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  1. Since I've been mentioned in this report, I will provide my side from the hospital shooting. I want to mention i did not get the ID of the person that shot us, however talking to the people at the scene they all mentioned Tarrel. I won't make a conclusion in regards to if it actually was him, I'll leave that to the admins.
  2. Hah, strange I've been averaging between 4900 - 7000 per run. No matter the length of the run.
  3. Top job GTA devs, great update!

  4. Mortan

    Bring the snow!

    Brief Summary: Have snow added on the island. Detailed Suggestion: Would be great to see snow on the island now we are in December and getting closer to Christmas. Maybe have it until the end of the year or until Christmas eve. The Pros: Great change from the usual. The Cons: Harder to drive. Does this suggestion change balance on the server ? No.
  5. Could someone tell me the GTA loading screen song?

  6. Remove Poseidon or down scale it. And if removing it bring UNMC back with a max number of available people being able to join around 20 or so.
  7. Is there someone that could link the Bassline junkie song with names edited on top of their heads?

  8. We only let you in so you could give us free stuff!
  9. You've stole my cat, give it back!

  10. biggest meme!

  11. Ant

    Funds are running a bit slim, can we talk about some type of financing? I've got a good credit score, maybe put it on credit?

    1. Jayray Holder

      Jayray Holder

      Im giving out loans with only 5.6% interest

    2. Mortan


      I'm afraid financing isn't an option, however you are more than welcome to show up at the checkpoint for a chat some time soon.

  12. BIASED!

    1. JohnJoeegan


      Oh wow, another shit post by Mortan.

    2. Mortan


      Don't try and stir shit with me Johnjoe!

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