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  1. Hello Stavik, I do agree. And thank you.
  2. Hello Robbie, Yes, I have done this twice for the same reason did this on my NHS character [ Jordan Tarty ] dropped my criminal character [ Peat Reid ] money around the same time, Unsure of how much this was for. The rule G2.9 works with rule G5.7 as dropping money from other characters especially those that are whitelisted as they get much more money than criminals, This will create an imbalance in the economy and server, As this will make it easy to progress such as buying Cars'Guns or houses or anything with a monetary value, Take my case for example if I had never broken the rule and followed trough with my debt would have ended differently as I would not have had the funds, But as I broke G2.9 to get this money I bypassed this witch gave me an advantage moving forward with my character Witch is unfair as it runes the whole point of this server roleplay and this is why I'm so ashamed of my self that I let my self drop below this standard for this server, I have realised now that criminal characters are not Supposed to be easy there is players who have been progressing up for months or even years now. And rule G2.9 and G5.7 is there to safeguard the players from players that try and cheat their way thru by dropping money/items from other characters would be harder if they had to do it legit,
  3. Unban Appeal for Jordan- In-game Name: Hamish McTavish Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198055336043 Ban ID: !!rpuk7722!! Reason given for your ban: G2.9 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I dropped approximately £270,000 on one of my characters then picked it up on another character. Why should we unban you ?: Hello, First of all, I will hold my hands up was fully aware this was against the rules, Why I did it well there is no excuse whatsoever I could give other than the fact my Peat Reid character needed money to pay off debt so I dropped around £270,000 As Hamish McTavish It was dumb and stupid of me to even do it never mind think I could have got away with it never ever doubted I would get away forever I know it would have caught up to me and it did cause of my stupid actions, I believe this incident happened at the end of last year, For being apart of this community for 7 years I really should have never have done something like this or break any rule for that matter. I am so ashamed of myself I have not just let myself down but everyone in the community cause of my actions as a member who has been here for 7 years I should be setting an example and I tried my best to do so in the last 2 months I tried to host community events as the new neighbourhood policing came into effect and I was in charge of this unit again to set an example on the server, My actions are unacceptable, I would like to say I’m truly sorry to the Police Seniors who gave me the chance to take on the role on my police char as they must have had some trust in me and now because of my actions my reputation as been lost, I’m sorry to the staff team who is having to deal with this appeal and all the staff team who put in good words for me just to stab them in the back because I decided I wanted to be an idiot and what led to my ban, And most importantly I’m sorry to everyone in the RPUK community whom I have got to know over the years. A lot of these members looked up to me to guide them thru the server such as the start of the gang I made called Knox I’m sorry to everyone who had trust in me and I fully understand if all trust or respect for me was going out the window as I should never have done what I did and is not acceptable for anyone on the server never mind someone who has been here for almost a decade, I don’t know what else I can say I fucked up big time not looking for forgiveness just a chance to come back to RPUK community at the end of the day I did a really stupid thing and got caught and got banned my fault so whatever action happens well it’s my fault for being an idiot in the first place. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  4. Nah we are still in alpha bare with us
  5. So let’s take this back to the start of how The Knox Family came to be about. Back in the early 2000’s when Pete and Cammy were residing in Scotland Pete’s father James Reid had the Gang already situated, You had your everyday mechanic, delivery driver, taxi drivers all under the one-man James Reid this man was not a man to mess with until his underboss backstabbed him and shot him during a bank robbery to make sure he got away with all the money that they had stolen. After this Pete’s dad with his dying breath told Pete to run to Los Santos to start a new, to rebuild what he had successfully started already so Pete ran home got a quick bag together then ran right to the airport and got on a plane to Los Santos. This is where Pete got close to a low triad member who slowly started introducing him to everyone and how to make a little bit of cash in the city, Then peat went on to work at Ballas carwash making chemicals with a man named Mr Glasgow after his time at the carwash he bumped into his friend Cammy Santos from back in Scotland where they were great friends and members of The Knox Family before he immigrated to Los Santos to make a new life, Once Pete and Cammy met up, they decided to start an organization and had no clue on how to get it started in the city so they would start recruiting people around the city and slowly but surely they started meeting more and more people with similar interests and views that they shared, they first met Monty, Craig, Steve, Leah, Tyrone, K1 and D1 and from that point on they decided that they were going to start an organization to try and make a life for themselves and friends who were coming into the city looking for a start to a new life. The type of organization that they decided that they were going to be is a passive organization and not intervene in other gang trouble because they would like to stay a neutral team but they aren't scared of having to step in if needing to help with small altercations, in the time that they have been established they decided that they were going to name their organization The Knox Family and carry on the family organization with Pete being the leader and Cammy being his underboss. Going back to when the first members appeared it all happened when the organization realized that they were good at business from the good side of the law and the bad side of law that’s when they decided to try out the idea of creating a professional organization Called The KNOX. Once they had gotten themselves established with a lot of new members there was few in the organization that weren’t in it to further the gang only to hinder the progress and the further establishment of the gang. After some serious investigation from Pete and his underboss, they found that a member was handing over information to the Police and other gangs however those 2 people tried breaking apart the whole gang however we all got through it and made some notes on how we go about recruiting new members and what we value in our members Aswell. The Knox started to become popular due to the fact of how notorious they were to people that stood in their way. WHERE WE ARE AT NOW OUT FIRST MEETING WITH THE TRIAD FAMILY. OUR FIRST TIME MEETING OTHER OCGS OUR NEW LOOK PEAT AND CAMMY DON'T KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON IN THIS THE KNOX CONVOY
  6. It is a bit of an issue don't know from the gang side of things but for the police, it's getting really bad as police don't want to do their job as police in fear that they will break a rule, For example, last night was in a chase and TC was authorised so we hit into the car then for him to scream I've got it on bodycam you cant do that. Now I know that I can but other players in the police might just call it off cause they think they have broken the VDM rule.
  7. And everyone thought I was crazy about a talking car trying to kill me
  8. Daanish ❤️ hope your doing good GP buddy from arma 😄

