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  1. Thanks for all the memories and friendships Who'd have thought one of the idiots I met on ALUK in 2015 would end up being my best man!!!
  2. When I was searched by the police, I had both marijuana and high grade marijuana on my person. However, the officer only confiscated and ticketed me for the standard marijuana and not the high grade. This leads me to believe it doesn't show up for them.
  3. CEB58400716AB3D888E6AAD8BCF241649C04D69B (3840×2160)

    What is intercepting radio traffic and how do you do it? I got the upgrade and parked next to spec ops but there's no option to do anything.

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    2. The Bearish Crusader

      The Bearish Crusader

      Do you need to park in the BZ or did @sciencefreak74forget about this feature?

    3. Haywire


      I tried all around the compound, including in the bluezone. I couldn't get inside the actual base because the gates were locked.


    4. sciencefreak74


      If you have the perk and you park near the compound and stay in the drivers seat you will receive police dispatches automatically (the closer you are the more likely to intercept). However, I haven't switched where it is looking for to the new spec ops so currently it does nothing.

  4. You can't interact with the processor. Also the disabling side effects of entering the radiation zone continued for over an hour after we left, not sure if that's intentional.
  5. Sorry the server crashed the moment I robbed @Proxeum...

    hope that wasn't anything to do with me 👀

    1. Nikolai


      it didn't, don't worry, staff(and i) tried something and it didn't go as planned

  6. D920C7A65B326E150EBED46ADEEC9E2250324F7B (1920×1080)

    1. CMO Marc Smith

      CMO Marc Smith

      Oh god that's an old one... still have no idea how I managed that...

      Maybe I'll see if I can replicate it on Malden 😉

  7. Option A also give the jets ammo for the purge thanks (not bombs) maybe make kavala greenzone exempt from the purge for people that wanna just hangout
  8. does anyone want a free copy of 💃CIVILISATION 6🕺

    WITH most of the MAIN DLC?? 🥵 ☕

    reply with your favourite type of 

    image.png.02ce37aa16f4b4c8ee729e35a8017778.png CHEESE 🧀


    and I will DM one (1) person the STEAM KEY

    doesn't seem to work if you're in the States

    1. Kseniya



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