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  1. -1 I Believe this would cause more reports. People look to teamspeak to resolve issues and usually DM to sort problems out, if gangs are hidden away i think they would skip that step. Cheers Maratek
  2. Hi, Long time player First time poster Never Banned but accrued enough warnings and certainly should of been in my history which i am thankful for the chances Management and the Staff team gave me. After a long absence due to IRL commitments I have returned to the server recently If I can explain my first couple of days, Day 1 Log in a couple of hours after the midday restart in Full ExUNMC Gear (Huh guess the server saved that) step out of the house in kavala coincidently across the road from the Police Station. decide to start with a clean slate head into the st
  3. back when 200k was alot of money bring back VIP island!
  4. Thought I'd scrapped all those ifrits Cool I should check out my garage at some point gotta be some old stuff floating around in there.
  5. Need experienced players to show a Noob the ropes! a Friend of mine purchased this for me as he had some spare money, its a new and interesting experience but i have devised that i am utterly crap at it. So i would very much like some help learning how to survive and what to do Hit me up on here or TS and we can get together to play!
  6. I'll play hit me up when i am not on altis.
  7. We Miss you ingame Edgar!

  8. Your In-game name SGT Maratek 7684 Name of the player(s) you are reporting The Whole of East Altis Police were Involved Date of the incident 18/07/19 Time of the incident (GMT) 20:00 What best describes this incident ? VDM & RDM Which server did the incident take place on N/A Please (in detail) describe the incident I had Logged in to take my Very Spiffing and Brand new SUV out for a Spin to the salt flats to do some salt, Upon arrival i saw several Broken Vehicles but no one around. I proceeded to the centre of the Salt flat
  9. Wow i was googling my steam profile and this thread came up... jesus.
  10. My name is Maratek.


  11. I've done it Mate Ordered a Computer from Overclockers ComingSoomTM

    1. Jamie


      Ayyy the return? 

    2. Wilco


      Blackhawks mowing people down coming soon!

    3. Maratek


      I'll have to steal one first no way the police is letting me near one.

  12. Happy five years ya hobo!

  13. Shush no one knows about the boat only the SUV :0
  14. Why am I getting emails about you?


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    2. Kylan


      Arrogant who?

    3. TomTheDoge


      I don't know I think it's a type of Beecroft???

    4. Maratek


      I have No idea.

      New To Me,

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