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  2. Report a player Your In-game Name: Koi Leen Name and/or ID of the player(s) you are reporting: 521 Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP Date of the incident: 02/06/22 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 1547 What best describes this incident ?: RVDM Please (in detail) describe the incident: I mean this is pretty clear but what ever i was about to go for the casino to bet a bit chips on the way to pillbox area a guy saw me coming from far away and tried to literally kill me for no reason at all never met him never had anything with him.. on top of that he did not stop to say anything say sorry or try resolve it in anyway.. I would really leave even tho he deserves to be reported i was trying to get his attention just to get his id so i can confirm its the guy and not just any one else a guy came to ask if someone is an owner of the car he was driving and the guy wasn't reacting so i just left the area.. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): https://medal.tv/games/gta-v/clips/ab7z5HJtb91RP/d13370LcXwBu?invite=cr-MSxIRzEsNDQwNTE2NTks This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: Yes This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes
  3. Well i was told it was adjusted but just making sure, The speed on it feels really weird (never drove it elsewhere) its going towards 130 and stuck there but the car still acts like there's more to go sound wise and feel wise maybe its just me but making sure it is already adjusted because it really feels weird The fuel tank capacity is really low my bike has more capacity than the car it self i pay for full tank for my bike more than i pay for this car and its just weird well not realistic at all i would say.. Take a look at this car because there's obviously some weird things going about it.
  4. That was big more of this should be organized less wars XD
  5. Those kind of RP situations need to be recorded and edited to a video , just sayin' Great idea !
  6. I mean ill take more time to make a conclusion but as i said things not really looking good and this is nothing to do with GTA it self its just seems that the players lost their way to the creative RP that should be in this type of community that exist for 7 years im trying my best to do the most creative RP I can. But this is comes to really narrow and scripted RP if any at all - no matter what individual i meet ingame they're breaking OOC talk constantly im trying to bring them back to the path .. but its more than i ever expected it to be.. Voice's of 15 years old individuals i mean if you RP god could be cool but that's not the case sadly. Its gangs against the police (that acting as a gang at the moment) and the favors in most of the cases is with the police, there's no RP anymore its like "hey your suspicious put you hands up , restrain , checking out your pockets and you're pretty fucked no matter what you'll try to come with .. You're fucked.. 9/10 times in the best case. That brings the criminals just to be happy triggered acting fast before the police will bring at least 10 cops on 2 individuals ends up them being shot before any RP could come into place. So i don't know.. if a streamer and im trying not to come with names that mostly all of the server knows his name, baiting the police like every fucking stream , I mean we are in a bad situation fellows.
  7. Happy New Year - wish you the best going into 2022
  8. Come on boys there's no place to personal "fights" the issue is much bigger no one accuses just one side , everyone contributed to the shitty RP that is going right now its either low/ooc talking RP or scripted/without creativity RP especially from whitelisted group in exception of NHS and im not talking about the 20-30% that killing it out in a good/excellent RP. The staff doing their best to keep the server clean and playable but i think that every group leader should talk about it in OOC chat with their groups. If 60% of the server will be doing decent creative RP this could lead to so many good scenario's without thinking about losing the stuff they got in their pockets clean without a name or persona metagaming the other 40% will always want to keep it up with the others at that would lead into healing of the server in terms of RP its easier told than done but i cant see any other option to firce it out the staff and the management seems decent + Its come to the leaders of the gangs, police, nhs and all the other gruops to talk about it more with their group members. That's how it was used to be in Arma
  9. Its realistic and maybe even too much realistic i can stand on my bike in any place in the city whether its a gang area or simply open area in the city and i still we be surrounded by 4 police cars and being asked questions before they even let me answer i am already restrained i don't know i don't remember it being like that in Altis. You had options you could choose whether you say "fuck the police" and go the hard way and then probably you'll be treated in the harsh way being searched / restrained / marked as a thug or you could play an RP scenario that could lead them leaving you and letting you free even tho you we're full of drugs and guns on you.. That's was fun you had couple of direction to go thru, I got arrested 4 times out of the 7 situations i've had with police just because the other 3 i could manage to escape.. but in all of the situations you had no option to RP it out so they leave you They leave no options you just play the miserable thug that got caught over and over and over again because there's was no options that you could choose i want that path or i want that path .. This leads to frustrated gangs that decide to treat every police interaction with weapons because there's no other way , either you shoot them and try to fight your way to be free or you've been restrained that's the only options that i see. I mean im not talking about that there is cops that didn't value their lives i had one incident that cop tried to arrest me without initiation but not what im trying to say a guy that was near us threaten he's life automatically he took he's weapon out its could be a scenario that we could save our life by taking him as captive and try to ask the police for a ransom or play a kidnapping its could go to so many interesting places but its always end up in the boring restrain / jail story. The only reason that i came back is because i thought ill have those experiences as we had in altis but in GTA Environment. That would be so amazing .. instead its just boring ass same story over and over again.. I never saw a realistic moment that a man sitting on a bike on the side of the street looking at his phone being surrounded by 4 police cars and 1 bike where's the suspicion where is the questions where is the normal "realistic" procedure.. I mean i felt like a terrorist not a peasant drug dealer on the streets.. I don't know what happen the last years because i wasn't here but its just feels really not fun.
