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  1. hows your business going havents heard much about it

  2. am trying to record it but its not happening again
  3. Ill try my best to record a video and post it today
  4. It happen whenwe changed the price for the petrol and diesel but it fixed after every storm
  5. When we change the price the petrol pumps it show only diesel for both diesel and petrol cars
  6. Hello , hope everyone doing well. i own Great ocean fuel station and it's bugged , sometimes it shows petrol and diesel and sometimes it shows diesel only , also it shows petrol but not to all people and sometimes people come to fuel their cars and they can't , this happened to me and my friend and many people told me about it. if their is a way to fix this issue please because am losing my costumers and my time.
  7. # Hello World 

    MY IGN : Klaus Lipton am an eazy going person , Very friendly person and team player 😉.



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