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    Elisha Johansson

    aww thank you this is nice to hear. I have had some bad comments from certain people in discord about my characters in the police public chat and getting someone to say that i am good at rp is comforting so now i can just ignore those who have been mean to me. I will keep up the good work and you guys from the Lost i love your rp its nice to see a group of people making things seem so real with a great storyline. I hope in the future we shall meet in the city again.
  2. Yes with this whole situation i feel that rules have been broken. While i searched i got told from ID192 that he had child porn magazines in his pockets. I froze and couldnt rp it and having short term memory issue ooc as well as in rp all the previous rp i forgot about as i was in shock about his comments and didnt know what to do and to make it worse while in pd id199 had ragdolled i tried putting him in cuffs to place him back in the cell which before the storm was locked later on while still ragdolling ID199 disappeared while in custody and later appeared on a call as a ghost implying PC Julie Johnson murdered him. Evidence: https://medal.tv/games/gta-v/clips/pQdCYPVScqNyr/d1337Dn4iZP3?invite=cr-MSx6ekgsNTU4NTk2MDQs
  3. they all have there own unique aspects you just need to find out which one you think is best
  4. i like the new additions to the female wardrobe
  5. such a cool idea i would spend most of my time creating music
  6. nice to see people helping others coz i 2 have no clue about setting etc
  7. Just passed the application looking forward to the interview any advice
  8. any more summer events planned
  9. there have been some good and funny situations i have been in old memories i love the hostage taking ones have to see if i got any old footage to share
  10. i take it to be a solicitor a zero crime rate is needed lol
  11. hows your business going havents heard much about it

    1. bratva


      it's been long time ^^ its all alright 


  12. Go on @KarenMacKeeonly 13 more posts to go!

    1. LilPanda


      not much left then taking sooo long

  13. I would love to be involved in this situation can you imagine me a copper i sure would rp it well but obviously not as Karen Mackee lol forgot to add i have applied to the police force just need to post 16 more comments so i can change my name to Julie Johnson Karen MacKee is in prison probs for life lol
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