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  1. Alright like?

  2. DAMN.

    1. Jamie


      What's up sir? 
      *Nvm i'm blind 😂 nice 5 years 

  3. feel like pure shit just want to spam enter to get in again 

  4. I forgot how many weirdos got banned 

  5. anyone know why i cant move channels and not see anyone on ts?


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    2. George Harris

      George Harris

      Still an issue Koala?

    3. Koala Bear

      Koala Bear

      its sorted now thanks 

    4. ShaunLAD


      A would expect it to be 3 hours later ya radgie 

  6. AR always just come guns blazing shokcing in my opinion
  7. they would have to radio too control but they would have the system in there car i believe that civilians do need more time to try and get away and i feel that if they get away without a gunfight it will benefit everyone
  8. I think police should only be able to access the police data base from inside a police car i believe this will add more depth to police encounters and police stops as the police officer will have to enter the car this could also give the civ a chance to get away if they wish and add more outcomes to the situation
  9. hello sorry i haven't been on my PC for a while i honestly dont remember any of this happening all i can say is if you asked me to come to ts i would have and i probably just turned off my PC in a hurry if my car was there cause i would normally just drive it to the pd
  10. (2.2) Random Deathmatch (also known as RDM) - Shooting at someone without engaging in any form of quality role play is considered RDM. (eg. Giving enough time for them to comply with your order. Count downs are not considered quality roleplay, please at least attempt to create an interesting roleplay story before considering shooting.) Punishment is a ban.
  11. Koala Bear


    ketty as this like
  12. I believe a rule should be implemented that stops people from pulling guns in and out their backpacks during a gunfight as its unrealistic that someone is firing 30 rounds heating the gun up and pulling it apart in seconds storing in a backpack and pulling it out again i know its a game but the exception to this rule would be a pistol as you could fit it in a pocket or a holster so you would have to choose between have a high-powered rifle or going sneaky with a pistol and shooting people in the back PLEASE SHARE OPINIONS
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