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  1. I have this Neo and every time I take it out of any parking or insurance impound, it's windows breaks. It doesn't matter how repaired it is, it's windows keep breaking. I don't know whether this is with more cars than just the Neo but I have realised it does it to the Neo every time.
  2. On that CarFinderz app, when you click on a car that is currently in the Insurance Impound, it's waypoint directs you to the old impound instead of the new impound.
  3. I realised that for some reason on my phone, I can't scroll through the notes app. Like I cant scroll down the list of notes. Originally I just thought new notes went being created but after deleted some text in 1 of my notes, I realised there was just a bunch of notes that I couldn't scroll down to.
  4. @Mike Polo Ah okay, well if it could be linked to stamina or even a new skills that gets better with BMXing that would be great!. also just a side thing, I cant seem to scroll through my notes app, like the notes are there but i just cant scroll through them.
  5. @Mike Polo Thank you so much, it would be so fun and amazing to be able to do in the game!
  6. @Isak Vladislav does it also only last a second for you?
  7. Okay so basically I own BMXs and ride them and know how to do tricks and what not, and basically I know how to wheelie in 2 different ways whether it starts from a bunny hop or I hold shift and quickly switch to holding ctrl. Now when asking around it seems that it should be possible to hold a wheelie for a decent amount of time, yet for some reason whenever I pull off a wheelie, it only lasts for a second before going back to normally riding. My stamina and strength are 100 so I don't know what could be the problem. I asked another BMXer and they originally thought my stamina was too low but after telling them it wasnt, they said it could "be a brain problem" so I thought I should ask the discord but got redirected here.
  8. It is really easy to die on bicycles, especially BMXs. On them you can do stunts and tricks but because of that, they become really buggy and when it should only deal a little bit of damage, it does a lot, sometimes even all your health. Here are 2 examples of this: Example 1 Example 2 These are only just clips of the examples I have, but there have been many more times where I have died or lost ALOT of HP from just a simple fall. It makes just normal biking really hard when it is so dangerous. Once I literally just bunny hopped into a wall at a decent speed and went from 100 to 0 in an instant. In real life I wouldn't of even gotten a scratch. Please could someone fix this.
  9. Nope, I have not been on any other besides RPUK before I was banned.
  10. Literally nothing on my computer. After the restart happened, I went to get some food, came back to it like a few minutes later, tried to join but the server was not up, so I waited like 5-10 minutes whilst on my phone and then I tried to join again
  11. I am 99% sure I did not make it to the character selection, when I tried joining into the server the second time (the first time was when the server was not up), I am pretty sure it went through all stuff it usually says in the little box on FiveM (before actually opening GTA5) and then it said "Disconnected: Illegal Client", then when I tried connecting again it came up with the RPUK/FiveM ban screen
  12. Okay, its been like 4 days from a response and I have been banned for a week so far, I full heartedly believe that I have been banned because of a bug in FiveM. Thinking about it, maybe my BetterDiscord could of been seen as a threat somehow? I don't know. But what I have seen is that other unban appeals get NEXT-DAY if not SAME-DAY responses whereas so far my post has had 2 day intervals and as said, its been 4 days without a response. This guy posted a comment on my appeal and it was a higher priority for a staff to delete their message rather than respond to my message. If I have done something wrong then obviously I wouldn't have the right to complain about the time taken but as far as my knowledge extends, I DIDN'T do something wrong. I don't know what you want me to say or do because it seems that neither me or you guys know why I have been banned. As said, MAYBE it could of been my BetterDiscord but if not that then it must of just bugged out.
  13. I am 100% sure there was nothing extra running. Atleast there was nothing running that would affect FiveM. Every time I played FiveM, I would have just booted up my computer, opened discord, opened Chrome and that's basically it. In the 2 weeks I have been playing, nothing messed with FiveM so it was so random for the "illegal client" ban to happen but it's now been 5 days since I have been banned causing me to not only miss a supposed "Easter Event" but also has stopped me from earning money, buying things I was ameant to buy and missing out of roleplay.
  14. Nope, no graphics mods or anything. FiveM and RPUK are base installs and my computer was freshly started so it wouldn't of had any extras on even though I Dont have any extra things to have on
  15. Unban Appeal for Doctor Bushy In-game Name: Lenny Voursanvagan Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198252590800 Ban ID: !!rpuk8407!! Reason given for your ban: Illegal Client In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I honestly don't know. There was a storm that occurred after I just finished my last job as a mechanic. I went to my kitchen to make some food, came back and tried to connect but the server was still not up, so I waited a bit more and tried connecting again and looked like it was working but then said: "Disconnected" and "Illegal Client", not knowing what that meant, I tried connecting again but it came up with a banned screen with the reason as "Illegal Client". I don't know what it could be referring to but if that's referring to hacks or anything, then I don't know why I have been banned. Why should we unban you ?: Because I have never and will never hack on the server. Something must have glitched because I don't know why I have been banned. I tried logging in and it said "Disconnect: Illegal Client" and then I try to log in again and it says I have been permanently banned. I also found another person that was banned on Oct 10th 2021 for also "Illegal Client" so I think its a server mistake. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
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