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  1. Yes, LostMC got a fair few AI`s at pretty much every place we hang at, and theyre all as hostile as they possibly can be. I dont want it removed. It adds spice to the server.
  2. Hi, im Simen.
    How are you?

  3. Want to point of this aint me, although its definately something i could of done if I were drunk one night I was afraid for a second that i did log on one night.. https://gyazo.com/e90593929c5de5ce7745595fe2e503e2
  4. Looks sick. Shame all of Grove are to busy being cops and NCA
  5. Simen

    Rework of the Storage System

    I dont know too much about house raiding. I tend to stay away from showing my gun to the popo. But am I right in hoping that the popo atleast attempts to do online raids first, but if it cant be done, then eventually it goes over to an offline raid?
  6. Increase rental price for tow truck to atleast 1500, or even 2500. (Keep first time rental at 500, so the new guys wont be struggling). Then when you return the truck after use, you get payed 1000-2000 pounds back.
  7. Im personally a bit skeptic to the idea of religious groups in games. (Please note, I mean any and all religious groups). I dont believe it should have a place on the server, and I tend to stay away from that kind of rp. But then again, thats also because im not a huge fan of religion ingeneral irl either. On a good note tho, I do like the idea of more peaceful groups going around and not creating chaos 24/7. Either way, I`d recomend ya to get this suggestion moved to the correct section. Ask if a staff member can move it for ya, or post a new suggestion there. https://www.rolepl
  8. Simen

    Taxi - NPC Tasks

    Spent 30minutes trying out the taxi job. After 30minutes I had recieved a total 6 jobs and 3 of them were cancelled straight away as the client was unconscious. The pay could probbly be improved aswell, after 3 succesful jobs (roughly 15-20minutes) I was paid 6500. Compared to a mechanic: 3 jobs (roughly 3-6minutes) would pay 10500. https://gyazo.com/79adf089fec7782b0ed64bcbd23b4ff3
  9. When I exit my house (#177) and attempt to unlock my car that i`ve parked outside, it says its unlocked, but when I try to enter, I get the message that states its locked and im thus unable to enter my car. This has happened 3 times now, out of the 6times ive used my house in the past week. Not sure if this helps: https://gyazo.com/a1704a9bdbd177c0319ecd222acd3fe5
  10. And I thought my 60m run from garage to house was far. Any chance I could get my garage moved closer aswell? House #177 https://gyazo.com/97c16300ad42eb3230fe41cc46fab815
  11. Simen

    Police Armoury/Evidence

    The pd shouldnt be a place one attacks, but an evidence locked could ofc be moved someplace. If I understood it correctly, Gruppe6 has recently gotten some fancy to cars that are designed to transport evidence, so maybe somethings in the works already.
  12. Any chance that can be changed to: "All standard KOTH Weapons (Excluding Navid and SPMG)"
  13. Infantry only & 7.62mm as highest tier weapon is my wish
  14. Common now henry, you didnt even read through all I wrote. I said, id want the same for all things, including HM`s. And ofc its open to abuse, are you saying poseidon never abused the fact they could use their power for weapon stash`s? Becuase I remember there was a long period where the stash was raided 2-4times a day, every day of the week for a few weeks. But I find it silly and stupid how every discussion ends with, "Police will abuse it, police do this and that" and "Poseidon will abuse it, poseidon do this and that".
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