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  1. Update on my birthday: To no surprise it was boring

  2. I've been gone for a while but I'm here to bring some news!
    Today happens to be my birthday.

    That is all! I hope ya'll have a wonderful day because mine is boring

  3. Goooood morning everyone! I hope ya'll had a good morning/afternoon and I hope it continues to go that way

  4. Rightyo, goodnight everyone! I hope ya'lls day/night goes wonderfully

  5. R.I.P those 11 people in queue

  6. Good afternoon/morning strangers of this forum! I've woken up at 6pm today and I feel like shit per usual
    I hope ya'll have a wonderful day/night

    PS: My eye finally stopped being a dick

  7. Bro my eye is being an absolute pain in my ass. It hurts like fuck.

    1. RaginRabbit


      Offers Eye Wash


    2. Desi


      Honestly thought that was bleach for a second.
      And sadly its not something that can be solved with a simple wash I must have hit it somewhere cuz it hurts like feck

  8. I might try RUK soon.
    I may not be good at roleplay but you only learn by playing

    1. AF12


      Hi mate your posts are worrying me are you okay x

    2. Desi


      How so? And yeah I'm doing ok-ish ty for the thought though.

  9. I've awoken with 7 hours of sleep.

    I also gained an eye that wishes to give me pain, but on the level of pain that's just annoying.

  10. Alrighty, tis sleep time for me! I hope you all have a good night/afternoon or day.

  11. I feel like I use this status update more as a way to post random stuff.
    And It'll stay that way

  12. Defok is the +31 for?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Desi


      Ah, damn those poor 31 people

    3. 3FingerGaming


      could be worse i've seen it up to 200 odd before

    4. Desi


      Jesus christ, that sounds like fun for the people stuck in it.

  13. I've risen from my slumber
    And I have a headache

  14. Akrighty, sleep time for me! Goodnight ya'll.

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