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  1. How does one get their group approved? 

    1. Wilco


      One does not create silly groups... this is a feature we haven't announced or created rules for yet, its a powerful system where members can create their own part of Roleplay UK, have their own forums and upload to their own gallery.


      P.S when I said above not create silly groups not pointing the finger at you... but we've had about 3 "meme" groups already, new features are unfortunately wasted on some people!

    2. Mortan


      It's not a silly group, it's the official UNMC group

      Ah fair enough.

  2. RPUK PUBG Tournament

    @blaze1981 @zaF @Kech Should get a team going!
  3. Thanks alot Blaze. Would've won that.
  4. Enjoying UNMC.

    On holiday fam!
  5. Why cant we have arguments without it being locked? I tought we were an adult community.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mortan


      Yes, adults do argue. However i think the word im looking for here is a debate, and yes they do get locked. Also before it ends up in an "arguement"

    3. Eldarkmagic


      Why do riots happen if adults dont argue riots are not exactly civil also Donald trump and Hilary Clinton didn't seem very much like a debate 

    4. Samatlewis
  6. UNMC friendship

    If you do not want anyone punished, what's the point of this post? What do you excatly think you're going to achive?
  7. How rebels believe POV works

  8. When does malden launch?

    Soon ™
  9. Heres a Joke

    Oh look, Rcr, creatorchris
  10. @blaze1981 2017 - @CreatorChris how do you have a vein on yours!??

    1. blaze1981


      unmc genital jousting champion right here !!!!   easily worth the 2 quid

  11. Can we please rolplay instead of ruleplay?

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    2. Mahula


      Y'know, i wouldn't mind that.

    3. Tuna


      Where's the fun it that tho

    4. The Fiddler

      The Fiddler

      nah man I like using the rules to my advantage and then when I encounter a situation that causes me issues reporting the person

  12. Rcr. t3mpr

    Resolved. @Edgar Ville lock please.
  13. Introducing....Roleplayer of the month!

  14. Selling 3x UNMC Generals

    Well seeing you are a police officer, i've heard from unknown sources that you'll recive a field promotion for each of them.
  15. Selling 3x UNMC Generals

    Selling 3x UNMC Generals. Pictures of product down below https://gyazo.com/01b04286d6771fbea85d896527594d42 Gen. Kech Picture to be posted Gen. Blaze Picture to be posted Gen. Mctavish Price starts at 5 mil each. Bid increases with 2 mil each time.