jeopardize my time on the server. I do believe this is a just ban, as i understand it was my responsibility to find the rules and abide. Again im so sorry. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
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