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  1. Welcome back boomer

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      hello Scott

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      Scott Weiland

      Hello fergu how are u

  2. +1 @Gray and @KeirT did an amazing job today showing up at 3 am making sure nobody is left behind in Join For Support
  3. I'm sorry but I do not recall going through more than 1 door, if I were then its something I can't remember as this was a long time ago and not something I remind myself to remember everyday of my life. I understand this is serious and the staff team would like for the players on their servers to not exploit and bug abuse to get an unfair advantage but I am telling the truth when I say I only remember going through the 1 door. You can believe me or not but that is what I can recall from a situation that happened almost 5 months ago which occured for probably less than 5 minutes. There are however people who started out on FiveM since the beginning of the server and they money exploited and earned millions and I do think the staff and dev team are aware of who did it but there has been no punishment handed out, anyways this is not about them but rather me just pointing out that there is selective punishment. I would ask the guys I was with at the time what happened, but since I only had known them through RP in the server and never spoke with them outside of the server and they are both banned as well, I am unable to do so. I know the rules are there for a reason and I know from your point of view it looks as if I was out there to do it on purpose and ruin everyones experience well knowning what I was doing. Yes I have read through the rules before I went ahead and wrote the unban appeal and I have made sure that I understand them going forward from this point if you do decide to give me another chance. Like I mentioned earlier in the post I have been a member of this community for 6 years and only been warned for a couple minor things when I was relatively new to the server. Seeing as Altis Life isnt as popular as it once were it would be great to be able to transition onto the FiveM server to meet more of the old timers and have some fun. Hopefully you can understand that I won't be trying to do such things again in the future. How can I stop this from happening again in the future ? I believe by keeping myself updated on the current rules and making sure to ask Staff or experienced players whenever I experience something dodgy or if I see a bug/glitch and get opinions/directions from them to help myself avoiding any rules breaks in the future. I don't know what else I can write to try and explain why I should be unbanned or why I did the things I did. At the time I must've thought that we could have roleplayed the situation as a Prison break (as there was no way to actually break out at the time). Honestly I don't know, all I know is that it won't repeat itself.
  4. This was a couple months ago so I do not have any footage as I was not recording at the time. I remember being able to walk through the first door as if it was just a normal unlocked door into the "Reception/Guard" area. At the time I thought it was just them being bugged or that the door was glitched for them so they asked me to carry them through it. Right after that was when the police came in and placed us into solitary and we were banned 10-15 minutes later for the incident. Looking back at the situation and how I decided to proceed I can see I was in the wrong and shouldnt have carried them through the door. I should have contacted an admin by either asking them ingame or going to JFS to make sure if this was them being bugged and it was opened for everyone else or if it was just opened for me and take action from there. I can not undo what I did but I can only learn from my mistakes and try to do better and be more cautious in the future if I do encounter a similar bug or something else which might give an unfair advantage.
  5. 5 prestiges wow crazy. I know Aethon got like 7 or 8 prestiges out of it
  6. You've had level 10 for more than a year by now. I am sure you have made your moneys worth of the grind
  7. They cost 50k in the shop, I barely play. Why not give them out ?
  8. Unban Appeal for Scott Weiland In-game Name: Mohammed Klean Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198068453565 The date you got banned: 11/14/20 Member of the team that banned you: Simon Reason given for your ban: Exploiting In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: i believe that i was banned due to exploiting through a door, however; i think there was a misunderstanding since on my point of view the door was open but not in the point of view of my friend so i carried him through thinking he was glitched Why should we unban you ?: Throughout the 6 years that i have been apart of this community this is the first ban that i have ever received. I hope this can be taken into consideration, as i truly have no malicious intents with my actions in this community. Moreover, i genuinely understand how seriously exploiting can ruin other's experience while playing the game including mine. In the future i can assure you that i will consider every action i do, keeping in mind that my actions can also influence new players in GTA who are just becoming apart of the rpuk community. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  9. Shake my head, You can just press M to open map 😂


    1. M


      his tom tom satnav sent him down the wrong route

  10. Scott Weiland

    Black Market

    Cant wait for this to be put in next year
  11. Would be nice with more events, but we don't need a purge event every 4 months
  12. nice profile pic xx

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