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  1. Because at the time that was what i believed i saw no video so i didn't know the full situation as i said I'm sorry for the situation i did not intend to rdm it was just a misunderstanding but its up to you. @Sir Liam and no i wasn't recording @Fluqii should start doing so for future reference. @Sir Liamim fine to have a chat with you if that's what you want to do as it was a misunderstanding.
  2. The two situations are completely different the first time i was in the wrong ill admit that but this one is a misunderstanding. I don't record but you said you record everything so im sure you have the video of us being in the teamspeak channel. If you don't want to admit to that it is fine but to say that you was calm and collected in that channel and didn't say anything out of hand is questionable. Anyway i have no intention to argue with you as i said i apologise for the misunderstanding if that is not enough for you i guess we just leave it here and allow the admins to review it. Ag
  3. I think we can both agree the situation in the ts channel was escalated out of hand because we was both heated as you yourself was also calling me this that and the other and that is was why a guy had to come cool it down that being said i didn't see the video then so i didn't know the hole situation at the time as i do now because i have seen the video. Like i said to me its just a misunderstanding. No one died and no big issue occurred because of the situation and as i said all i can do is apologise for the said misunderstanding that being said im sure we can just drop this as a ban for said
  4. I did state that it was from my point of view which is why i said it was a misunderstanding if anything you came out of nowhere and proceeded to pull try pull us yes from your video you can see you didn't know i didn't disagree with that I'm simply saying at the time that is what we thought was the case and is also why in the previous statement i apologised for the misunderstanding as it was just pure confusion with no intent to rdm. So to be banned for such in my opinion would be excessive as no one died and we also had no intention of rdming. All i can do is apologise fo the misunderstanding
  5. To my understanding i believe that it was just a big misunderstanding and confusing situation in which there was no intention to rdm. After taking a cop hostage and killing him as he didnt follow through with demands we head down past hospital where you see in the video liam seeing us the time before killing the cop and the start of liam chasing us was literally less than a minute because of this we believed that liam had seen us kill the hostage and that was why he was chasing us as we was in a rental car which wouldn't have my name on it so we believed that he knew that we had just killed th
  6. Did you find a fix for the laggy ui ? still have the issue

  7. Im having this same problem but it only started happening like 2 days ago before that i never had any issues with it.
  8. hello i have been unbanned it says by wilco but i have not been unbanned ??? sorry for any inconvenience. in game name: MR RITZY player id: 76561198168728911
  9. Hello i was banned for combat logging which i am not going to lie i did, basically i only go a computer for Christmas and was new to the game and your server was the first one i played and i really enjoy it. i am sorry for doing it and i am reading the rules over and over so that i do not break them again like i said i was quite new to the game but now iv played played 200 hours and know what i am doing i hope you can unban me.///MR RITZY regards In game name ; MR RITZY Player id; 76561198168728911 Hope i can get a final chance and sorry for any inconvenience.
  10. Yes i did die but no one was over my body so i thought i was safe to log off, i am new to this game as i got it for Christmas so didn't know that i could not log off sorry for any incontinence that this has caused. i am reading the rules again so that i do not brake anymore. MR RITZY
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