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  1. As a wind up I told my friend he had to contact Poseidon for a driving test before he could get his driving licence. Apparently they actually turned up, tested him and gave him a gift of £2.5 mill. He didn't find out till afterwards that he could have just bought the licence without the test 

    Fairplay to poseidon that must have been some good roleplay

  2. we gonna see another Rally Championship anytime soon? wouldn't mind winning another one of them

  3. Would you buy the 2080ti now or wait for the 3080ti?

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    2. Haywire


      Wicker mate you gotta stop eating wild shrooms

    3. Gurlanin


      I've got a 2080ti, and it's fantastic. If you can wait, I'd get it when the 3080ti comes out so it will be cheaper! 😛

    4. Mike Polo

      Mike Polo

      id say if you can wait, you should wait

       PC component prices have gone up and its gonna be a while before the market recovers.

      prices will continue to shoot up until the current climate returns to a normality


  4. Free copy of F1 2019 for the first person who wants it

    Best way is to put a comment on my steam profile if you don't have me on steam/discord



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    2. Wicker


      ey i want it i was first

    3. Wilco


      give it to @Wicker 🤭

    4. James Travers

      James Travers

      Bought this yesterday, really good game but fucking hell it can be rage inducing 😂

  5. Witnessed a cheeky hit and run tonight


  6. When she says she's into roleplay


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    2. Haywire


      You might not like it boys but this is what peak performance looks like

    3. Finbar


      @Jebediah Jalalai Likes your curtains

    4. Jebediah Jalalai

      Jebediah Jalalai

      Does the carpet match the drapes?



    1. TheCap


      best shit i saw ever

  8. G0d damN its a good game someone take it already (Frost Punk)


    1. ShadowDirector


      Image result for thanks gif

      Thank you for being generous enough to give away the game for free, and thank you to @Nuclear for telling me 

  9. anyone want a free copy of Frostpunk?



    1. Nuclear


      That was a good one hahaha!

  11. NPAS Application


    1. Meeloo


      I don't remember this from the last mission impossible... 

    2. Nuclear


      Denied a true NPAS pilot would of plowed straight in ...

  12. I had a CT scan a couple weeks ago to determine whether my cancer (stage 3 melanoma) had spread to distant parts of my body effectively making it incurable. I've been off work for a couple weeks waiting for the results (also why I've been very active on RPUK!).

    The CT scan was clear! Meaning treatment could eradicate it or at least keep me knocking about long enough to achieve my goals. So happy ❤️ 

    It's so nice to receive some good news after so much bad news. This does also mean, regrettably, that I have to go back to focussing on qualifying rather than becoming an RPUK billionaire...

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    2. Nalurah


      Congratulations Haywire ❤️ Maybe start an RPUK GoFundMe to make both dreams come true, billionaire and kicking cancer's butt!

    3. Vladic Ka

      Vladic Ka

      Great news mate. Fuck cancer. 

    4. Norman


      Fantastic news. All the best man

  13. So some parasite tried to fly my blackfish with a hummingbird on top of it...


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    2. YamiShiro


      Can't believe this happened 😂😂

    3. DCC LastNickLeft

      DCC LastNickLeft

      @Maverick Delta Where have I seen this before

    4. Maverick Delta

      Maverick Delta

      Hmmm must have been somewhere else @LastNickLeft😬😰🤣

  14. Are you allowed to roleplay with/initiate on people underwater?

    This is one of those grey areas that I keep hearing different answers to

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    2. Nomad


      @Finbarrr Because the excuse for being able to initiate underwater is that you have a radio in the mask. I remember reading that and can't find it now tho so it might have changed.

    3. Finbar


      I mean it doesn’t require an excuse, it’s a roleplay community not being allowed to talk would significantly take away from that, additionally there are no rules about it, it’s just one of them things that is in the “reality” of arma. 

    4. TheCap


      @Finbarrr from what i remember, there was a debate going on about initiating underwater, as well all know, when we speak underwater its almost never going to be understandable. But having the rebreather is acceptable. I cant remember when this was but i remember it from the back of my mind 

  15. F in chat boys

    E30064838A9DBED3AB1C294B73BC225B2D1D593A (1920×1080)

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    2. ReiSSs


      If only it put a dent in your bank account 😞

    3. DCC LastNickLeft
    4. Wilco


      F .......................... the police

  16. My forum rep...

    Now how am I supposed to measure my self-worth...?

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    2. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

      @Nuclear This man has a grand total of 31, I am currently verging on 560, safe to say I beat him here...

    3. Wilco


      Its back... it will remain in profiles but will be removed from topics shortly.

    4. Haywire


      Do facepalms increase my forum rep?

      If so, keep them coming @Nuclear, I know you love my controversial opinions!

  17. AEGIS acquired a couple of police vehicles, including a chopper, and used them instead of our regular security vehicles when providing our free protection. They were an excellent deterrent, and I think it looked pretty cool...

    6C05D157D414DEF25CA063929C75569BE2F5E817 (1920×1080)


    1. Nuclear


      Also a nice way of butthurting the police to never allow you to make any security deals with them

    2. Haywire


      Oh no, we got the vehicles through peaceful means

  18. Well I almost experienced death. Driving in the dark and rain on a country road at 50mph, suddenly hit a flooded area of the road (couldn't see it until I was in it). It was like driving in the pacific ocean. I throw hazards on and brake slowly through it as to avoid skidding, but a car coming the other way also hits the water and starts sliding toward me. I'm blaring my horn and moving to the side, all whilst this car just misses me. Bloody terrifying!

    Oh and I came back to find my dog had shit on the bed

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    2. Nalurah


      Oh damn that sounds like a rough one. Glad you made it out ok! Stay safe out there ❤️

    3. Jeran


      Drive safe, we've had to treat a lot of car crash casualties due to flooding here in Israel.

    4. C43H66N12O12S2


      Glad you're okay. Why is it the thinner and darker the road the faster the speed limit. I got country lanes wide enough for one car thats 70mph and they expect for 2 cars to go on it. Its crazy.

  19. Oculus Quest or Valve Index?

    1. Tapioca


      Quest. Pure jack of all trades headset. Index is good if graphics mean the world to you. Quest is a mobile (on the go) and a PC wired headset.

    2. Wicker


      Valve Index all day long! If you want a headset made by a company that made it by gamers for gamers valve inedex is the shit you want. Dont support a company that has there grounds in facebook and expect them to make a product for gamers



      All about that google cardboard vr

  20. Found this old screenshot of me reaching 2,500 km/h in my police SUV...

    For those wondering, this was when NPAS was very new and didn't have a helicopter fleet


    1. JasonO


      Who said pigs cant' fly eh.

    2. Romly


      That's a good one @JasonO,


  21. modern art in Kavala55AA30969D08D1ECDEDD2AA565CDA321B6E2E544 (1920×1080)

  22. didn't expect me to see your name again!


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    2. Stealthee


      Original AEGIS Shipwreck run? 😂😭😭😭😭 omg the memories

    3. Daanish


      Yours either! Ah man the memories. Defo gotta get AEGIS back on patrol

    4. Haywire


      Mate the patrols are back 

      Come TS sometime  

  23. Hey Prox, I know the boat is expensive to maintain but please rest assured that your operatives are working hard to pay the bills...

    ... a lifetime of that and I'll be able to contribute half a days rent!

    1. Stealthee




      Enjoy this song from my county. Farmers unite! 😂

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