  10. Man @Stavikyou shouldn't talk with me like i'm a complete retard i am 31 years old i have kids be sure i understand that we all don't have the time to be here 24/7 That's exactly why i said we need more staff members and i get it that its complicated procedure of looking for people you can rely on and that will have a healthy mind when it comes to RP rules, what to do and what not do.. Maybe its looks like i'm hot-tempered its just because in the past 7 days i saw so much rule breaking that its ridicoulus to report them all All the OOC Mic talkers and the one that not talking at all i've ignored them .. because there's too much I was more specific on those who know the rules and still break them with VDM / RDM or just really low quality RP. I am playing a criminal atm - this is not the first time playing a criminal and you're right it brings problems but that's the whole point of playing a criminal am i wrong? The point is that i didn't see any Creative RP from the police officers that i was playing with its restricted and scripted Example: They saw you selling drugs while they moving towards you - you start talking to the local with something like this : "Hello sir , i'm advertising my new business its specializes in motor fixing if you interested ill give you my credit card" you sell the drug it doing the animation of hand clapping and then you continue "here it is sir , have a nice day" and then you're greeted with put your hand up from the police or stop or gets combat restrained - like W T F... Do you see where im going? if that's the result even tho you thought about a scenario and you actually brought an option for the officer to continue this scenario and evolve it. He immediately kills it with a restrain like nvm what i've said there wouldn't help me.. This is absurd. You're playing on this server for long time so your game mostly around the veterans of the server and i know exactly how it works but that doesn't says that the police should to tread any newcomer with low if not any RP at all.. put your hand up is not an RP brother.. its the easy way around RP. Man i remember that in altis you had to be registered to the website to be able join the server maybe im wrong here but im pretty sure it was something like that .. And than you are forced to go thru the rules.. man im not talking about trollers that there for this shit and they probably will get banned in no time im talking about people that doesn't get the point of the server they get in talk OOC shit into the mic like its their own fucking discord server... do you understand that it ruins the immersion of RP - its take me off my character right away as i see it.. Man its seems like you don't see the bottom line .. when i see about 4-5 cops every day that metagame in anyway I will go with a topic like this to the forums i will not report 6 people because its not a pointed problem is already a spreading virus.. Thank you for the staff style replay didn't expect much I know how stuff works you don't need to explain me the ABC - I had a hope with that huge of a replay you will change my view on things but unfortunately that didn't happen i still think that there's need to be more staff so the gaps will be filled. Still experiencing a lot of OOC talk on the mic and sometimes its new people that really just don't understand how that works don't know the terms for certain OOC words What it causes is people trying to help them and talking OOC stuff into the mic too its kills the immersion immediately - when i see situation like all i want is to disappear from that area so i could reset and get to my character mind again .. from my experience the only one's who really does it good every time is the NHS every time a great and quality RP and again there's 40% that probably does quality RP but their playing in their own world with all the known faces of the server - the hobo world is just a mess brother the low ranks of the police is a mess happy triggers that calling out RP sentences from a paper and there's not left or right for them.. like real fucking mess! The whitelisted groups should be long time experienced players they are kinda set the pace if they are rule breaking so im not surprised about all the others. P.S I'm not just talking about the police - gangs and criminals are included there too.. I had a lot of bad experience with the cops that's why im using this group specifically.
