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  1. First and foremost, I want to apologise for my actions in terms of what I said. I want it known, I would never want to make anyone feel uncomfortable nor bring up any ill memories for anyone, nor would I use any sort of lude RP under normal circumstances. However In the heat of the moment I simply reacted to toxic and despicable comments made towards myself. From my point of view Recent threads, messages and comments have tried to paint me as some sort of sexual predator, prying on minors. This couldn't be any further than the truth. The simple fact of the matter is, These "innocen
  2. Still edited and still same content this is clearly not the full version of this situation. and upload the full about 5 min before here when one guy call us alot of shit when getting shot he take away he's own sound at 0.14 and returns it at 0.25 . if you have nothing to hide show all content !! im so tierd of this now I just want to show this as an example what the reporters friend are screaming after getting shot in game.. People might understand that this going to far now. i
  3. Punk and i have been speaking about it and we requested you to be apart of the conversation aswell but you refused to come and dident answer thats totaly fine, C1.12 it dosent say anything about useing some words in the rules since the word you focusing on is "rape". rape can be used in different situations, like this " you absolute raped me there brother" or "we absolute raped you guys " change it to REKT and it have the same meaning faceing another one in a combat situation or something else.. alot of people useing words and every singel day you atleast come across s
  4. i have nothing more to say but bad language are used all the time around altis, this is a game 16+ you need to be able to see the difference IRL and a game ... some focus on the word "rape" yeah RAPE is not a very nice word .but in RP this word was used. this was just a RP session with hard words nothing else. its like when you have shoot someone " you got raped mate...." i cant go around think every guy you meet in game are takeing it personal , and is under the 16+ rule this game has if you took this personal i apolyg i have been talking to Punk and we cl
  5. You’re not involved in the situation, I don’t know why you are replying. if the person isn’t of age, he shouldn’t be playing a game that is 16 rated. everything I said was within roleplay, in reply to you telling me to go fuck myself. Telling you that I’d get your friend to fuck you as a retort to your comments towards me. If you can’t take aggressive RP, don’t give it out. If you had any issues with my roleplay, you simply needed to request I stop as the rule states.
  6. Hello. first of all i can take this even if it dont shows in the video its me, if i did anything i take full responsibility for it. This had nothing to do with your age or that you are "minor" if you take stuff personal in RP stuation's its up to you but this had nothing to do with you in person as a human being , and to the the other fact is that we had eyes on your helicopter from the part when you left the airport, we were 4 ppl at the current scen and it started up when your gangmate was trying to rivive you after the crash and we initiated on him, he then dident listene
  7. I cant talk for what others type in sidechat i dident see you were searching for me.i am on TS at all times when iam on the server just in case you need to have a chat i gladly have a chat with you anytime regarding any type of situation . i my perspective you dident listnen when i told you to stop at first point then told you i have friends (plebs) in the area you was told to stop raies hands about 2-3 times its a robbery and you just showed me your back and run off and got shot in the back. cant say anything about that but thats how it went out. i dident want to execut
  8. now you are not really telling the real story. here. i was shooting at your body for 1 min before this i will show you a video from that aswell here from one of the cops that just wanted to secure the area .,. becuse ppl interfered with the situation start draging you and revive you in an active situation, first off all i initiated on you .- then you just start to run away i shoot you then. becuse you was clearly not intresteed in and sort of RP and why are you not on TS and why did you not contact me on i was waiting in our liason, on your behalf Here is the video wi
  9. have nothing more to say about this. i dont just want to say arma physics are not the best but in this case it clearly have some issues. since i move up and just spray around the corner and move straight on to the room were the door was closed you dont need to be rocket scientist to know he is in the room next time take it on TS
  10. Btw next time contact me aswell to resolve stuff insteed off going straight on here
  11. i use prefire moveing up the stairs thats why it hit him, its pretty clear he is by the stairs or he is in the room you hear shoots around the corner, i cant explain how it hit and dont have video now to long after the fight. when i dont se him at the coridor i move in to the room and start shooting again i leave it here and up to admins
  12. i have about 10000h and if you search a building you shoot against were ppl use to stand before you go in to the house. cant see your point here. and in arma when you run up in houses etc barrels can show. but i can say no cheat are used here my friend.
  13. give it to coco or yoco. Pleb castle from now on...
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