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  1. As a wind up I told my friend he had to contact Poseidon for a driving test before he could get his driving licence. Apparently they actually turned up, tested him and gave him a gift of £2.5 mill. He didn't find out till afterwards that he could have just bought the licence without the test 

    Fairplay to poseidon that must have been some good roleplay

  2. we gonna see another Rally Championship anytime soon? wouldn't mind winning another one of them

  3. Would you buy the 2080ti now or wait for the 3080ti?

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    2. Haywire


      Wicker mate you gotta stop eating wild shrooms

    3. Gurlanin


      I've got a 2080ti, and it's fantastic. If you can wait, I'd get it when the 3080ti comes out so it will be cheaper! 😛

    4. Mike Polo

      Mike Polo

      id say if you can wait, you should wait

       PC component prices have gone up and its gonna be a while before the market recovers.

      prices will continue to shoot up until the current climate returns to a normality


  4. Free copy of F1 2019 for the first person who wants it

    Best way is to put a comment on my steam profile if you don't have me on steam/discord



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    2. Wicker


      ey i want it i was first

    3. Wilco


      give it to @Wicker 🤭

    4. James Travers

      James Travers

      Bought this yesterday, really good game but fucking hell it can be rage inducing 😂

  5. IMO The roleplay mentality that existed in 2014-16 has deteriorated over time. Many interactions I have had with police and various rebel groups, I believe, would have been frowned upon or punished for poor RP in the earlier years of the community. I reckon the only reason it's okay now is because it's so commonplace and has become the standard. Whilst I have every respect for this community, it's no longer the champion of RP that it used to be. It would be very wholesome to see a community-wide effort to shift attitudes back toward interesting roleplay.
  6. Witnessed a cheeky hit and run tonight


  7. The market system would benefit from a rework - a dynamic market would be preferable but even just reevaluating the prices of the runs would help. The economy suffered inflation and that saw the introduction of runs (barns prior to nerf, blood diamonds/diamonds, high grade weed) awarding significant sums of money. The trouble was, the other runs failed to keep up. Regular drug runs aren't worth doing, and Meth (one of the riskiest runs on the server) awards only one third of a blood diamond run. I imagine this would be more interesting for police as well as it would bring more activi
  8. When she says she's into roleplay


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    2. Haywire


      You might not like it boys but this is what peak performance looks like

    3. Finbar


      @Jebediah Jalalai Likes your curtains

    4. Jebediah Jalalai

      Jebediah Jalalai

      Does the carpet match the drapes?

  9. Capital One called they want their money back
  10. Haywire

    Fracture - Hummingbird

    Hummingbird | Vulcan (Factory New)
  11. I would love to see one of these rally events organised again. It was first done in 2018 and it was organised as a tournament. The tournament lasted over several weeks and each day had 3 stages which would be revealed to you shortly before it was your turn to drive. You would earn points for how well you performed compared to other drivers in each stage, and additional points for the overall time of all stages combined. You can see my perspective of the first event here It was really fun and everyone got involved. The only shortcoming was the lack of drivers, this was because to ente
  12. I encourage employees to make a claim to the Secretary of State for any money they're owed under s182 Employment Rights Act 1996 whilst I change my name and go and hide in my barn


    1. TheCap


      best shit i saw ever

  14. Guys I still love you all but.... this is two years old!!! I have no idea how it got revived but it's not a thing anymore haha, sorry!
  15. The point here, at least for me, isn't that you shouldn't be able to execute hostages. It's that you shouldn't be able to execute them without providing quality roleplay. So whilst the hostage can't rely on "overrused" lines to save his life, the hostage-taker will also need to apply some level of creativity to their roleplay. It is, by far, the opposite of a restriction on roleplay and enforces the rule that killing someone should be carried out with proper RP. The bar which defines the acceptable standards of RP needs to be raised again, as some people here have already mentioned, it's
  16. G0d damN its a good game someone take it already (Frost Punk)


    1. ShadowDirector


      Image result for thanks gif

      Thank you for being generous enough to give away the game for free, and thank you to @Nuclear for telling me 

  17. Executing a compliant prisoner for the sake of it should come under rule 7.1.3 imo, and that includes just finding silly reasons to kill them like asking them ridiculous questions or giving them impossible challenges. That said, if it's roleplayed well, killing them should be fine. Though I accept a lot of the time the roleplay is dog shit
  18. Regrettably, this business and its sister company "Bargain Bergens Ltd" are no longer in operation after the CEO sold his shares to the Peach Mafia in order to purchase an overpriced ship... Thanks for the throwback though - I remember having a lot of fun with this and it's how I gained one of my prestige points
  19. anyone want a free copy of Frostpunk?



    1. Nuclear


      That was a good one hahaha!

  21. After I lost my licence this will be very useful, I'll be in touch Edit: ffs this is old
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