  11. @Stavik man i guess you didn't read a bit from what i wrote .. but lets start from the bottom whitelist the server or bring more staff to kick/ban those who use mic for ooc or those who not talk at all and then keep on cleaning the retards that doesn't care about rules .. kick / ban people that have weird names is cool but not enough.. and than people start realize that the mic is only for RP - ONLY for RP Man there's so much scenario's that you can come with but they worth nothing when the result will always the same -when police or gangs metagame -when stopping for a conversation with the police in an RP scenario ends up of you being auto restrained -when gangs/criminal individuals rob you while you cooperate with every demand and they still killing you after they took your socks without an impressive RP. Its pretty hard for me atm to think about more things i've experienced until so .. after all im just 7 days here but that's enough for me to open this topic I have patience but the whole RP level is really low .. its more GTA online then RP server as @Mark Riley Rhodessaid here. Well i don't know about that one but what i can say from my experience that i understand them why would you try to do too much activities when the power is at police hands.. lets say there's not enough activities that worth doing the only attractive activity is robbing a bank They have the guns / tazers , they are playing a terrible RP i had an incident right now where 2 cops METAGAMED a player called him by his name without any idea that's its actually him, he was on stolen bike and when the individual said them its not me check the plate of my bike.. they realized what they done and stopped the conversation tried to go after me without any suspicion i mean bruhhhh... And after that they said to the individual that they are unarmed and he should leave them alone - LIKE WTF?? is it even RP? if i wouldn't "run" from them i know how that would end up - why would i try RP this situation if i know what the result going to be .. that's joke.. One time two times three times and people start to get the pattern - because there's obviously a pattern with the same result every time.. I'm not trying to point my finger on one group it's starts from the bottom if the police doing what ever they want and they have the power why would the criminals even bother making the serious criminal activities there's no negotiations there's no way to win this war so people not even trying.. and on all of that every police interaction ends up in their favor, they not acting like real police they acting like gangstas in police uniform and again i pretty sure that not all of them like that but those i met .. was RPing it bad they already know in their head what they will find on the guy and the script is always in their favor Its a salad and while im writing all of this im stating to think maybe @Fallenis right maybe its too late to do something but its really hard for me to believe that this state in unchangeable.
  12. So true mate i mean im a peasant when it come to FiveM but those times in arma we're gold even tho we we're in rival gangs/police/unmc or whatever it was, we first of all was friends within a community and that's what separated the ego from the game itself. I remember those times that you was forced to be in Teamspeak (kinda) to play the game its helped with a lot of newcomers explain the RP aspect.. I get it that it could hurt the secrecy aspect of the server because it would be easier to ask in teamspeak then RP the way there but it was easier to educate the people the was new to RP or the server I am truly sad to hear your words just because its puts what i wrote as a true even tho im only a week into playing on this server and if i felt that im pretty sure a lot of people on the server that are playing since it came out probably feeling the same. Its hard not to notice that , I mean if i had to report a group of people after being 7 days on the server and that's probably the last thing i want to do when i'm playing a game in a community that i admire for so long , that should be saying something .. The funniest thing that we kinda were kids back then and today most of us who was back then are mature and already have kids of our own so its should be easier to maintain the same attitude but feels like people get in the server with 0 interest in reading how it works and how you should behave. I know it sound like its just words but if someone up there really cares about this community , Something needs to move - I guess the idea behind not whitelisting the server is understandable but with that in case there's should be a plan how to make people understand the game and value their spot on the server , guns and money making is not the reason why we here i mean its always fun to shoot but at the end its a roleplay community and atm i don't see too much of RP Its either deathmatch or either scripted RP that being read from a scripted text and there's no right or left. We need more voice's put your thoughts fellows !!
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