    1. Daanish


      Hope youre doing good too man!

  9. Jordan-

    Gruppe 6 officers

    They are top Lads & Lasses over at G6
  10. Okay first I just want to say Indigo Rose and Mark Clarke one of the best on this community for what they do just the dedication they have they always give 120% on every situation they are faced with and I watched them conduct a very detailed roleplay scenarios from the small changes the emotes can do to putting on glove sounds just every little attention to detail honestly would be hard to tell if they where surgeons in the outside world just known what to do with every patent they attended to getting clipboards out just everything they did was so spot on to body parts I had to google and guess what they where on the ball they never missed a bit of detail and if they did [ rarely ] they would work back and do it again till it was spot on they are just huge roll models for the nhs and the community and ever seem to amaze me when they come on in my eyes one of the best you guys are amazing and told me so much so I want to thank you, And I know yous are not on this community for the apparition as yous are just having fun like I'm doing with my self on this game and community but being apart of RPUK coming up 7 years I have not seen a single RP like this in all the years of RP in my life so you guys are amazing and keep it up. Blake ohhh Blake yesterday RP situation 3 hours long and not getting to bed till 4am for a 7am start was something else haha but again was joined by the amazing indigo rose who helped theu it all with Blake calling after being at the night club with his friend who passed out [ Laura ] not sure of her forum name but honestly 10/10 for her as well again was hard to tell I was even playing a game with the dedication she put in to being a passed out drunk to then blake falling all over the place to falling bumping his head on a bin and just the share dedication again of this man amazing so wanted to type up this post so show my apparated them when I see good roleplay when I see it and these are definitely up there in all my gaming years not just the RP situation I mean as a whole you guys always make my days but Blakes professional in his roll as a nhs member is just out standing to telling people no running to telling me to take of my silly ear muffs Edit had to fix about 30 spelling mistakes haha ps this was not for brownie points but a promotion would be nice haha x VioletRose - Roleplay UK Blake A - Roleplay UK
  11. The marmite miners will always have a place in my heart ❤️

  12. I only put the ban in for you buddy cause like you said " they took it the wrong way " And was following a report both you and felix was banned none of them told me you where spamming it. You where banned cause the user wanted to make the report. And you where not online at the time. I have sent @Crumble the picture you have sent to them. And all this went down when you where both kicked from the gang.
  13. Wow nice photo shop there I seen your docs and this is the real video. bad boy trying to make it look like i'm a bad driver tut tut. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZleaH5geIGE
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